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COT had a summit, here is the log.

Day 1,852, 14:46 Published in Turkey Canada by delete this
Goodevening my fellow eRepublikans,

I've been 2 clicking lately so I apologize for my delay in bringing you this, but it seems COT had a summit a few days ago, of course here is the log.

Wed Dec 12 2012 - Now talking in #COT.summit

<BeJIuKaH> Everyone put tags to your names please
<plasmakp[CH]> BeJIuKaH, how much time the summit will take?
<BeJIuKaH> perfect
<BeJIuKaH> plasmakp[CH] in best scenario 2 hours
<plasmakp[CH]> i have to go out in ~1h
<BeJIuKaH> it is possible to take even more
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> I have a Final exam in less than 2 hours
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> and I gotta leave early
<BeJIuKaH> can you find a rep until then?
<BeJIuKaH> both of you
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> Well I guess all my reps are not available right now
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> I already talked to AlexFran about it
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> hope the meeting start soon
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> so I can vote and leave
<Koppanyi[JAP]> me too
<BeJIuKaH> Okay, if some vote is left to be given, you will answer in PM
<BeJIuKaH> For now, we are waiting for AlexFran to show up
<AlexFran> now I´m here at last
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> Finally here
<plasmakp[CH]> can we start now?
<Koppanyi[JAP]> yes
<AlexFran> yeah! sorry a client came to pay me his old bill
<plasmakp[CH]> np
<AlexFran> I couldn´t reject to receive him
<BeJIuKaH> okay, so only BG, NZ, PER, PY reps are missing
<AlexFran> lol
<AlexFran> just a sec, I see many queries, let me check for one sec
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> add me if u guys haven't done yet
<AlexFran> now Bulgaria is here
<AlexFran> let me try one more time with the others
<AlexFran> we need every CP authorization for representants or not? BeJIuKaH Sociopath[Away] ?
<plasmakp[CH]> please, let's start 😢
<BeJIuKaH> AlexFran, we kinda have not time for this
<seascifi[MEX]> agree, let's start
<AlexFran> ok
<seascifi[MEX]> we should err on the side of not having someone instead of having a non repr
<AlexFran> ok perfect then
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> after giving access lets start ASAP. Sorry for the pressure but I really have to leave for school to take my final exam
<Tavopy[PY]> hi AlexFran my countryman o7
<bujel[CP][ID]> Can we start now ?? I just have an hour sorry
<BeJIuKaH> okay, AlexFran start
<AlexFran> AdmiralotTrench you´re from MKD right?
<AdmiralotTrench> yes
<AdmiralotTrench> I represent my CP since she couldnt come
<AlexFran> ok plz use tag
<Tavopy[MoFA-PY]> AlexFran: our MOD can be here?
<AdmiralotTrench[MKD]> thank you
<seascifi[MEX]> let's move quicker
<AlexFran> Only one representat per country
<Koppanyi[JAP]> agree
<plasmakp[CH]> let's start, pls
<Tavopy[MoFA-PY]> AlexFran: ok
<AlexFran> you have to choose btw you or him Tavopy[MoFA-PY]
<Tavopy[MoFA-PY]> ok, I'll check with him AlexFran
<AlexFran> ok now who is missing?
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> 10:21 erep time))
<plasmakp[CH]> NZ only i think
<AlexFran> who is from eChile present?
<plasmakp[CH]> Huasoemier[cl][aMC] ?
<AlexFran> Huasoemier[cl][aMC] o/ can you try find someone from NZ? so we can start meanwhile
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> I'm the chilean guy
<seascifi[MEX]> So on to point 1.... who presents the CoT procedures for the newbie CPs like me?
<AlexFran> Ok we officially begin our Summit, I´ll show you again the Agenda and then I have something to tell you
<AlexFran> Agenta:
<AlexFran> 1- Introduction of CoT procedures for new CPs
<AlexFran> 2- Request from Montenegro to Join as Trial
<AlexFran> 3- Bank Governor will present current balance
<AlexFran> 4- eSK & eSwiss will present their representat for this term SC
<AlexFran> 5- Election of MC - BG - PR
<AlexFran> 6- Each country will present to the council their Plans for this term in order to be discussed.
<AlexFran> Exactly seascifi[MEX]
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> can we start with 4,5,6 first? I really don't have much time
<AlexFran> We usually hold 3 - 4 official Summit at the alliance at this channel, with only the CPs of each country ( or representant ) to make important decisions
<AlexFran> sure KOR_Sohn[CP] just a sec plz
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> okay thanks
<AlexFran> there are decisions we need to vote
<AlexFran> some cases is needed Unanimus decisions, and others qualified majority, in every cases is annouce the kind of vote it is
<AdmiralotTrench[MKD]> AlexFran
<AlexFran> yes we can, at its moment AdmiralotTrench[MKD]
<AlexFran> So, the main gaol of this summit is to chosse the new HQ of the Alliance - point 4 & 5
<AlexFran> as eSK is in a hurry - his CP is about to take an exam on University
<AlexFran> we can start there
<BrunoCND[BECP]> good luck KOR_Sohn[CP]
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> Thanks BrunoCND[BECP]
<AlexFran> this term alphabetically belows to eSK & eSwiss
<plasmakp[CH]> go on, i have 30 minutes
<AlexFran> so I ask you plasmakp[CH] to present to the council your candidate for SC this term
<plasmakp[CH]> after KOR_Sohn[CP]?
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> you can go first
<AlexFran> I asked you already
<BrunoCND[BECP]> poor Koppanyi
<AlexFran> plasmakp[CH] does eSwiss have a candidate to present as SC ?
<plasmakp[CH]> our candidate for SC is LotusBlack, she was responsible for PR last term, she was MC in august, in swiss she was once CP, 3x vCP (actually), mod, vmod, mofa, we are sure she will be great SC
<AlexFran> Ok, so Wellcome and Congratz to Lotus Black!!!
<plasmakp[CH]> sorry for english, i'm in hurry
<AlexFran> will she join us soon today?
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> 07 LotusBlack
<plasmakp[CH]> i'm trying to contact her
<AlexFran> ok
<AlexFran> now Koppanyi[JAP] does your country have a candidate to present as SC this term?
<AlexFran> sorry
<AlexFran> tab mistake xD
<AlexFran> KOR_Sohn[CP]
<AlexFran> does your country have a candidate to present as SC this term?
<AlexFran> KOR_Sohn[CP] ?
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> well I don't have someone from eSK but I suggest AlexFran for SC
<Koppanyi[JAP]> it's Korea's term, isn't it?
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> yes he made mistake Koppanyi[JAP]
<AlexFran> yes Koppanyi[JAP] my mistake sorry
<Koppanyi[JAP]> np
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> so we have two candidate right now. is LotusBlack comming? plasmakp[CH] ?
<AlexFran> Ok this is first time it happens, I´ll have to check the charter, BeJIuKaH can you help me with that plz?
<plasmakp[CH]> KOR_Sohn[CP], i'm trying
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> np just asking
<BrunoCND[BECP]> she's not connected
<BeJIuKaH> AlexFran
<AlexFran> tell me
<BeJIuKaH> a CP can propose anyone
<AlexFran> ok
<plasmakp[CH]> she think summit is tomorrow
<BeJIuKaH> other question is
<BeJIuKaH> if you will have time and possibility to be SC again
<AlexFran> In case KOR_Sohn[CP] tells us that he can´t find anybody else I´ll take the responsability, yes, I have the time
<plasmakp[CH]> congratz
<BrunoCND[BECP]> Congrats
<AlexFran> So in that Case is Lotus Black & AlexFran for SC this term
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> issue))
<plasmakp[CH]> can we go to next point ?
<AlexFran> sure
<AdmiralotTrench[MKD]> wait !
<BeJIuKaH> wait
<BrunoCND[BECP]> 😮
<BeJIuKaH> AlexFran
<AlexFran> we read you AdmiralotTrench[MKD] and BeJIuKaH
<BeJIuKaH> are you sure you have not been 2 times SC before this
<AlexFran> not in a row
<BeJIuKaH> doesn't matter
<AdmiralotTrench[MKD]> Lotus Black is Slovenian RL right ?
<BrunoCND[BECP]> yes
<plasmakp[CH]> yup
<AdmiralotTrench[MKD]> as you all know Macedonian relations are not that good with Slovenia now i hope that would not inflict her to go against MK that will work for the best of our country too
<AdmiralotTrench[MKD]> not to mix the problems with Slovenian gov that we have
<seascifi[MEX]> voted, Lotus Black and Alex Fran now
<BrunoCND[BECP]> AdmiralotTrench[MKD]: i think LotusBlack is good enough to don't take that conflict into account
<AlexFran> you can be sure Lotus Black will represent the interest of CoT and every member, I know her for a long time AdmiralotTrench[MKD] you have my word on it
<BrunoCND[BECP]> +1
<plasmakp[CH]> +2
<BeJIuKaH> I think you can't be more than twice on a same position
<AdmiralotTrench[MKD]> ok then i trust you you have our YES for both candidates
<AlexFran> She has been an example of commitment and trust for the Alliance since she´s around
<AdmiralotTrench[MKD]> good luck oi7
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> +1
<AlexFran> BeJIuKaH ok, if charter says so we should move to next country
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> +1
<AlexFran> I´m trying to open it now
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> [03:43]
<BrunoCND[BECP]> who is next country?
<plasmakp[CH]> belgium i think?
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> okay can we move on then? I have to leave in 5 mins
<AlexFran> but I think Belgium still don´t have the 4month requires to present SC
<AlexFran> in that case it goes to Bulgaria
<BrunoCND[BECP]> right
<AlexFran> but we need to check the charter so we don´t pass over it not even for accident
<AlexFran> just a minute
<BeJIuKaH> Belgium has not got the months required to hold presidency
<BeJIuKaH> I am not sure at 100%, so it is how you decide it about SC
<BrunoCND[BECP]> the charter is the cot.doc?
<AlexFran> ok let´s move on
<plasmakp[CH]> thx
<AlexFran> Now we need to choose the Military Commander known as MC
<AlexFran> Every member can propose one, and we´ll vote
<BrunoCND[BECP]> 😒 and the second SC?
<AlexFran> BrunoCND[BECP] charter don´t say anything against this situation
<plasmakp[CH]> i propose TT
<Tavopy[MoFA-PY]> AlexFran: Who are the candidates? or we can suggest one?
<AlexFran> You can suggest of course for MC
<plasmakp[CH]> [22:56:16] <&TodorTotev> im going to continue my term as MC
<plasmakp[CH]> [22:56:23] <&TodorTotev> cuz i have to finish my job wiping greece
<plasmakp[CH]> [22:56:40] <&TodorTotev> and having italy, netherlands, ukraine, portugal, albania without congress
<plasmakp[CH]> [22:56:46] <&TodorTotev> i hope i can make greece without congress too
<plasmakp[CH]> [22:56:50] <&TodorTotev> thats gonna be a big accomplishment
<BrunoCND[BECP]> i support plasmakp[CH] 's proposition
<Ronell> Kurojca asked me here
<AlexFran> I´m sorry I don´t know him and if his CP didn´t mention him
<BrunoCND[BECP]> sorry maybe i've a mistake but in the gDoc cot.doc : If there are more than 4 members in the alliance the Presidency is run by a coalition of two member states
<AlexFran> Ronell is here
<BrunoCND[BECP]> AlexFran:
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> suspicious))
<Ronell> hey AlexFran
<AlexFran> hi Ronell
<Tavopy[MoFA-PY]> AlexFran: Representing Paraguay, propose to ZEBOSK
<AlexFran> she is representing NZ plz use the tag
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> o/ ronell
<AlexFran> ok Tavopy[MoFA-PY] tnx
<ZygaLTU[LT]> 20:54
<BeJIuKaH> Djeza I need access to cot.sumit as reprersent of NZ goverment
<ZygaLTU[LT]> all countries have congress
<BeJIuKaH> who si your rep finally!?!?
<AlexFran> any other member wants to propose another candidate for MC?
<ZygaLTU[LT]> are they wiped or not
<plasmakp[CH]> pls check that - - there is what TT said
<BeJIuKaH> Ronell or djeza or nobody
<Ronell> i'm easy BeJIuKaH
<Ronell> djeza is a MOD
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> AlexFran o/ Chile want to propose me
<Ronell> of nz
<BrunoCND[BECP]> AlexFran: sorry maybe i've a mistake but in the gDoc cot.doc : If there are more than 4 members in the alliance the Presidency is run by a coalition of two member states
<plasmakp[CH]> ZygaLTU[LT], i only copy what he wrote
<AlexFran> just a sec, djeza is on info table BeJIuKaH ?
<BeJIuKaH> djeza yes
<AlexFran> so djeza has to stay
<plasmakp[CH]> ZygaLTU[LT], we can wipe them too, no matter if they have congress or no
<ZygaLTU[LT]> well yeah
<ZygaLTU[LT]> I just pointed out that its strange that he wants to leave them without congress
<plasmakp[CH]> so who is candidating for MC?
<plasmakp[CH]> TT and?
<plasmakp[CH]> someone more?
<AlexFran> Ok guys let´s organize things here:
<seascifi[MEX]> ZygaLTU[LT]: leaving the countries that attacked you in the past without Congress is a good security measure
<AlexFran> Untill now we have 2 Candidates:
<AlexFran> TodorTotev & Zebosk
<plasmakp[CH]> zebosk? who is he?
<BrunoCND[BECP]> and Huasoemier[cl][aMC]
<AlexFran> anybody else wants to propose someone?
<plasmakp[CH]> i got ban
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> AlexFran
<hoffman12[CH]> Representing Paraguay, propose to ZEBOSK
<plasmakp[CH]> thx hoffman12[CH]
<seascifi[MEX]> he is CAOS (Chaos) Commander
<Tavopy[MoFA-PY]> likewise
<seascifi[MEX]> hard decision for the vote... I like them both
<plasmakp[CH]> can we start voting? i have 4 minutes only
<AlexFran> BeJIuKaH AdmiralotTrench needs access again net problems
<seascifi[MEX]> lag?
<Tavopy[MoFA-PY]> we can vote?
<plasmakp[ch-away]> hoffman12[CH] is now responsible for eSwiss voting
<plasmakp[ch-away]> cu later
<seascifi[MEX]> good luck plasmakp[ch-away]
<plasmakp[ch-away]> thx
<plasmakp[ch-away]> i will be in 1h i think
<AlexFran> ok let´s vote
<AlexFran> I´ll call you one by one and you will vote
<AlexFran> BrunoCND[BECP] your vote for MC ?
<BrunoCND[BECP]> Todor Totev
<AlexFran> bujel[CP][ID] your vote for MC?
<bujel[CP][ID]> demon war
<AlexFran> mate are you proposing demon war as MC?
<bujel[CP][ID]> no
<BrunoCND[BECP]> Charter : The MC should ideally have the nationality of a state which is different from the one proposing him.
<BrunoCND[BECP]> lol bujel[CP][ID]
<bujel[CP][ID]> TodorTotev
<AlexFran> Yes BrunoCND[BECP] " ideally "
<bujel[CP][ID]> sory
<AlexFran> ok
<AlexFran> Djeza your vote for MC?
<Djeza> Todor Totev
<AlexFran> hoffman12[CH] ?
<hoffman12[CH]> Todor Totev
<AlexFran> Huasoemier[cl][aMC] ?
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> Huasoemier
<AlexFran> your vote for MC plz
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> the chilean Vote is for me
<AlexFran> but you didn´t propose your selve before, but is ok, noted
<Tavopy[MoFA-PY]> but you're not nominated
<BrunoCND[BECP]> he did 😒
<AlexFran> Koppanyi[JAP] your vote for MC?
<AlexFran> sorry I didn´t see it Huasoemier[cl][aMC] my mistake
<Koppanyi[JAP]> zebosk
<AlexFran> KOR_Sohn[CP] your vote for MC?
<BrunoCND[BECP]> AlexFran: 19:56
<BrunoCND[BECP]> (don't be sorry that was the chaotic moment)
<AlexFran> ok, tnx BrunoCND[BECP] so we have 3 candidates: TodorTotev - zebosk and Huasoemier[cl][aMC]
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> BrunoCND[BECP] Thanks
<BrunoCND[BECP]> you're welcome
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> I vote for Huasoemier[cl][aMC]
<AlexFran> ok
<AlexFran> Mikael_Kanto[MD] your vote?
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> Todor Totev
<AlexFran> NoLimit[BG] your vote?
<NoLimit[BG]> Todor Totev
<AlexFran> seascifi[MEX] your vote?
<seascifi[MEX]> Todor Totev
<AlexFran> and last Tavopy[MoFA-PY] your vote?
<Tavopy[MoFA-PY]> Zebosk
<AlexFran> ok so we have:
<AlexFran> 2 votes for Zebosk
<AlexFran> 2 Votes for Huasoemier[cl][aMC]
<AlexFran> and
<AlexFran> for TodorTotev
<AlexFran> let me count again...
<bujel[CP][ID]> ok
<AlexFran> I count 7 for TodorTotev
<Koppanyi[JAP]> congrats
<AlexFran> am I right? can someone chek this with me plz
<BrunoCND[BECP]> checked
<hoffman12[CH]> He definitely has more votes then zebosk or Huasoemier
<ZygaLTU[LT]> yeah, 7
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> it is more than 2 ..100%
<AlexFran> Ok, so TodorTotev is our MC for this term
<Tavopy[MoFA-PY]> Congratz!
<BrunoCND[BECP]> Todor Totev : 7 Huasoemier[cl][aMC] : 2 Zebosk : 2
<AlexFran> Congratz to him
<hoffman12[CH]> Congratulations
<bujel[CP][ID]> Congratz
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> Congratz to him
<AlexFran> and thanks a lot Huasoemier[cl][aMC] for nominate and also to Tavopy[MoFA-PY] for nominate Zebosk
<BrunoCND[BECP]> Congrats to him, i'm happy to work with him again
<BrunoCND[BECP]> +1 AlexFran
<Djeza[NZl][MOD]> Congrats to him
<AlexFran> Indeed he did a great job last term
<AlexFran> ok I need to make this now, plz pay attention is very important
<Koppanyi[JAP]> o>
<AlexFran> MoFA of eRoC wants to make a statement
<AlexFran> they say they´re willing to leave Eden and Join CoT 😮
<Koppanyi[JAP]> oh my god
<hoffman12[CH]> RoC?? 😮
<AlexFran> so I ask you all if you want to read what he had to say or... I say to him GTFO!!!
<AlexFran> yes RoC
<AlexFran> it´s up to you guys
<seascifi[MEX]> well, it is clear we had 3 countries that will say the same, recently invaded by them...
<BrunoCND[BECP]> let's see
<seascifi[MEX]> and CoT should keep being Circle of Trust
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> AlexFran If they leave EDEN and want to join CoT they need to have Yes from Japan and SK if not we will be the first to Veto them
<BrunoCND[BECP]> +1 seascifi[MEX]
<seascifi[MEX]> well... We would veto them too
<AlexFran> ofc AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]
<ZygaLTU[LT]> AlexFran, I'd say GTFO, if I had a vote
<AlexFran> KOR_Sohn[CP] and Koppanyi[JAP] what you say about listen to eRoC MoFA here?
<seascifi[MEX]> I say we are talking outside the agenda
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> RoC?
<seascifi[MEX]> why even discuss RoC before Montenegro?
<Koppanyi[JAP]> let's talk
<AlexFran> seascifi[MEX] yes and I announce it at the beginning I have smtg else out of the Agenda
<seascifi[MEX]> ok, then I suggest move it to point 7 since other agenda points would be relevant to that one
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> ??
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> AlexFran
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> before RoC
<AlexFran> I just present you the request, you guys decide if yes or no
<bujel[CP][ID]> sorry, Will we talk about Indonesia plan to NE Croatia in this summit ??
<AlexFran> yes bujel[CP][ID] we will
<bujel[CP][ID]> ok, thanks
<AlexFran> Ok, I´ll ask the MoFA of eRoC to sen a letter to us is that ok?
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> guys, Eden is disappearing, but we must be clear which side we are...
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> we can't establish ourselves as an alliance of escape
<BrunoCND[BECP]> we are on the side of friends
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> AlexFran eROC wants to join CoT? first time hearing O.O
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> +
<Koppanyi[JAP]> it's funny
<seascifi[MEX]> AlexFran: Let's get some order in the agenda before we extend the meeting to 3 or 4 hours...
<Koppanyi[JAP]> two member states are occupied by eROC
<hoffman12[CH]> AlexFran: will we have more elections on this summit?
<Koppanyi[JAP]> and thyey wanted to join
<AlexFran> hoffman12[CH] just Montenegro as Trial for now
<AlexFran> Ok guys, let´s move on
<hoffman12[CH]> okay, thank you
<BrunoCND[BECP]> maybe eRoC is scared of Brazil and USA
<AlexFran> Montenegro Oficially asked to join CoT as Trail, so we need to vote
<seascifi[MEX]> only when supported by CoT BrunoCND[BECP]
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> AlexFran
<AlexFran> eRoC issue will be discuss another moment
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> If eROC is willing to give us(eSK and eJP) our lands back maybe I'll be fine with that
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> okay
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> But Brazil and Usa are more close than RoC ....
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> xD
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> before voting i would like to say something to all of my colleges about MNE
<AlexFran> AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] go ahead plz
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> thank you
<seascifi[MEX]> so we will go to vote without other discussion?
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> Sorry to bother AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] but I really gotta go or else I'll miss the final exam
<KOR_Sohn[CP]> Sorry guys I'm leaving right now
<seascifi[MEX]> good luck KOR_Sohn[CP]
<AlexFran> seascifi[MEX] ofc we´ll discuss now
<AlexFran> AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] is about to start it
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> Dear Brother and colleges of CoT as you all know even when MNE was added on the map they were always with us even if their population is small they help with all they can Macedonia garantee you all that MNE will never let us down even in the hardest time
<seascifi[MEX]> ok... AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] , want to go first? I also want to say something about it
<hoffman12[CH]> AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]: correct +1.. I played for eSerbia before and everything works perfectly then.
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> i am sure you all heard about the MNE - SR problem but that problem will be solved there is also a dialoge opened between those countries and we are assisting to help them solve it faster
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> but trust me the problem is just with individuals the rest of MNE are really kind nice and brotherly people
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> I hope you will all consider this and help our friend in need
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> That is all thank you for letting me
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> speak
<T-Sic> Hello
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> seascifi[MEX] pls go on mate
<seascifi[MEX]> What I wanted to say, colleagues of CoT
<NoLimit[BG]> Can I speak?
<hoffman12[CH]> yeah, you are all here
<AlexFran> lol he never told us what they wanted to say
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> it seems our agenda is to big for today)
<NoLimit[BG]> Can I ask you to postpone the voting about MNE for another meeting?
<AlexFran> as allways Mikael_Kanto[MD]
<AlexFran> yes you can NoLimit[BG]
<Tavopy[MoFA-PY]> Ok guys, I have to leave (RL). I leave you with the MoD eParaguay
<Tavopy[MoFA-PY]> Good Luck!
<AlexFran> can you tell us why we should wait ?
<NoLimit[BG]> Our congress members haven`t voted yet , I got like 25% votes ....
<BrunoCND[BECP]> maybe because seascifi couldn't say us what he had to say
<seascifi> sorry for the network issue...
<seascifi> so you didn't receive it
<AlexFran> seascifi look:
<seascifi> ok... let's do it again
<BrunoCND[BECP]> right seascifi
<AlexFran> 16:38 ?            NoLimit[BG] ¦ Can I ask you to postpone the voting about MNE for another meeting?
<seascifi> What I wanted to say, colleagues of CoT
<seascifi> is I am worried the alliance is in risk of growing too much
<Djeza[NZl][MOD]> I agree with NoLimit[BG] Let postpone the voting about MNE for another meeting
<seascifi> if we get too many countries, CoT stops being a circle of trust
<seascifi> Montenegro is a good ally, but it is time to start deciding who we will accept "inside" the Circle
<seascifi> and who will be a good MPP, in the Pro-CoT circle, not in the inside
<seascifi> I can say we are close to the limit before we have relevant issues inside the circle
<seascifi> I am happy most of the countries that have been brothers of Mexico are in CoT now, and we are quickly growing great relationships with the rest
<seascifi> I want CoT to stay that way
<seascifi> that was it
<seascifi> thanks
<BrunoCND[BECP]> AlexFran: you forgot to add access
<BrunoCND[BECP]> seascifi: for me you made a point
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> for me too...
<seascifi> I see somebody suggested to postpone the vote, I think that would be good, for all of us to go with our teams to think about the future growth of CoT
<seascifi> who can be in, who close but not in
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> seascifi
<seascifi> the definitely out (like RoC) are the easy decisions... let's think about the hard decisions
<AlexFran> Ok, Montenegro request to join is posposed untill next summit
<hoffman12[CH]> good
<AlexFran> Now, T-Sic is our bank Governor he wants to show you smtg for 2min then we move on
<NoLimit[BG]> Thank you
<AlexFran> T-Sic[BG] go ahead
<AlexFran> he will talk about money
<seascifi> o/
<T-Sic[BG]> Hi guys
<BrunoCND[BECP]> hi T-Sic[BG]
<BeJIuKaH> T-Sic[BG]
<T-Sic[BG]> I am the current bank governor of CoT
<BeJIuKaH> use GoB instead of BG
<T-Sic[BG]> lol
<AlexFran> yeah I though you changed citizenship
<T-Sic[GoB]> ok, well
<T-Sic[GoB]> we make a weekly collection of a percentage of the collections of each country
<T-Sic[GoB]> that money is stored in our bank
<T-Sic[GoB]> finishes first BeJIuKaH
<T-Sic[GoB]> The current rate is 3% of collections from each country
<T-Sic[GoB]> Is calculated daily, that's why the weekly quota of each country is not always the same
<T-Sic[GoB]> chekc this
<T-Sic[GoB]> Yesterday, the work was completed concerning for the last week
<BeJIuKaH> T-Sic, can I add something, pleasE?
<T-Sic[GoB]> yes
<BeJIuKaH> okay
<BeJIuKaH> First, money should be sent to alliance organisation
<BeJIuKaH> Second, I've given you access to it, so you could make transactions on the monetary market
<BeJIuKaH> in order to increase the money in the org
<BeJIuKaH> I haven't seen you doing this
<BeJIuKaH> Third, it is normal that the weekly quota of each country is not the same each week
<BeJIuKaH> and on top of that, I think we should think of some ways to use the money
<Koppanyi[JAP]> can I say something?
<BeJIuKaH> will it be as supply in very important battle of the alliance, i don't know
<BeJIuKaH> but money are staying in org and nothing happens
<BeJIuKaH> over.
<BeJIuKaH> go on
<Koppanyi[JAP]> I would like to ask, is it possible to give loans for member states?
<Koppanyi[JAP]> we have very few money
<Koppanyi[JAP]> we are not able to sign our MPPs again
<BeJIuKaH> It is possible, as soon as SC and GoB both decide and there is a guarantee that the money will be given back to the alliance
<Koppanyi[JAP]> I hope our economy will develop, but now...
<BeJIuKaH> and, I forgot, T-Sic
<BeJIuKaH> are there any countries that have not payed untill now?
<BeJIuKaH> T-Sic[GoB]
<BrunoCND[BECP]> i didn't received any pm about paying
<Koppanyi[JAP]> we did not, it's sure
<T-Sic[GoB]> just let a week, today we have make payments
<BeJIuKaH> well, it is T-Sic's job to do it
<T-Sic[GoB]> from 182-1848 days eR
<T-Sic[GoB]> 1842*
<seascifi> well, I know we have not paid... I wanted to know how much we owe
<seascifi> just learning the procedures (and I was the bank manager for former CPs)
<seascifi> also, I wonder how to pay, since it is not possible to donate to the orgs anymore, and I haven't received the access BeJIuKaH mentioned
<Koppanyi[JAP]> our bank and the former president were banned, so I can't say anything...
<ZygaLTU[LT]> seascifi - you can do it through MM
<ZygaLTU[LT]> or via congress donation
<seascifi> thanks ZygaLTU[LT] ... I had not thought of congress donation
<seascifi> through MM I know how to do it, but depends on the access
<Koppanyi[JAP]> T-Sic[GoB] please, send me an ingame PM and let me know how mutch we need to pay
<T-Sic[GoB]> ok
<BrunoCND[BECP]> same for eBe
<seascifi> we should make it more efficient
<seascifi> I would appreciate the PM too... but even better to have a shared spreadsheet like CoT Info where the weekly amount is posted
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> I suggest you to do this work in a centralized manner. Let-s identify a person wich will receive weekly donation and than through MM donate this money to COT HQ organisation
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> I suppose the GoB have to do this work
<seascifi> that also works... can we send the check donation directly to T-Sic[GoB] ?
<T-Sic[GoB]> of course, I can show you the historic week
<Djeza[NZl][MOD]> shared spreadsheet is a good idea
<BrunoCND[BECP]> but only with CP's
<seascifi> BrunoCND[BECP] +1
<T-Sic[GoB]> in the personal message that I send, I will attach the file
<T-Sic[GoB]> for each cp
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> ok
<seascifi> excellent
<BeJIuKaH> okay
<BrunoCND[BECP]> AlexFran_brb: is a vote for GoB still needed?
<BrunoCND[BECP]> or BeJIuKaH
<AlexFran_brb> BrunoCND[BECP] No needed
<BeJIuKaH> so, we agree that T-Sic will send each week to each CP the sum he has to donate to CoT org
<AlexFran> sorry I´m back
<BeJIuKaH> vote on GoB is not needed
<BeJIuKaH> only on PR
<BeJIuKaH> as LotusBlack will be SC
<Koppanyi[JAP]> boys and girls, I have to go
<seascifi> good luck Koppanyi[JAP]
<AlexFran> tnx for comming Koppanyi[JAP]
<seascifi> so, candidates for PR?
<BeJIuKaH> alexFran, continues from here
<Koppanyi[JAP]> in case of eROC we need talk later
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> PR?
<AlexFran> tnx a lot BeJIuKaH
<BrunoCND[BECP]> good luck Koppanyi[JAP]
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> what mean PR?
<AlexFran> Public Relation
<ZygaLTU[LT]> public relations most likely
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> ok
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> thanks
<seascifi> don't worry Koppanyi[JAP] ... they will be vetoed on any case
<AlexFran> the one who makes the articles
<BeJIuKaH> !!!!!!! I think we should think of some ways to use the money !!!!!!!!!
<BeJIuKaH> don't forget about that
<BrunoCND[BECP]> is there a conflict on being SC and PR at the same time?
<AlexFran> yep the timme
<seascifi> time requirements I assume...
<AlexFran> time*
<AlexFran> exactly
<BrunoCND[BECP]> thanks
<AlexFran> a SC need to focus on his job
<Koppanyi[JAP]> I do not support eROC as member of CoT, but it's not impossible to convince me
<AlexFran> xDD
<seascifi> it is almost impossible to convince me
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> Koppanyi[JAP] i openly say that you have our support in your decision dont worry bro
<AlexFran> ok we wont talk of it today again, we´ll wait for the letter from they don´t worry
<Koppanyi[JAP]> thanks a lot
<seascifi[MEX]> maybe a lot of gold for JAP?
<AlexFran> maybe why not xDDD
<Koppanyi[JAP]> good night/morning/afternoon
<AlexFran> So we need now a new PR
<AlexFran> who would like to hold the position this month?
<seascifi[MEX]> requirements?
<BeJIuKaH> GUYS, please
<AlexFran> time to write articles, good and ispiring writing
<BeJIuKaH> focus on how to spend the money and election of new PR
<BeJIuKaH> and then finish the meeting
<BrunoCND[BECP]> BeJIuKaH could be PR
<AlexFran> if he wants to
<BrunoCND[BECP]> spending money : in important battles if really needed, if not keep it for hard times
<BrunoCND[BECP]> or loan to countries who needs, so they can sign MPP
<ZygaLTU[LT]> Well I'm new here, but basically as we did in ABC - simply use it in very important battles, when the defending/attacking country doesn't have money to supply, or to raise RW's where necessary
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> I think we have no enough money to spend)
<seascifi[MEX]> agree
<seascifi[MEX]> 115K cover about 2-3 minis of supply in Mexico wars
<BrunoCND[BECP]> Congrats LotusBlack
<AlexFran> Wellcome LotusBlack and Congratz new SC of CoT
<seascifi[MEX]> probably like 20% of a mini in Bulgaria wars
<seascifi[MEX]> congrats LotusBlack
<LotusBlack> thank you, and sorry for being late, my connection was not kind to me today
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> congrats, LotusBlack
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> LotusBlack congratz and good luck o7
<LotusBlack> thank you o7
<ZygaLTU[LT]> Congrats LotusBlack o7
<AlexFran> ok, how to invest - use the money will take a hole meeting to discuss, so I´ll ask to GoB to make a propose and then in a gDoc all the Countries will share the ideas, now...
<AlexFran> about the PR
<AlexFran> anyone wants the job?
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> -
<AlexFran> ok, LotusBlack can you hold the position of PR for some days untill we find somebody else?
<LotusBlack> yes ofc
<AlexFran> tnx
<AlexFran> Now
<seascifi[MEX]> seems we should go hiring and take this issue for next time
<AlexFran> Indonesia wants to tell us something
<AlexFran> bujel[CP][ID]
<AlexFran> you have the mic
<bujel[CP][ID]> yup
<BeJIuKaH> just to add
<BeJIuKaH> I don't want to be Pr
<BeJIuKaH> thx
<bujel[CP][ID]> ok AlexFran
<bujel[CP][ID]> Hallo all, and thanks for alexfran for give me mic now
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> (tumbleweed)
<bujel[CP][ID]> As CP of eIndonesia i want to say sorry that not active in CoT lately
<bujel[CP][ID]> But i will try to more active now since my work not that busy again
<bujel[CP][ID]> We want invite you to a partry
<bujel[CP][ID]> We have busy in balkan and in South American last month , now we invite you to join our partry in asia
<bujel[CP][ID]> Our people and congress want me to open front in Asia
<bujel[CP][ID]> iWe already prepare plan to kick croatia
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> Kicking Croatia will be a good start and safer future for CoT members in Asia
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> bujel, no offence but I think this is another point of agenda..
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> guys, each of us has not much time for spendig here
<seascifi[MEX]> aren't we in point 6?
<seascifi[MEX]> and last
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> I thought we were electing PR
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> I continue please
<seascifi[MEX]> that was postponed for lack of candidates...
<ZygaLTU[LT]> PR is on hold, Lotus will be for a few days
<bujel[CP][ID]> 6- Each country will present to the council their Plans for this term in order to be discussed. ?
<bujel[CP][ID]> ohh sory
<bujel[CP][ID]> next
<seascifi[MEX]> go on bujel[CP][ID] , clarified
<seascifi[MEX]> if nobody else, I can discuss quickly the plans of Mexico
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> I just wanted to propose to everybody to create a gdoc with tha major concern of every than to spread this docs between us..everybody will read this whn have time
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> and at the next time all of us will be informed..
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> and the discusion will be more productive..
<AlexFran> excelent idea Mikael_Kanto[MD]
<LotusBlack> I agree
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> +1
<AlexFran> remember this is the first meeting for most of you, so ofc it will be a little harder
<hoffman12[CH]> Agreed
<Djeza[NZl][MOD]> I agree
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> and sorry bujel, I really missed we were at the 6 point
<seascifi[MEX]> voted
<AlexFran> bujel[CP][ID] you want to continue? or did you already finish?
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> AlexFran I propose a meeting soon between our CPs and MOFAs and in few days with MoDs we need to make clear politics and military plans together and discuss of new fronts new friends and MPPs
<bujel[CP][ID]> AlexFran
<bujel[CP][ID]> ok
<bujel[CP][ID]> Ah sorry, i thought that PR already over so i talk about my plan
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> OK...
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> bujel[CP][ID]
<bujel[CP][ID]> ok
<AlexFran> AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] military planning is mostly coordinated with TodorTotev and the MoD of each countries, also with the aMC
<bujel[CP][ID]> and i already have apporvment from SC and MC of CoT
<bujel[CP][ID]> We need your support as a team, as a brother, as a friend, as a circle of trust
<bujel[CP][ID]> We know it will be hard
<bujel[CP][ID]> and we know that we cant win this with your support
<seascifi[MEX]> awesome... will love to kick them
<bujel[CP][ID]> Thats why i hear talking now
<AlexFran> and you´ll have it bujel[CP][ID] just be sure your MoD keep contact all the time with the MC to coordinate things
<bujel[CP][ID]> to tell CoT that we ready to have a war with Croatia
<bujel[CP][ID]> Bring the spirit.. put your hands up and join our party
<bujel[CP][ID]> thanks
<seascifi[MEX]> o/
<AlexFran> Well now CoT will be in war with Croatia, not only Indonesia
<bujel[CP][ID]> ok AlexFran
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> Can i start now if bujel[CP][ID] is finished
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> ?
<AlexFran> sure
<bujel[CP][ID]> ok
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> thank you
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> Macedonians plans are the next
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> for now we send all of our troops in BG-TR war
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> and also Macedonian army is preparing to assist Indo in the war with Cro
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> no direct wars for now in Macedonia just helping BG and Indo and of course any other member of CoT that will need our help
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> for diplomacy currently we are improving relations with Poland as you could see from our MOFA article we made a NAP
<BrunoCND[BECP]> if AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] agrees maybe eBe (as we have difficulties to sign more than 4 MPP) could sign with Indonesia instead of MKD to help them easier?
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> of course
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> everything you need feel free to contact me
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> and that goes for the rest
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> also we help as much as we can to solve the SR-MNE problem that was made previous mandate that would be all for now from Macedonia
<AlexFran> ok is that it for now?
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> yes
<AlexFran> seascifi[MEX]
<AlexFran> you wanted to talk to us too ?
<seascifi[MEX]> yes
<AlexFran> go ahead plz
<seascifi[MEX]> we want to erase Colombia again to prevent them to have Congress and be safer on that side...
<seascifi[MEX]> Brazil is doing NE now against them, in order to go and cross to Asia again, apparently to finish RoC
<seascifi[MEX]> so we probably will have a direct war to finish Colombia coordinating with Brazil and probably Spain
<seascifi[MEX]> except for that, the priority this month is to help CoT
<AlexFran> Did you already talk about this with TodorTotev?
<seascifi[MEX]> our top enemies are Croatia, then Colombia, then RoC so it is a good time for us
<seascifi[MEX]> not yet... This is just starting
<AlexFran> ok, plz go on
<seascifi[MEX]> we will not launch war yet
<seascifi[MEX]> we are preparing in order to have them erased by the 23
<seascifi[MEX]> that is it
<AlexFran> ok
<seascifi[MEX]> I will start the conversation with Todor now that he got reelected
<AlexFran> let me remind you all when a Country is planning to make an attack, we all need to coordinate first with the SC - MC cause planification of battles are allways ongoing
<seascifi[MEX]> sure that is why I wanted to be in this meeting to get the procedures
<AlexFran> perfect!
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> I have something to tell you too..plsease let me know when can I start
<seascifi[MEX]> I have hold back my people for some time now
<seascifi[MEX]> finished
<AlexFran> Mikael_Kanto[MD] now
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> thank you
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> so, we planed to help COT this term and not intend to have a, our prio is COT prio..
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> but, in Ukraine at hte moment a referendum take place
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> the most people decided to stay in EDEN, and not to leave..
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> also, we can find here a memorandum between Romania and Ukraine &sle=true
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> if signed, Romania Hungary relation will fall..
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> Ukraine president told me he is not interested in war with us, and he want to stop this "stupid" conflict between Moldova and Ukraine..
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> If Ukraine wont attack us, we are ready to direct our military effort to the COT prio without personal needs in help
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> Mikael_Kanto[MD] sorry for inturapting but can you as Hungary to wipe them ?
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> also, we started a project name President army of Moldova.. Contain the military elite of , we will be ready soon to join an epic battle
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> ask
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> it seems Hungary will be concerned with Romania if Romania wont respect the agreement abount the loan of Bukovina
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> ok
<bujel[CP][ID]> Sorry, i have work this morning and will be hard day for me demon_war will replace me here
<bujel[CP][ID]> im sorry
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> but If Ukraine will atack us, we will try to invole Hungary in this conflict
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> also, I suppose at the end of the year some mision with NE is going to appear..
<AlexFran> .sync
<bujel[CP][ID]> AlexFran: Sorry, i have work this morning and will be hard day for me demon_war will replace me here
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> it will be great if every COT membrer will be able to do this mision
<AlexFran> ok bujel[CP][ID] tnx for comming
<bujel[CP][ID]> thanks all
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> so, I suppose at the end of the year we will need a campaing with NE..
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> thats all I want to tell you..thank you..
<demon_war> hi all
<bujel[CP][ID]> bye all
<LotusBlack> Mikael_Kanto[MD] have you mentioned any of this to TodorTotev about your plans?
<AlexFran> Mikael_Kanto[MD] I the NE mission comes we´ll see how to manage at that time in order every country could make it
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> not yet
<BrunoCND[BECP]> eBe should talk with Poland if there are NE missions so Poland could let RW an eNL region because the other choices for eBe would be eUK (again) and ePoland 😒 and lose again all MPP
<LotusBlack> i'll mention to him to talk to you about it. Is there something else you would like to add or explain about your situation?
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> no
<plasmakp[CH]> if someone need i can talk with polish gov, i'm RL polish and i know ppl from epoland ;P
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> it is all..thank you
<LotusBlack> Ok, thank you Mikael_Kanto[MD]
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> 07
<BrunoCND[BECP]> thank you plasmakp[CH]
<plasmakp[CH]> feel free to ask BrunoCND[BECP]
<LotusBlack> Who else would like to explain theri situation? BrunoCND[BECP] is there something new in eBe?
<LotusBlack> their*
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> LotusBlack o/
<ZygaLTU[LT]> If you need I can speak about LT.
<LotusBlack> o/
<LotusBlack> ZygaLTU[LT] yes please, go ahead
<BrunoCND[BECP]> TW with eUK is going well, maybe end in the end of the week. and then we'll sign MPP again . But sure if very important battles for CoT we'll focus on them
<LotusBlack[SC]> thats great to hear, BrunoCND[BECP]
<BrunoCND[BECP]> i've finished
<LotusBlack[SC]> ok
<LotusBlack[SC]> thank you
<ZygaLTU[LT]> Basically we had a 4 country agreement - LT/SWE sign peace, LV/FIN sign peace and LV/SWE have a TW, but Sweden back-stabbed Latvia and decided that they want real war. Latvia is asking for our support in this matter, if we can. But as we have peace with Sweden, we will only intervene if everything is OK in CoT and we have nothing more important to do.
<ZygaLTU[LT]> As you may all know - EE is inactive and wiped by Finland, but that we can't change
<ZygaLTU[LT]> In short - prio 1 CoT, becoming a full member, if necessary and approved by you guys - war with you guys - Sweden. I don't think that they will be stupid enough to attack us.
<ZygaLTU[LT]> We'll always be glad to help. That's basically it.
<LotusBlack[SC]> interesting, it explains a few things yes.. Thank you for now.
<LotusBlack[SC]> Anyone else that would like to explain their situation?
<BrunoCND[BECP]> LotusBlack[SC]: sorry for interrupting, but will the summit go for how long?
<LotusBlack[SC]> well this is the last point on our agenda, so as soon as everyone gets the chance to speak up we should be done
<BrunoCND[BECP]> in short could i go to sleep momy?
<LotusBlack[SC]> hehe
<plasmakp[CH]> in short yes
<plasmakp[CH]> shorts *
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> xD
<LotusBlack[SC]> ok lets see who else we have here...
<seascifi> who is missing?
<plasmakp[CH]> LotusBlack[SC], maybe u want to know sth about swiss?
<LotusBlack[SC]> seascifi, sorry what country are you from=
<BrunoCND[BECP]> mexico LotusBlack[SC]
<LotusBlack[SC]> plasmakp[CH] ok, you can tell me in one sentence
<LotusBlack[SC]> aha thank you Bruno
<plasmakp[CH]> so swiss love u LotusBlack[SC]
<LotusBlack[SC]> good
<LotusBlack[SC]> ok back to business how about chile?
<plasmakp[CH]> if only u wear shorts xD
<LotusBlack[SC]> Huasoemier[cl][aMC] good to see you, you have anything to explain about your situation?
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> LotusBlack[SC]
<Djeza[NZl][MOD]> no direct wars for now in NZ just helping any other member of CoT that will need our help
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> we are Hit now to argenitina in his original regions
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> BUT, we are looking for Stop the war this month...
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> because the holydays...
<LotusBlack[SC]> Djeza[NZl][MOD] thats good thank you
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> Christmas and New Year
<LotusBlack[SC]> Huasoemier[cl][aMC] yes, Im sure everyone would like a brake this month
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> yeah, but we have some internal problems, some people want to still fighting xD
<LotusBlack[SC]> oh
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> well....we will still with the RWs...
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> and we retake the war the next month...
<LotusBlack[SC]> that would be ideal
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> we hope can Erase Argentina at least 1 time
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> :=
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> but the situation is evolving rapidly
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> argentina is planning a new BB
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> and we are planing another too
<AlexFran_brb> What argentina says about this status quo?
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> then maybe we will need some action
<AlexFran_brb> for this month I mean
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> Huasoemier[cl][aMC]
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> AlexFran_brb, they want more time to discuss with eden
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> they are pupets xD
<AlexFran> ok, what is the deadline?
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> we have contacts in newspapers, and Spaming in memes funny pages
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> last night, the deadline was 48 hours....then....they still have almost 32 hours...
<AlexFran> ok
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> sorry, will someone take a speach or i can leave you?
<AlexFran> mdmg
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> our idea is consolidate what we have and grow a while .... and helping the Allies via MPP
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> and with that i finnish

<AlexFran> tnx Huasoemier[cl][aMC] for the update
<AlexFran> mdmg plz talk to us
<AlexFran> he is MoD of eParaguay
<mdmg> Hi, I'm MoD of eParaguay, and I would like to talk about our plans for this month
<mdmg> On the plans of ePY for this mont, is the posibility to atack Bolivia to get a 20% of bonus in weapons
<mdmg> but first we want to coordinate this action with the MC team
<mdmg> and CoT still be the prio 1 this mont in my country
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> LotusBlack[SC] AlexFran I think if Chile grows with babies we should gather as much food as we can to assist them i think you should consider this idea
<AlexFran> wonderfull idea
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> mdmg, if you go for bolivia, we can let you another region....for 20% of food
<mdmg> Thats perfect, but we want to now first if we can keep Bolivia conquered
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> AlexFran what is the position of CoT to Brusa
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> ?
<mdmg> and now is the chance, they only have 1 region
<AlexFran> after mdmg finish AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> sorry
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> mdmg I am very sorry pls continue
<mdmg> I think I finish, thats all I have to say
<AlexFran> ok tnx mdmg as soon as you see TodorTotev talk to him about it plz
<mdmg> ok
<AlexFran> AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] the position of CoT is what all members think about it
<AlexFran> they are getting close to CoT
<AlexFran> they signed mpp´s with most members
<BrunoCND[BECP]> not us
<AlexFran> If you want to sign with them just talk
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> we already working on it
<AlexFran> so, for now is just a good relationship btw CoT and Brusa
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> but we will see
<AlexFran> nothing more than that, however
<AlexFran> their last and current gov´s ofc are considering the possibility to apply someday
<AlexFran> we will see
<AlexFran> ok
<BrunoCND[BECP]> AlexFran: eBe is first trying to increase the incomes then we'll see
<AlexFran> ok
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> AlexFran with them CoT will be unstopable for suer
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> sure
<AlexFran> yes may be AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]
<AlexFran> We just have to remember we don´t want to be only a damagehood, so if anyone want to join us...
<seascifi> on the other side... hard to see CoT with them inside
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> AlexFran but i still do ask from you and Lotus to organize a meeting between our Cps with their MOFAs
<seascifi> we need stable members
<AlexFran> they will have to accept our culture, our way to democratic make things and else
<seascifi> not members that can change sides so often because of their internals
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> not only on military but in diplomacy if we strike hard and quick we will be on the top
<BrunoCND[BECP]> AlexFran: if a country (small or big ) want to join us, it must know that in CoT each country is equal.
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> and together of course
<AlexFran> sure, but as you see, may be not all the members agree with them in CoT AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] so we need to work on it slowly and see what´s best for everybody
<AlexFran> BrunoCND[BECP] +1.000
<seascifi> it is a good time CoT - TwO now
<AlexFran> for now and mostly for Japan and eSK we are coordinating military movements with Brusa
<seascifi> let's wipe EDEN, then things will necessarily change
<seascifi> and eMex too
<AlexFran> Now is there another country who wants to share their current plans?
<AlexFran> NoLimit what about Bulgaria?
<AlexFran> dude! still awake
<BrunoCND[BECP]> 3h30 min the summit
<AlexFran> kinda record xD
<LotusBlack[SC]> well I guess if NoLimit isnt here, he will have to update us at a later time
<LotusBlack[SC]> on that note im sure all of you are tired and have things to do
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> AlexFran
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> which countries besides MNE has applied for CoT?
<seascifi> yep... things to do
<seascifi> MNE and RoC...
<AlexFran> yes
<BrunoCND[BECP]> i wake up at 4.00 am tomorrow and it's 10.30 pm
<AlexFran> and Estonia talked to me but still dont send official request to join
<BrunoCND[BECP]> i heard Malaysia wanted to join
<LotusBlack[SC]> AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] was that all or you have a follow up question?
<LotusBlack[SC]> BrunoCND[BECP] Malaysia was rejected
<BrunoCND[BECP]> ok
<LotusBlack[SC]> if they wish to reapply they have to wait for another month or two if im not mistaken
<BrunoCND[BECP]> could i know why they were rejected?
<AlexFran> 3 month in total
<BrunoCND[BECP]> if you remember
<LotusBlack[SC]> i wasnt here at that meeting but i can find out for you
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> LotusBlack[SC]
<LotusBlack[SC]> (it was that month when this things were done via IGMs)
<LotusBlack[SC]> ofc AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] go ahead
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> IF the alliance votes to close excepting new members how long will that be on power
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> ?
<BrunoCND[BECP]> don't worry LotusBlack[SC] you've more important things to do
<LotusBlack[SC]> AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] from my knowledge of the charter new changes step in play as soon as they are made
<LotusBlack[SC]> or if its agreed otherwise
<LotusBlack[SC]> i can check that again later and let you know, if you wish
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> and if one country gives a VETO how long will that last
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> or the country decides about that
<seascifi> but we don't have that vote coming yet, right? Just talking about being extra careful, not quite closing
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> ?
<LotusBlack[SC]> you mean about a new country joining or about the law?
<AlexFran> AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] here:
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> LotusBlack[SC]
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> ?
<LotusBlack[SC]> if a country is rejected it takes 3 months before they can reapply
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> AlexFran i read it and nothing about giving a Veto
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> only about saying NO or rejectings
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> wait for 3 months
<AlexFran> veto about what ?
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> new country entering the alliance
<LotusBlack[SC]> well veto is no in this case
<AlexFran> oh the procedure is this:
<AlexFran> a country present an apply to join as trial
<AlexFran> if one country vote NO they are rejected
<AlexFran> that simple
<AlexFran> and they can only apply again 3 month later
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> ok i will try to get used to this and learn it because ONE worked differently
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> so pls do forgive me if i load you with questions i just want to know how things go and work so i can remember them and not to make anymistakes
<seascifi> fortunately
<LotusBlack[SC]> i will be at #CoT more if any of you have some more questions about the technical stuff - i was planing on making a quick tutorial about it too (will let you know if i will make it)
<LotusBlack[SC]> so AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD] im here anytime you have questions
<LotusBlack[SC]> but for now - is there anything anyone would like to add about the meeting? if not we can finish it for today
<plasmakp[CH]> first steps in cot
<LotusBlack[SC]> yeah something like that
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> That would be all from me
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> ok) have a great part of day)
<plasmakp[CH]> do we know when will be next summit?
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> I leave you, friends
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> 07
<plasmakp[CH]> Mikael_Kanto[MD], day?
<seascifi> good luck Mikael_Kanto[MD]
<plasmakp[CH]> for me night
<plasmakp[CH]> cya ;P
<AlexFran> plasmakp[CH] we´ll tell you in advance
<LotusBlack[SC]> Great. Thank you all for coming, Alex and I will inform you about the next meeting ahead of time.
<AlexFran> but more sure next week
<Mikael_Kanto[MD]> for me nigth too))
<seascifi> that will be good
<seascifi> thanks
<plasmakp[CH]> ok
<AlexFran> but you can contact us every day for everything you need
<plasmakp[CH]> LotusBlack[SC], we shouldn't listen to TT
<BrunoCND[BECP]> plasmakp[CH]: normally next summit on the 20th
<AdmiralotTrench[MOFA-MKD]> good night or day to everyone hope to see you all soon o7
<LotusBlack[SC]> plasmakp[CH] yeah
<AlexFran> nice to see you all guys!
<LotusBlack[SC]> o7 good day/night
<seascifi> good to meet most of you
<seascifi> thanks all
<BrunoCND[BECP]> same for me
<Huasoemier[cl][aMC]> nice to know to all the new CoT people
<demon_war[AD][ID]> congrats to AlexFran and LotusBlack for elected as SC
<plasmakp> demon_war[AD][ID] +!
<LotusBlack> thank you demon_war
<plasmakp> +1
<plasmakp> hail LotusBlack
<AlexFran> demon_war[AD][ID] tnx
<BrunoCND[BECP]> Good night everybody
<LotusBlack> goodnight
<plasmakp> cya
<AlexFran> Sociopath[Away] plz clear access when you can
<Huasoemier> good night for you guys
<mdmg> Good day/night o7

The new SG of COT,
smee again.


Cando46 Day 1,852, 14:49

biri özet geçsin lan

GreekStallion7 Day 1,852, 14:50

In Smee we ever trust o7

Aphroditea Day 1,852, 14:50


Dellodas Day 1,852, 14:50


Karlo FTW
Karlo FTW Day 1,852, 14:51

great to see you back o/

FAIL clowns from Circle of bulgarian puppets

Kongha CAT
Kongha CAT Day 1,852, 14:54



srdant Day 1,852, 14:57

Why do they always keep electing you as a SG?

nerofida Day 1,852, 14:59

για κατι τετοια καλος εισαι, τι τα ηθελες τα προεδριλικια;

Darth Kane
Darth Kane Day 1,852, 15:02

Smee tell 'em

delete this
delete this Day 1,852, 15:03

gia na kaneis trollosxoleia kalos eisai, ti ta htheles ta vouleftika?

GreekStallion7 Day 1,852, 15:05

Comment deleted

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,852, 15:08


Meitnerium 109
Meitnerium 109 Day 1,852, 15:09

In smee we trust o/

Blacksat Day 1,852, 15:09

Kai o Stallion petaei th bomba...

T-Sic Day 1,852, 15:11

Salgo en la foto (?)

Sasho Ve
Sasho Ve Day 1,852, 15:33

Hail EDEN! Hail Sisterhood! In no congress you trust!

Hide.D Day 1,852, 15:48

Now comes the question:

Alex.L Day 1,852, 15:55

And btw, smee is a Turk now... great, you two deserve each other.

Admiral Yamamoto
Admiral Yamamoto Day 1,852, 15:56

And btw, smee is a Turk now... great, you two deserve each other.


Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Day 1,852, 15:57

awesome organizational skills. 😃

Splindza Day 1,852, 15:59

And btw, smee is a Turk now... great, you two deserve each other. x2

Ostenburg Moravek Gyula
Ostenburg Moravek Gyula Day 1,852, 15:59

And btw, smee is a Turk now... great, you two deserve each other.


Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Day 1,852, 17:24


Silistra Day 1,852, 17:29

Is there anyone who has read this log?

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,852, 17:41

What about this? It needs to be an insider article?

I only have to say: lol!

DimitriosT Day 1,852, 17:57

I read it in 3 minutes. Malaisia wana join CoT? Its fake.

KillKiss Day 1,852, 17:57

In Smee we ever trust o7

Wildrunner Day 1,852, 18:32

Is there anyone who has read this log?

I actually read it from start to end. CoT is great. I'm also happy someone rised the question about the speed with which the alliance is expanding, have to be careful or CoT might end up like EDEN mega-fail Damagehood.

Prophet009 Day 1,852, 18:34

It's too damn long.
You'd at least bold the interesting parts like before, but you're too lazy smee : |

Wildrunner Day 1,852, 18:38

it's also symptomatic how absolutely everybody is looking for a way out of the turko-greek paradise called EDEN

Phantom Pain
Phantom Pain Day 1,852, 19:46

I see no problem here

Minino. Day 1,852, 20:08

Too long & boring.

MattrimCauthon Day 1,853, 01:45


I LOL!!!

Jorgihnio III
Jorgihnio III Day 1,853, 01:52

Y U NO BOLD the interesting parts?!!

Smee the everlasting failure..

The Graverobber
The Graverobber Day 1,853, 02:10

quite professional summit and maintained in good spirit, unlike in other places

kucuk prenses
kucuk prenses Day 1,853, 02:57

lan bu ne aq

BeJIuKaH Day 1,853, 03:19

Don't worry, smeeoglu....

An investigation was run and the found guilty was punished. You will see logs no more : ))

P.S. I am ex-BeJIuKaH if you wonder.

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 1,853, 03:31


I LOL!!!

etljo stnov
etljo stnov Day 1,853, 03:35

No bold lines, no vote...

Era Sarp
Era Sarp Day 1,853, 04:12

<AlexFran> MoFA of eRoC wants to make a statement
<AlexFran> they say they´re willing to leave Eden and Join CoT

nickbulamayanadam Day 1,853, 04:22

Kim aldı la bu hıyarı buraya

Hilmi Abi
Hilmi Abi Day 1,853, 05:39

tamamını okuyanı sevsinler gözüme yazık

Kutluk Bilge Kul Bekir
Kutluk Bilge Kul Bekir Day 1,853, 07:10

kim okuyacak bunu amını dengesini siktiğim

KargaReyiz Day 1,853, 08:10

Ozet gec pic

Mamihlapinatapai Day 1,853, 09:07

didnt read too long, i missed the bold letters

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