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Correspondence - Resistance War in Sarawak

Day 1,903, 04:18 Published in Malaysia Serbia by JDT0rr3y

Occupied Territory of Sarawak - As the agreement between the eMalaysian government and eThailand is in effect, the eThailand government has agreed to give back Sarawak asap after wiping out eMalaysia in oredr to end the NE law asap, Today, the Resistance Force of eMalaysia has attempt to take back Sarawak from the eThailand government. Currently the Resistance War has almost achieved the 83 Campaign Ponits, in which the RW force hold 76 points while the eThailand as the defender holds to 12 points. Holding true to their word, the activity on eThailand site is restrained. Further update will be followed soon

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