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Congressional Run in Georgia

Day 1,400, 20:51 Published in USA USA by Relorian

Greetings Georgia,

I wont waste your time with a lot of flowery words or promises like a lot of the would be congressmen/women will. I've been there and done it and found I just don't like making promises that I cannot keep.

I'll vote when needed, lend input when needed (Often more than needed), keep the common player in mind and attempt to do right by our collective nation. Simple huh? Yeah, simple is good.

Its not my first time to the big show. I've been there 14 other times so I know what buttons to press and which ones to avoid. I know we dont just pass out citizenship to anyone who says "Can i have citizenship?".

Anyway, Vote for me if you wish. Vote for someone else if you think they can do better. I'm sure Henery will be along at some point to spam my comments section with his hate, its what he does.




AYANCUKLU ABINIZ Day 1,401, 00:25



AYANCUKLU ABINIZ Day 1,401, 00:26

bonne chance btw.

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