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Congressional Report #4

Day 2,148, 19:10 Published in Canada Serbia by Sally Willis

Let me explain.

eRepublic is a game and like all games ever made it is designed to mirror or simulate real-life situations; to teach; entertain; or all of those at once. Sometimes the simulation is highly stylised, chess for example. But all games share one feature. However closely they come to reflecting a real world scenario, the mechanics and rules of the game leave out hundreds of times more "reality" than they can ever include.

I'm talking of eRep government. eRepublic had to have a simplified in-game government structure, and this shortcoming is largely addressed by virtue of the fact that each eNation is free to create its own constitutional arrangements for empowering the ways in which representatives, who are elected in game, can operate.

Of course, Plato takes no responsibility for rogue presidents and none at all for rogue congressmen and presidential appointees. And so Plato can wash his hands ...

RL Canada is a constitutional monarchy whose sovereign executive is is the British Crown, deputed through governors and other executive bodies: in other other words -- as in Britland where the Queen actually hangs out -- RL Canada's executive (president) is no more than a puppet. The real power is in the hands of its parliament at whose pleasure the Prime Minister serves as chief executive.

Compare that noble democratic system to the eCanadian constitution. The perfectly legal in-game mechanics hand the country president a whole sheaf of powers. Note that these powers include powers not open to Congress. But what do know about the President we elect?

All we can say about the in-game country president election procedure is that it a monthly snapshot of the eNation's political scene of intrigue, conspiracy, and back-stabbing. Too often we get a president who was bundled on to the hustings by an unholy alliance of parties, in order to shut out a front-runner perceived (often without solid evidence) as dangerous.

But what can we say about Congress?

Our Congress is like a rabble pushing to front of the line. So many members are ex CPs, or wannabe CPs, that not one single fucking one of them stops to think that a few tweaks to constitution, and a serious overhaul of the Congress Rules of Order, could make Congress the true sovereign power in eCanada.

I don't know about you, Gentle Reader, but me, I'll take my despot chosen by a body of elected individuals over Plastic President who inherits power conferred by the game mechanics without any responsibility or repercussions. (Rolo Tahmassee ran off with eCanada's treasury while he was President and he has been awarded a "pardon" and welcomed back, for ****sakes!)

eCanada's congress needs to grow a pair and start thinking the unthinkable!


The chairman of Congress should lose the title "Speaker". In all parliaments, a Speaker is impartial and does not enter into debate. The current role of Speaker, should be designated: First Minister. This FM should be elected in the same way the Speaker is now, and have all the Speaker's principal powers ... except that the Deputy FM (elected/chosen the same way as the Deputy Speaker) has more of a role as an impartial chairman of congressional debate.

All this needs a change in the constitution ... a tall enough order, but I don't shrink from a challenge.

Next time I'll talk about geography and natural enemies and why eRepublic is too scarily close to the real world.

But, I've kept you long enough. Here's some tittilation for the dads.

Sigh ... Romano American puritanism will be the death of free speech.


olivermellors Day 2,148, 20:13

Did I hear constitution?? 🙂

Wilfie Day 2,148, 21:33

Speaker has real-life connotations. I suppose that could mislead people into thinking the Speaker would remain on the periphery of debates and mainly moderate discussions and forum polls (notice I did not say "votes")

Does First Minister also have real life connotations? Hope not.

If it does, maybe go with something unique to eRepublik/eCanada that we can call our own and build up as if with a blank Congress Steward (CS...hmm, taken), or Moderator of Forum Order (MoFO, better!)

I like your work Sally. Please keep going!

crisfire Day 2,148, 21:42

leave RL at the door and start playing the game

Muglack Day 2,148, 22:07

I can tell you from personal experience that some "Speakers" know exactly how much political might they wield, and get exactly what they want from it.

Send Aeriala (or whatever he calls himself these days) a PM and ask who the Speaker was when he found himself banned from the forums WHILE he was CP.

Sal T. Balls
Sal T. Balls Day 2,148, 23:41

oh god covered women what is this world turning into?

Lordjas Day 2,148, 23:58

your passion is admirable, but what benefit does it have other than becoming closer to RL(real life) Canada, it would be very hard to change so many roles and renaming them does not really make us more efficient or effective.

It would be interesting if Plato would have such things as the leader of the party that wins the most seats would also be a prime minster but due to game mechanics such things such as responsible government don't exists here so it would defeat the purpose of changing the constitution

I feel that maybe there needs to be a weekly article of all ODC (open door congress) motions, or discussions taking place.

May the force be with you! lol

wingfield Day 2,149, 00:22

You are not alone

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 2,149, 16:13

I'm getting the feeling you don't really understand eCanada

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