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Congressional Bid Announcement

Day 1,844, 19:03 Published in Ireland Ireland by Abel Mcfinn

Hello fellow citizens.

Im writing this to announce my intention to run for congress in the upcoming January election. My intentions and goals will be forthcoming in this publication. I will be running to represent my newbie friends, the IFP party but most of all the over all well being of all Irish Citizens.

I have read many guides written by several players regarding being a congressman and plan on following the great advice of Fineo and his experience.

I want only to see Ireland build a better.. stronger and more secure society.

I plan to work closely with all my veteran buddies and consult all involved before making decisions on any proposals.

I also plan on writing an update of actions by congress on a weekly basis to keep the citizens of Ireland informed of activities.

With many things blowing in the wind regarding which way ireland should go , i think it is important to have a fresh newbie representaion. and some one that will take the duties serious. not that all my counter parts do not. but I want to assure anyone that would vote for me there will be no silly propsals.

My stances:
I am in the IFP because it closely represents my opinions on citizenship in the country... we should all be free and self sustaining. i do see the need to help newbies and communes ay be necessary for ststae military to remain strong.

On Eden vs Non- Eden
I see pros and cons on both staying and leaving. i intend to learn much more about this before acting on any decisions. i do feel having war would be beneficial for all. Over all we need to follow the will of the people even if the will of the people seems disastrous to some... it is after all a game. We will make a go at whatever the outcome is and have fun.

The irish economy is stagnant because all goods sold.. weapons... food and materials for both are not being consumed enough to keep market prices higher. war would create an environment of more demand.

Having a natural Enemy would allow many to strike gold with TP awards which will only strengthen our citizens further.

I currently write a newbie tip publication called the "North Starr" and have been appointed as deputy to our MoE Ian E Coleman.

I will be very active as i am on each day and want new citizens to reach out to me if needed. in addition I plan on being in the IRC channel for congress each day.

I conclude with this... we need to build a stronger ireland... we need more citizens that are active and striving for this goal... Strength begins with the economy getting better... more citizens being self sustaining.. and us creating more demands in our economy, with a legitimate war.

I ask for your vote in December and over all vote for a Stronger Ireland

Your Friend
Abel McFinn



collinfigures Day 1,844, 19:40

Great article friend.
Very good analysis at the end, I agree with you.
You must be in the priorities of the party in December.

AppleMan Day 1,844, 21:44

Some of your points are a bit naive but being in congress is a good way to learn.

Good luck o7

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,846, 06:29


Elite C
Elite C Day 1,846, 07:03

Great article. You will have to be Top 5 going into the Congress Election

All the Best
Elite C

moomoohead Day 1,848, 15:49

Great canadite, this is who the IFP party should be.

Dylanb9216 Day 1,849, 17:56

Good luck

Don Jesus
Don Jesus Day 1,890, 15:40


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