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Congressal Elections

Day 1,885, 14:50 Published in North Korea Iran by KoreaWarrior898

Three reasons for vote SIMIDA power in the day 25th:

1. For equality and demcracy in Nort Korea.

2. For a best desenvolupament for the country.

3. Create a strong Country.

PLEASE VOTE IN THE 25TH SIMIDA power if you dream is a equality and a strongest worker´s class in North Korea.




Potatoisme Day 1,885, 16:47

V2 还好过了4级。。勉强看懂了

KevinYu Day 1,885, 17:43

Why not join NK-Girls and Vote for our candidate????

我是来挖 墙角的。

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,886, 12:55

You are ill-informed. It looks like you wish to join the Commoner's Revolution. For so long, Cipher has been about PTO and strenghtening Zlatan_Tu, it has never been about the working class.

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