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Day 1,920, 16:23 Published in Belgium Belgium by boer jan

Until recent Res Belgica was the biggest party of eBelgium,
thus this does not mean we are not there any more,
we still have the knowledge and the members who know how to deal with the difficulties we encounter everyday in our country.
This way, we do not see the congress elections as a competition, but as our duty.
There will be a lot of new young congressmen from other party's, no doubt about that, but as said they are still young with little experience, and we can help them to grow up.

May I present our candidates who are ready to share their knowledge and enthusiasm to keep eBe a safe and pleasant country where it is nice to live

Kiyonori Dragnier young, strong and showed already his commitment to our country

Jofroi the one who has seen everything, who likes a joke but is in reality the most serious player we can have,
he never gonna hurt our country cause that would be the same as hurting himself
You can find his personal comment here:

Stijn Puttemans everybody knows him as the one who thinks twice before he talks, he tries to do the best for everybody

MCKitkat, the government does not have secrets any more for him, and immigration and foreign affairs are tattooed on his body.

AndreasC silent but present, always listening, he does not tolerate people who want to harm our country, but is al ear and open for innovation.

Nihil.sine.deo the revelation? at least he says wat the voices telling him, harsh but honest.

p0lluxx the shy one? maybe, maybe not, but when things seems to go wrong he is there to put an end on it.

Kylero I know lot of you have mixed feelings about him, while trying to do good he hurt a lot of people, but he too is only human,
we want to give him a change to show that the values he stand for so many years, are still the ones he wares in his hart.

and Kevork Pamboukian, Pieter557, Adrianna Oyen, deterenuto some of them are known and some of them not, but all of them we trust.



Cotarius Day 1,920, 21:46

Good and fun

tommot Day 1,921, 10:04

Nice and good luck to all.

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,921, 12:27

Really nice to see that RB's new president make good moves!

Kaad Day 1,921, 12:56

Good luck all! Wish the best congress for eBe

Ely.nea Day 1,922, 00:55

good luck

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