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Congress presentation

Day 1,980, 05:02 Published in Belgium Belgium by JdlF

Hello everyone,
Hello Beavers.

How are you today? (please answer in comments after sub and vote).

I'm running for congress, for the sixth time in a row. Yiheay.

Why voting for me? Well, despite my old account I'm kind of a young player as I'm actually playing for only 6 months. And as a not-that-young-but-still player... I care about newcomers.
My aims are simple:

-Cultural development of eBelgium.
-Maintaining citizen programs.
-Defense of our 3 initial regions.

So as you can see and read, my program is quite conventional as I believe we need to work on the long run without doing a lot of modifications. Nevertheless, I admit that there are rooms for improvement. For this mandate I'd like to focus only on one which is the new players issue. It makes me sad to see players like G.W.JUNIOR or SwaqqCoryn going nuts about the actual situation. But on the other hand im quite happy to see how they managed to turn the situation to their advantage (for a while).

This kind of situation must stop and this is mainly due to some cultural problems which happens when people aren't challenged enough. Some citizens becoming smug/self-important (i googled that word). Most of the time their reasonment is right but the way they tell it, the way they teach it, isn't the good one. Sadly there are no rules for that. All we can do is working to change everyone mind. Of course it could be a bit too late for some of the new players. But still, CM and government have to pacificate the external forum. Ebe must be strong and it can only be strong through its cohesion. Not through its army.

Now, most of eBe social/cultural porblems come from non-laws situations. to tackle that all we can do is improving MoE's work and keeping the founding for citizen programs; which I'd like to see improved in term of range and food quantities.

Maybe that's the only proposal I'd made this term: reasing the supply of food.

Others things I'll do are: voting accordingly to my believing which are: social cohesion, programs toward citizens and defense of our territories.

A bit about myself: As everybody knows, despite the fact I'm MoF2, I'm more into the game than on forums; I hope it could reach some persons over there. I fought a lot in division 2, earning 10 points, nearly by myself, during the RW of wallonia. I teased frenchies about that. Like a lot.

So if you want your warMoF to be in the congress again, vote ATO.

If you want to see someone else, vote ATO.

If you don't want to vote for me, vote ATO.

If you don't want to vote, vote ATO.

If you don't know, vote ATO.

Please, reply in the comment section: ATO.

your warMoF.

ps: no pictures, it's for weaks. 😃



JdlF Day 1,980, 05:11

ATO. I'm very well indeed, thank you!

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,980, 05:15

put an ATO logo!

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,980, 05:16

and also some boobs

JdlF Day 1,980, 05:28

pcitures are for weaks, all is in your mind. Think 'bout me with boobs \o/

Ronan the Accuser I
Ronan the Accuser I Day 1,980, 06:07

yes put some boobs because like that no one will believe us the ATOs

Chihiroh Day 1,981, 13:55


Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,980, 05:46

put some bolded text at least

JdlF Day 1,980, 05:50

3 sentences and 2 words are bolded! 😃
Yeah i know, i'm awesome ^^

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,980, 05:12


tommot Day 1,980, 05:22 ATO!! : D

Teddy beer eBe
Teddy beer eBe Day 1,980, 06:01

Vote ATO. o7

Ronan the Accuser I
Ronan the Accuser I Day 1,980, 06:09


JdlF Day 1,980, 06:17

I knew u would tell that 😃

Ely.nea Day 1,980, 08:09

No boobs no vote... omg... jofroi go out of my body.

Seriously : good luck.

MaryamQ Day 1,980, 13:06

Good luck! I agree, pics are for the weak. : D

Pertazeta Day 1,981, 05:22

>de boobies

Jofroi Day 1,981, 09:36

Good luck 😉

Chihiroh Day 1,981, 13:54

No abs no vote.

SwaqqCoryn Day 1,982, 03:12

"It makes me sad to see players like G.W.JUNIOR or SwaqqCoryn going nuts about the actual situation."

What the fuck ?
It's been like a week I'm away from eRepublik.

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