Congress of the Resistance

Day 984, 02:25 Published in South Africa South Africa by ZA Parliament

The citizens of eSouth Africa voted in the Congressional elections on 25 July 2010 and, disregarding the illegal votes cast for candidates of the PPSA, chose the following to be their representatives in Congress:

Eastern Cape
*Lekker - NAP
Mashaka Kulala - NAP
westyjacob - SAMCP
Chris Macabe - FA

Free State
Spiced - FA
Alex Darky - SAMCP
Brett Klopper - NAP
matt1066 - FA

Boere Generaal - FA
Hamilton Moore - FA
Vanessa1309 - IA
Kropotkin X - NAP

KwaZulu Natal
Issues - SAMCP
rommel889 - IA
Spottedfrog - FA
Fhaemita Malodorous - NAP

Detroit34 - IA
costy4metal - IA
Ojacious - FA
Shiloh DeGreat - SAMCP

*Alphatrion - FA
*Pierre Malan - IA
wingfield - IA
davewa - SAMCP

North West Province
*Al Kazar - IA
Seisan - FA
Blutmond - SAMCP
Bobady zoo - NAP

Northern Cape
*Grimstone - IA
*Joseph Rich - FA
*SamGibz - IA
*Ryan Fisher - IA

*Sandar Cain - SAMCP
*Merle Corey - SAMCP
Micheal Dell - FA
Zack SA - NAP

Western Cape
*evighet - IA
Mr. Wet - NAP
Vampire_Gabriel - FA
McSniper - IA

*=recognised as Congress members in-game

Party results are:

Independent Alternative - 12 (30😵
Freedom Alliance - 12 (30😵
New Africa Party - 8 (20😵
SA Military Capitalist Party - 8 (20😵

This is our official Congress of the Resistance that will work together in solidarity for the benefit of all the faithful citizens of eSouth Africa.

Each elected member of this Congress of the Resistance is asked to sign-in to Congress so that we can forge ahead with discussions and votes on the future of our country.