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Congress Listing January Term

Day 1,884, 17:40 Published in Canada USA by Michael 23

While most of our congress work is already done, I would like to support the CPF in eCanada’s successful transition into Asgard and to be involved in the political sphere while our party’s congressmen debate on various issues. I think it will be a less exciting term than the last two terms that saw the hammering out of taxes and then alliances but nonetheless there will be things to debate on and to propose. I look forward to the upcoming term and to upholding the 7 tenets of the CPF.

Taxes and Financial Sustainability

Our taxes were changed during the November term and have provided us with significant benefits. Our daily income has stabilized, our revenues have increased and we have a solid budget that’s been put forth by Chochi during the December term. The new budget is amazing leaving us room for savings, MPPs, and regular bi-weekly MU Funding.

Since we’ve put forth the taxes and agreed in a majority vote that they be what they are today, I wouldn’t change taxes in any sort of direction. I would like to maintain taxes at their current levels to ensure our income continues to build and that it’s stable especially after the budget proposal. I plan to continue working and debating with congressmen this term on various issues including leaving taxes alone if seriously proposed.

MU Improvements

I believe in equal and fair funding for all approved MUs. I have supported the move by our congressmen to have proposals put through by MUs to get them approved for funding. Those that have been approved can be found on the forum and these are many MUs in eCanada including but not limited to the CAF, COI, TCO, Night’s Watch, HOPE, IL, and others. Further, I have been a strong supporter of MUs focusing on self-sufficiency and this is what other congressmen have supported as we aimed at making the Temporary MU Funding Act permanent. These documents can be found on the forum.

I believe in fair and equitable funding for approved MUs and this is what I will continue to support well into the future, with a focus on not pushing forth any suggestions or policies that would make it strenuous for MUs to follow or deal with but for them to allocate their funds as they see fit. I do believe that it’s in the best interests of MUs to make themselves more self-sufficient and many have already made significant strides while all major MUs have made some efforts at becoming self-sufficient in terms of developing communes or slavepits.

Foreign Affairs and Alliances

It seems that my dream of us being allied with eUSA will not materialize any time soon but nevertheless we have Asgard. Asgard is a more socially accepted alliance within eCanada and it will be my goal to make sure that we successfully transition into the alliance during the coming month including passing any votes for us to formally join the alliance should it be put up for voting before the two month trial period expires. I am now a strong supporter of this alliance due to the referendum that was held that showed the support of eCanadians and the congress vote that showed support for the alliance in congress. I, nonetheless worry about CoT/TWO’s efforts at extinguishing anything not associated with them but my hopes have recovered as EDEN returns to the map just as CoT/TWO are spent from their efforts. All in all, I look forward to supporting our role in Asgard during this term.

Game Recruitment

I think the most important issue is making sure that the people in the game who do sign up, actually end up staying. While providing them with food and weapons helps and motivates them to stay on especially as they probably feel a greater sense of the eCanadian community, I think that helping them learn how to become self-sufficient in the game is more of a factor in helping them stay. We're all different and the players may have joined the game for a variety of reasons, but I think that letting them know early on where to look for information, who to ask for food or weapons, or who to get into contact with in terms of finding their way around the game is key.

I have personally funded the newer players with tanks and food, especially during RWs. I've also helped them by informing them of our supplies and providing them with the CAF border/insignia together with people to turn to, to help them add the insignia/border. I have also contributed to other’s food drives as well as other supply means in ensuring our newer players have better supplies. However, this only goes a certain distance in retaining new players and I think it’s more important to provide them with the knowledge to succeed.

While various people have written articles through time about building up and growing in the game, they are scattered all over and a person has to themselves look for them through the wiki or Google searches. They may or may not be motivated to do so, and I have realized my goal last term of creating a place on the forum where new articles can be posted. It can be found in the new citizens section as an announcement at the top of the page thanks to jfstpierre. However, I do wish more people would contribute as so far only one other person besides me has done this so far. Nonetheless, I hope to utilize new ways of both attracting and retaining new players as I work with fellow congressmen.

Positive Political Sphere

We all have to work together to pass bills and building a positive political sphere is crucial in this game. As different parties we’ve had our upsets with one another but we must work together to ensure a smooth transition with policies and that we all build a better eCanada. Most if not all parties have eCanada’s best interest at heart but choose to do so through different venues. It is our job to collaborate and work together in a complimentary way to ensure eCanada grows and prospers. Putting aside our party differences and focusing on issues that matter will be of great focus to me this term as I work through a positive means at inter-party collaboration and at building a more positive political sphere. We’ve seen changes in the last few months with everything from taxes to alliances and our CPs but we need to make sure that the one thing that stays the same is the building of a positive political sphere.

Internal Party Activity

The CPF is one of the most appealing parties to me in eCanada. We have policies and guidelines about our approach to matters and at the same time are free to voice our opinions and debate before we come to consensus and a general unified voice as we also stand behind our party president. I have been involved in our debates to a significant extent while listening to the posts of others from our party feed and on the forum. I think I am involved to a significant extent within the party and I also enjoy our collaboration with other parties as we strike out to make agreements for the betterment of eCanada. I plan on being even more involved during any tenure as congressman and making significant strides at collaborating within our own party while also making a significant effort at healthy collaboration with other parties and congressmen in terms of reaching consensus in passing bills. Our internal party activity is even more important now as we re-organize and re-focus on our goals together as a party.

I would like to serve the CPF in congress for another term. I think consensus and debates are critical as we venture out to pass bills for the betterment of eCanada. Right now we’re on a great path and with careful monitoring of our policies we can make the necessary changes to continue to succeed and have eCanada even surpass our best expectations. Our focus on taxes and financial sustainability, MU funding and improvements, our foreign relations and player retention will be key to our long-term success.



Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,884, 17:44

o7 Michael, great article

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,884, 17:44

o7 And we got the best Moose.

klop123 Day 1,884, 17:49


The article is amazing!

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,884, 17:59


Edmond.D Day 1,884, 18:42

Ádh mór an-mhaith ba chóir a thabhairt duit. Beidh an toghchán a bheith lán de luck toisc go bhfuil tú ann i sé, mar sin tá súil agam daoine a fheiceáil agus a aithint. Beidh go deo na ndeor tú freastal ar an citeal de phobal, ag déanamh rudaí iontach a dhéanamh dúinn go léir sásta!

TheBurningMan Day 1,884, 20:34

^I'm sure that is very important, but I'm to lazy to google translate.

stpolar Day 1,884, 20:49


Michael 23
Michael 23 Day 1,884, 21:20

Thanks guys and thanks Edmond for the good luck. I didn't know you knew Czech. Good stuff.

Wilhelm Gunter
Wilhelm Gunter Day 1,884, 22:07

Czech? that's Irish Gaelic. 😛

Michael 23
Michael 23 Day 1,885, 00:06

Thanks Wilhelm, my mistake.

Mochan Drust
Mochan Drust Day 1,885, 06:36

o7 and GL

Dozzer_x Day 1,888, 01:54

If you ain't progressive, you ain't impressive.

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