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Congress July 2012

Day 1,701, 20:17 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by CrackShotNZ

This Month I will be running for Congress as a representative of the PnPP in Wellington, I have a good knowledge of eNZ's military and where we stand in the eWorld so will be able to actively discuss issues with other members of congress if elected in the upcoming elections.

Due to the many military restructures happening of late, I would be a strong candidate as I am involved with assisting in a few of these miltary transitions and as a congress member will be able to inform the citizens of eNZ of these changes.

I hope you will consider voting for me in the upcoming election.
Hail eNZ o7



Valentyme Day 1,701, 21:13

Goodluck mate o7

CrackShotNZ Day 1,702, 03:24

Thanks man 😃

Carson Luke
Carson Luke Day 1,702, 22:34

Good luck mate

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,703, 12:03

Best of luck to you crackshotnz o7

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