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Congress: A How To

Day 1,674, 12:14 Published in USA USA by emdoublegee

So you’ve decided you want to try and run for congress, where do you go from there? With congressional elections coming up on Monday I wanted to take the time to get this posted before then. In this article I will explain how to run for congress, the difference between running and blocking, and what to do when you win your congressional race.

Getting Started in Your Race

One of the first things that you will need if you plan on running for congress is a proposal from one of the top 5 parties. There may be other ways around it, but your best bet is to become a member of a top 5 political party and get their nomination. Different parties go about this differently, but most involve some kind of an application where you state why you want to run for congress, your experience, and where you want to run. At this point the party will place you where they think you will best fit/have the best chance of winning your race.

Once you have been informed of where you will be running, you need to write up your platform. Your platform is your selling point for your race. In it you should put any experience you have, Plans you have for while you’re in congress, and any endorsements you may have to make you look like a good candidate. DO NOT make any promises you do not plan to keep or have any way of following through on. While you may be able to scam some votes this way, your credibility goes way down for future races.

Another thing that a lot of people do is pay for votes. This is frowned upon by most, although you can offer to pay for moving costs for people to move to the region you are campaigning in so they can vote for you.

Running VS Blocking and PTO’s

A big place there is a lot of confusion during congressional election time is the difference between running and blocking, so I will briefly define and explain them here. Before I do that I will briefly explain what a PTO is.

A Political Take Over (PTO) is when people attempt to infiltrate a party(or on a larger scale country) with the purpose of taking over and influencing that party/country for their own agenda. The biggest place this is seen in congress is people trying to be elected just to let in a bunch of people to try and take over the eUSA. More on this later

Running= Running as a congressional candidate with the intention of winning
Blocking= Running as a congressional candidate without trying to win. You are in this place solely to take up the place that otherwise could have been filled by a PTO threat.

The major thing to take from this is if you are asked to run as a blocker, you are not trying to win!! This does not mean that you should not be informed on duties required of congressmen though, because there is always a chance that you can be elected in spite of not campaigning to win.

Tips For Winning Your Race

-Campaign throughout the day. Even though you may be winning now, things can change quickly. Your party won’t win the race for you. You need to keep yourself close, and they can put you over the top.

-Make friends and connections. You should have been doing this way before running for congress, but keep this in mind for the future. This game is all about the people and the community, so get connected!

-Message people in your region. If you are running for congress in Arizona like I did last month, send out a message letting the folks in Arizona know who you are and what you are planning on doing.

-Have fun and learn from this experience. If you don’t make it, don’t blame the system and get pissed off, learn from it, and improve yourself for next month.

Congratulations, Welcome to Congress!

Congrats on your win, now it’s time to buckle down and get to work. There are many duties that you have as a congressman, here’s a few to get you started:

-sign in weekly via the forums

-talk in discussion posts in the congressional forums. Now’s your time to get your input heard!

-approve CS requests. DO NOT just approve random citizenship requests. Make sure you know the current immigration rules and follow them. If you start accepting PTO threats, you will be censured(have access to forums removed) and be put on a black list for future congress runs.

-Proposals: You have 2 proposals per month, do not waste them on stupid things that will get shot down. Use the forums as a place to bring forth proposals and get the feel of congress before you use them. As a new member of congress the best place to use your proposals is for donating money to the CBO(Congressional Budget Office) which needs to be done daily.

Helpful Links

This should get you started, but here are other good places to find information/help on your congressional ambitions:

-Example Platform from my race
-Congressional Orientation Board
- Talk to anyone currently in Congress or in leadership in your party if you have more questions

As always, my doors are always open. I will not be running for congress this month as I will be away IRL and do not know what kind of access I will have, but feel free to PM me with any questions you may have and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

My link
IRC Office Channel: #emdoublegee’s
Department of Education Newspaper
DoE Mentor Request Form



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