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Congratulations to Australia!

Day 2,118, 20:43 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan

I would like to congratulate the Australian people on the tremendous result of the last Election! Your country has faced years of PTO, but this time the ATO Coalition prevailed. I salute you! o7



Yuko Oshima
Yuko Oshima Day 2,118, 20:53


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,118, 21:00

xD. What? 😛 Is that a PNG reference?

AugustusX Day 2,118, 21:02

Bahaha nice! It's Tony Time!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,118, 21:20

Added a picture 😉

Pandora Wilson
Pandora Wilson Day 2,119, 01:19

Yay, we get ruled but a Turd Sandwich for the next three years. Aren't we lucky ducks? *drinks all the alcohol*

infin Day 2,119, 01:28


Andrea1908 Day 2,119, 01:58



BlueTheNick Day 2,119, 02:00


Riyusaky Day 2,119, 02:06


Mr. WizardMan
Mr. WizardMan Day 2,119, 04:20


Chopp Day 2,119, 06:53


greg L
greg L Day 2,119, 06:54

LOL, won't Indonesia be totally pissed to find out that Australia is actually a free country with not one single Indonesian soldier to be seen, NOT EVEN IN PITT. St and that there actually is no real PM called Flatty but in reality a bloke called Tony Abbott. Bad luck Indo, it seems it is just a game on the internet. There will always be an Australia, thank fuck the REAL Australia is a lot more successful than this eThingo or we'd all be fucked. Well voted Australia.

Septimius Maximinus
Septimius Maximinus Day 2,119, 07:31

I like that last picture because my real name is Tony. lol

Vanilla Slic
Vanilla Slic Day 2,119, 09:42

The blonde on the left looks sooooo tasty 😃

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 2,119, 11:14

As if you didn't learn enough from Canada.

greg L
greg L Day 2,120, 23:25

why, what happened in Canada ?????

HeapSeppo Day 2,119, 11:48

You're really getting desperate.

Colonel W Dick
Colonel W Dick Day 2,119, 12:50


wingfield Day 2,119, 15:32

Sanity returns to Australia!

shiloh13 Day 2,119, 19:25


wingfield Day 2,120, 05:06

All a matter of individual perspective. We had been governed by haters for too long, with precious little help for the working people. Speaking of work, I was out of work for nearly three years during that time, simply because of one government policy. The new government will mean much better opportunity for me and I hope for many other workers. Odd, really. Some of us had very high hopes in 2007 but they were dashed.

greg L
greg L Day 2,120, 23:24

I agree, 2007 was a gigantic mistake, nothing was really broken yet we voted out a very good solid PM. If it ain't broke it needs no fixing. The lefties hated Howard because he was good, served us right.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,121, 11:25

People get bored after awhile and decide to do it for no good reason.

shiloh13 Day 2,119, 19:24

Oh my. You precious little fool.
Your life has so sunken into such sadness, that you no longer can tell the difference between Real Life
and the agony of the little browser game you play.
Please call to mommy so she may give you one of those special pills,
that you so terribly need.
It must be so lonely in the basement.
Keep the lights on ajay.
For there are awful things lurking in the darkness of your emptiness.
Tick Tock

SwiftStrike74 Day 2,120, 18:39

A true poet. Great work there Shiloh.

greg L
greg L Day 2,120, 23:28

poetry maybe, but what the hell does it mean.. said a lot without saying anything.

Comrade Kim Jong Il Day 2,119, 19:43

Comment deleted

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 2,119, 20:40

No one in Australia cares about your psychotic @ss gtfo your getting too desperate

Nancy Davis Reagan
Nancy Davis Reagan Day 2,120, 02:31

RGR what are u talking about ? U don't even know how to find Australia on a map.

Comrade Kim Jong Il
Comrade Kim Jong Il Day 2,120, 07:45


VictorBankZat Day 2,120, 20:09

RGR what are u talking about ? U don't even know how to find Australia on a map. 2x 🙁

Edward Ont
Edward Ont Day 2,130, 13:04

Do you see the irony of this article...

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