Congrats to Danger

Day 5,982, 06:14 Published in USA USA by Stormin EwokJedi
My Fellow eAmericans!

First off, congrats to Danger. Militarily you are all in good hands, his armies, foreign relationships, and constant gameplay will keep the eUS on top. He worked the back channels well and used the old cabal to get it done. Hats off to you sir! Directly saying your thoughts in public doesn’t work well in this game and I’m fine with that. I’d rather you know where I stood at all times. I had almost the same amount of votes this time around as I did last month. Consistency if anything.

Now, with Danger at the helm, I urge you all to send him your best wishes, though I suspect luck might find itself obsolete in his capable hands. After all, the international scene has become about as thrilling as watching paint dry, with Asteria expanding and Code experiencing a prolonged siesta, courtesy of Voots and his beyond-successful three-year campaign. I do wonder if a good old-fashioned fight for eSurvival would bring us all together for some camaraderie and chaos.

A heartfelt thank you to the resilient members of SFP who have shown far more strength than I deserved. Your party has always treated me kindly while steadfastly being committed to its principles.

Let's not forget PQ and Paul, the literary titans of our time, whose words grace our screens with wisdom and wit.

And of course, a special acknowledgment to Paul, whose friendship in this digital realm resembles more a symbiotic partnership akin to Holmes and Watson, navigating the complexities of our virtual universe with unmatched camaraderie.

Last but certainly not least, a standing ovation for the Riders! Your unwavering support has propelled us to the pinnacle of eUS politics, led by the indomitable duo of Dude and Leroy. Truly, you are the unsung heroes in this digital odyssey.

As for Danger, if you'll permit me some unsolicited advice: steer clear of the epic boredom that plagued my predecessor's reigns and if we are truly being honest, perhaps the previous two years... Embrace the multifaceted nature of the game - engage in Congress, stir up some rivalries, heck, maybe even write a satirical exposé or two. Keep the gears of intrigue turning!

In conclusion, while Danger emerges victorious, let's remember the little spark of activity within our community. I’d bet you checked erep or Discord more often, read more media, and felt called to do more in the game. Names I haven’t seen in a LONG time showed up with unhinged anger and lunacy. Provided some good laughs! You may not thank me now, but you'll miss the buzz someday. Or not. Who knows? Ah, the enigma of virtual politics!

CP/1 Day Emperor Stormin signing off,
Stormin EwokJedi