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Day 481, 01:07 Published in China China by Zhou San

Since the congressional elections we have went from 17 congressmen down to 9. 8 have voted, even if the remaining person votes No, the vote would be 6 to 3 in favour of impeachment. This is enough to secure the 66% vote required.

Therefore, we are less than 8 hours away from having a new president. I am not sure what brought about this impeachment attempt or why it has gotten so much support but that is history now.

While the president may be new, the desire for unity remains. Good luck Logomaster and hope you can get us Beijing.



Laffopuritain Day 481, 05:05

we have 9 congressmen, but dont forget that shevade proposed the bill and left. so we will have 10 votes, right?

I'm not quite clear on weather or not food gets a vote, (if not it would be 9 total) but I assume William Lai and OnePiece havnt voted yet

srachit Day 481, 05:44

wow I didnt expect this, I thought everything was going fine down there

Zhou San
Zhou San Day 481, 06:32

but he left which brings us to 9...will the math count as 9 or 10?

srachit...everything seemed fine except food hasnt been negotiating for beijing as is my understanding. Other than that I dont know what the complaint was.

Zhou San
Zhou San Day 481, 06:40

ok 6 - 3 now. We shall see in about 2 hours. If there is another voter left... you may hold the key (especially if you vote no)

that is logo and my complaint- i am not sure why shevade proposed it

Zhou San
Zhou San Day 481, 09:10

"The President of China, food2rax, was impeached"

But politics shows food is still prez....maybe it didn't update yet

get us beijing+Hunan (where i am living/working in RL hehe (even if its just wheat although in RL its one of the largest mining sites of several minerals in the world) President Logo!

Ma Chao
Ma Chao Day 481, 11:36

Don't really understand the motivation behind this impeachment. But then again, I am but a simple peasant. What's done is done I suppose, congrats to the new president.

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