Companies Tutorial With Screenshots

Day 4,542, 08:17 Published in USA Chile by Wilker Nath

Credit to the original article: I just translated, paraphrased, and took new screenshots.

Hello friends!

As you may have noticed, now you will have to create holdings in order to use your companies.
I will explain how this can work.

First, you will have to move to the region where you want to place the holding company. For those in the eUS, you should make sure the region you choose is not being used in a training war. A list of safe states was left in the comments of this article by President BabyGroot.

Under the "My Places" dropdown, go to the "company" tab

Can you name it after me? Can I be the godfather?

Reusing this screenshot because I don't want to make a new company right now. If you only have 1 holding, this part should be obvious anyway.

And I guess the companies are supposed to move automatically, but when I tried it using Brave Browser, I had to refresh the page before they appeared under the correct holding.

You can only have 1 holding per region, but if you want a second holding in a different state, you can do that by moving, then repeating the process. The first holding is free, the second will cost 25 gold equivalent in cc. For me today, that's just a little under 17k cc, as you can see above. According to the original article, the third will be 50 gold and the 4th will be 75 gold.

One reason to make a second holding is different production bonus for different regions.

From here, in order to work as manager, you'll have to be in the same region as your holding every time you work. This means you should have to move back there once a day, if you moved at all in between work times.

I think that's about everything a new player needs to know, I've probably hurt your brains enough already. Good luck in eRepublik!