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Community Tab (Military Unit, election, party etc)

Day 1,846, 10:17 Published in Pakistan Hungary by Kismat

Hello EPakistani!!!
Today lets cover some more important things which need more attention.

the community tab

1) World Map
This is not the current RL World Map, This is Eworld Map. In this you can see countries which are stronger and gain extra region and smaller countries which have lost their regions. You can travel around the world but it will cost you like in RL, for charges see this article.

2)My Party
If we have countries we need some one to take care, when we think of that the first thing which comes in our mind is government, so in EPakistan there is government, if there is government there is politics, for politics you need politicians and for politicians you need parties, so here you have parties. Every party has its own view, vision and aims. So stay here and see what party you want to join.

3) Elections
As you know that if there is government there will be elections, so if you want to be update about party election, presidential election or congress election you can check there.

4) Military Unit
As i mention above that there is a world map, there are regions so you have to defend your region or gain extra region or regain a lost region, for that you need an army. so there are MU where you can join and become a fighter of your country.

5) Ranking
Its obvious that if we have so many things, then there will be ranking for all above, If you want to know your ranking your country ranking or any other you can see this tab,

6) Invite friends
This is one of the quickest way to earn gold, and also if you want to have fun of game you need friends, so this tab is for you to ask your friends to join. Important thing is dont just ask them to join invite them this will give you gold.
what is gold???
how to invite??

7) Badges
Human always want best presentation, human always gets attract with good presentation, so here you can have badge for your invites, go get them and build a society of your own.

That's all for now.
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ecoo36 Day 1,846, 11:46

nicely written

vrsoldiers Day 1,847, 06:03

extremely well done!!!

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