Community Initiative

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Community Initiative
As my Cabinet continues to draw up plans to tackle our complex international and domestic challenges I decided to roll out a small award. In order to support the fantastic authors of America, I will award 10,000 CC to the three best authors who publish insightful and considerate articles that seek to heal the divide between people and parties. I hope these articles are written in similar veins to the articles we see from our best authors such as RATAJKOWSKl, Derphoof, PQ, and Jenkins67. The time frame for eligibility starts now and will run for 48 hours. You must be an eAmerican citizen to participate.

Training War Map
In order to give players a better understanding of what regions will be affected by training wars, I have directed the War Dept. to draw up all the appropriate maps indicating which regions will be affected. These maps will be included in future publications. The goal is to keep the public informed. This information is often crucial for company management and newer players.

President Chickensguys