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Common Hit Day 2.116,11:00 eRep time

Day 2,115, 08:01 Published in Austria Austria by yst31

As the pass of the official newspaper seems lost,I'll publish the info about the common hit here.

Liebe Soldaten eÖsterreichs,

[DE]: Am donnerstag (Tag 2116 eRepublik, 5. September) um 11:00 eRepublik Zeit (20:00 CET) führt das Bundesheer ein 'Common-hit' Programm (alle kämpfen gleichzeitig) mit allen österreichischen Soldaten durch. Ihr seid alle dazu eingeladen - ihr werdet gratis Tanks erhalten (Q7).

Voraussetzungen: Sei pünktlich um 10:45 eRepublik Zeit in unserem Rizon-Armee Raum!IRC-Raum: IRC (Rizon: #autarmy). Außerdem werdet ihr euren Profillink posten müssen und die Anzahl der Schläge, die ihr machen könnt. Nachdem alle Soldaten ausgerüstet sind, wird durch das Verteidigungsministerium ein Kampf bekannt gegeben, in welchem dann alle reinhauen. Lasst uns unsere Stärke zeigen!
Man sieht sich!

Tipp: Spart euch eure Wellness für den Common-Hit auf und vermeidet es, vor dem vereinbarten Zeitpunkt zu kämpfen. Wir wollen den größtmöglichsten Schaden erwirken!

Dear soldiers of eAustria,

[EN]: On Thursday (Day 2116 eRepublik,September 5th) at 11:00 eRepublik Time (20:00 CET) we are arranging a common-hit with all soldiers of the Austrian Bundesheer to show our impact on battlefields. Everyone in the Bundesheer is invited to take part in this tanking - you will receive free tanks (Q7).

These requirements need to be fulfilled: Be present on our Rizon Army channel punctual at 10:45 eRep Time. IRC-army-channel: IRC (Rizon: #autarmy). You will need to post your profile link with the hits you can deliver. After all soldiers are fully supplied, orders will be given to hit in a battle chosen by the Ministry. Time to show our force!
See you!

Hint: Save your wellness and hits for this common hit. We recommend you to not fight before, so that we have a greater impact!

President of eAustria,yst31
eAustrian Cabinet


NettoBoy Day 2,115, 11:28

Comment deleted

NettoBoy Day 2,115, 11:29

I'll be there 🙂

Prince of Austria
Prince of Austria Day 2,115, 14:30

Vote! Its great that the common hit is back again. I hope this will become a tradition for every president : )
I'll be there!

Harzakc Day 2,116, 06:21


capoqwer Day 2,116, 03:42

schade, ich kann nicht dabei sein.... 🙁
im sorry, i can't be there... 🙁
my be next time!!
hau rein!!!

The Doctor Nikola
The Doctor Nikola Day 2,116, 03:51

Thank God you grew balls. When you see that we are libereyting Austria. So let you and have it organized my support, and that this is just to get into the tradition, together we are stronger. The first real move just continue like this

yst31 Day 2,116, 03:59

We will fight for our allies, it was already said that we need to help Slovenia now and don't start RWs but you think you're so smart, if Slovenia fall Croatia will invade us,so go to play with your little games and leave this to people who care about it.

The Doctor Nikola
The Doctor Nikola Day 2,116, 06:29

i didnt say kill slovenia only liberayt some of our teritoris and fight agenst croats. Dont wory we are strong

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