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COMING SOON the Newbie Program is Back

Day 1,841, 04:38 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Monkeyboom Yau
Coming soon the Newbie Program (NP) is Back.

few month ago eMalaysia was victims of PTO.
During the PTO period there is a huge amount of Multiplayer. SO it was hard to identify which is Multiplayer. i as Leader of Newbie Program (LoNP) decided to stop the Newbie Program until the situation is back to normal.

Now the eMalaysia is back to normal situation.
So. i as LoNP have decide to Activate back the Newbie Program to help and Guide all the newbie in eMalaysia.

there will be some changes in the Newbie Program.
i will publish the detail of changes in the part 2 of NP news.

to become the Member of Newbie Program. i will publish the detail in the part 2 of NP news. below is few example of term n condition.
1. you must own eMalaysia Citizenship (eMY's CS)
2. you must belong Division 1

the 2nd edition of NP will be publish in few days 🙂

Monkeyboom Yau



Canester Day 1,841, 05:01


RyuYuki Day 1,841, 06:43

me.. me... im in division 1!!!

kyouharu Day 1,841, 07:42


mhifzan Day 1,841, 07:53

ala, br je nak join. tp utk div.1 je pulak : (

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,841, 17:03


Idaina Shonen
Idaina Shonen Day 1,841, 19:47


Haryati Abd Hardy
Haryati Abd Hardy Day 1,842, 06:19

tu ler pasal... baru nak menyamar jd newbie... tetiba kata nak div 1 jer... 😛

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 1,842, 08:59


Olivia 1994
Olivia 1994 Day 1,842, 17:33


Nerzhu1 Day 1,842, 18:16

mari kita beramai2 menyamar jadi Div 1, hahaha ^ ^

nikanoz Day 1,842, 20:02

saya2 pun Div1...

1NebuLA Day 1,842, 21:08

Yay!!! Nsib beik aku still Div 1 lagi 😃

HardFever Day 1,843, 03:03

we need someone to come up with a program to support division 2 soldier..hahahahha

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