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Come back to Samson

Day 2,175, 22:13 Published in Israel Serbia by Vlad Gordin

Aviv gone to histeria and removed all best fighters and good players from Samson.
I call to all - return back to best MU in eIsrael.



Night Kitten
Night Kitten Day 2,176, 02:02

I was one of those that were kicked out - it was a real shock - he never gave a reason or explained anything...
Glad to know it wasn't just me though, kept wondering what on earth have I done...

Not sure what to do now - apply back to "Samson" or go to "Samson Elite" 😒

Night Kitten
Night Kitten Day 2,176, 03:35

There's an article that sort of explains what happened (in the comments at least) -
After reading that I think I'll pass on coming back till it all sorts out, I'm not much of a politician and don't want to be in the middle of that...

Vlad Gordin
Vlad Gordin Day 2,176, 03:38

Aviv closed access to join to Samson. I want to buy the unit, I asked about price but he is silent 🙁

bonjik Day 2,176, 05:13

Well since your referred to my article ill tell you what i understood so far.

Aviv decided to destroy Samson just because "The Party Presidents" didn't run Miki for candidacy , I see this absurd that he screw us all for an argue with 4-6 people(Yes he is right its not fair Miki wont be able to be candidate too but basically its not their duty if they prefers Komu) , and more likely I dont find it funny to ruin for us all just cause he have an argue with a small group.

Anyway he lost all the respect I had for him , and now his argue should be with the whole country , because the actions have done are a betrayal in the people of Israel , The members of Samson and also neria who spent a lot of time on the unit.

Vlad Gordin Day 2,176, 03:37

Comment deleted

Israel Zangwil
Israel Zangwil Day 2,176, 10:01

We need a_neria to log in just once so he can see the damage that has been done. Only he will be able to fix it because SA won't really dp any efforts to listen to any Israeli there is except his closest friends I believe 🙁

Israel Zangwil
Israel Zangwil Day 2,176, 10:03

But anyways, if SA will get cooled down enough to grant access to Samson that would also do. And I somehow see it as more probable.

xXIsrael WinXx
xXIsrael WinXx Day 2,177, 10:19


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