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Closed Resistance Wars

Day 2,077, 14:05 Published in Serbia Canada by New Faustian Man

To be honest I don’t know why I write these things, none of my suggestions are ever implemented, but w/e.

Anyway, this article isn’t going to go into depth on a complete rejig of the military module, I’m just suggesting a small change that would operate as a leveler between alliances of different strengths, and give advantage to the more mobile and better organized alliance as opposed to the pound-for-pound stronger.

The first part is simply switching Resistance Wars from open affairs that, over the course of the campaign may have combatants traveling in from all over the e-world join and contribute in, to closed campaigns that only involve the citizens resident in the region when the campaign starts.

The second part is allowing Military Units to register with either their own nation; or the alliance their nation belongs to, so that the respective national MoD or alliance military commander would have effective command over these MUs to direct them as he/she wished. This would give strategic charge of the MU and would allow them to

> Order some or all registered MUs to a certain region. Members of these MUs can then travel to the location free of charge, the alliance or national government footing the bill

How this would work in practice:

Say, for instance, the following MUs are registered with each alliance HQ and commanded by their military commander:


- Husaria (Polish)

- Kuka i motika eSrbije (Serbian)

- Union Militar Argentina (Argentine)

- Taiwan Armed Mobs (Taiwanese)

_Circle of Trust_

- Macedonian Army (MKD)

- SEAL Team 6 (US)

- MERCENARY OPS (Bulgarian)

- Bad Company (German)

Assume Aquitaine -- an important region with a Rubber resource -- is in Serbian possession and CoT HQ decide to attempt a RW of the region to cut Serbian bonuses. CoT HQ would pay the figure required to start the Resistance War in full (a feature that would become available to military commanders of alliances) and would then issue commands to the MU commanders of the Macedonian Army, MERC OPS, ST6 and Bad Company to move pronto to Aquitaine. Upon the alliance military commander paying the fee to start the RW, a timer will start, counting down from 1 hrs. This is the length of time before the war will start in the region and when the ability to travel to this region will be shut down.

The TWO military commander seeing the plans of his adversary, realises CoT plan on liberating Aquitaine. His job (getting a bit obvious here) is decide whether to deploy the MUs under his command to Aquitaine, or leave the suppression of the CoT mobile armies to the Serbian MoD.

Imagine the distribution is as follows:

In the beginning only Kuka i motika eSrbije are in the picture, stationed in Aquitaine against the eventuality of a resistance war. Once the CoT military commander shows his hand and begins moving the Macedonian Army, MERCENARY OPS, SEAL Team 6 and Bad Company into place, the writing would already be on the wall. Giving the respective MUs a 3 or 4 hour window within which to mobilize and deploy to Aquitaine + the one hour countdown between the CoT military commander hitting the switch to start the RW countdown.

TWO HQ decide it warrants defending so mobilize three more units to help Kuka i motika eSrbije defend the region: Husaria, Union Militar Argentina and Taiwan Armed Mobs.

Both sets of MUs are hand-picked to give the resistance war both power and decent 24hr coverage.

Once the countdown expires the ability to travel to Aquitaine is disabled. From hereon the Resistance War for Aquitaine is effectively a war between two armies, one composed of the Macedonian Army, MERCENARY OPS, Bad Company and SEAL Team 6, and one composed of Kuka i motika eSrbije, Husaria, Taiwan Armed Mobs and Union Militar Argentina. The performance of each of the MUs will determine the outcome of the conflict. There is sure to be other citizens in Aquitaine when hostilities kick off, indeed the Serbian and French MoDs may have moved to position some units there, but a huge chunk of damage will come from the combatants as listed above.

Why this would be an Improvement:

> Increased Relevance for non-European Countries

It makes the game “live” 24hrs a day, there will be no downtime outside of European daylight hours anymore, indeed Southern Hemisphere countries will become ever more important as it will be essential at least one major Southern Hemisphere MU be part of any European RW or suppression of a RW. The same ofcourse applies to any SH RW, one or more European/North American MUs would have to be included.

> Distribution and Strategy

The main improvement generated by closed RWs is the organisation it demands of alliance HQs. The figure of the alliance military commander becomes more important than ever, on par or even surpassing (depending on how many MUs commit to the alliance over the constituent states which comprise it) national MoDs in importance. The task of the alliance military commander would be distributing his pieces (individual MUs) amongst the many regions held by his alliance. Once stationed in a region the members of the MU can still fight elsewhere, that is until the region they’re resident in becomes involved in a RW.

This kind of setup would demand a military commander distribute his armies to all the resource-significant regions under control of his alliance, both as a deterrent and as a means to combat shock mobilisations by rival alliances. Although a course of events that sees only three or four RWs open at any one time would mean minimal impact against the operational capability of the defending alliance, the real meat would come when the offensive alliance (the one which wants to liberate its own regions) opens six, seven, eight, nine, ten RWs or upwards, forcing the defending alliance to tie up a massive chunk of it damage in the defense of economically-important regions.

This injection of strategy would also re-cast how MUs are graded. Simply assuming “the best” MU equates with the “strongest” would be replaced by both strength and the ability to effectively mobilise to anywhere in the world. In the past I was a member of a top eUS MU and our sister MU in the eUS, which also titled themselves a “mobile unit” were a running joke for us: yeah they had the damage, but their mobilisation percentages were atrocious, whereas we averaged in the high 90%. Can you imagine the value an MU would bring to their alliance that could match 95-99% mobilisation rate coupled with huge damage coupled with closed RWs!?

Closed RWs would totally reinvent how we thought of Military Units, power-for-power’s sake would be a thing of the past, or if they stuck around, they’d be consigned to fighting in MPP battles as they'd be not much use otherwise.

If closed RWs had already been implemented, a tactically acute military commander of CoT could easily have bested TWO. Even with TWO’s strength, the massive (and profitless) gains they make in places like continental North America would be impossible to hold. What with so many regions to hold down in Europe to maintain their 10/10s would ensure any MPP battles would be undermanned as the MUs would be stationed in places like Aquitaine in readiness for RWs...

That’s pretty much it people. I’d like to add though that this would be such a simple thing to implement. And that yeah the strongest alliance would still have the upperhand, but under this template the more aggressive/greedy an alliance = equates to them being ever fatter sitting ducks and not much else...




Mamefabi Day 2,077, 14:35


Mamefabi Day 2,077, 14:35


eisenmutter2 Day 2,077, 14:56

didn't know a small country like Serbia had such big thinkers!

eisenmutter2 Day 2,077, 15:06

so now when the country sleeps it still can make a comback home run when it dominates the RW at the end - your RWfeature would kill that... dunno if good or bad (+some people can't be online always because of RL - they would only be able to fight in RWs if they are lucky...)
this feature would increase the power of RWs, the attacker (RWside) could move the big cannons to the region beforehand and then get a ~95% sure win if the defender has not send enough people...

also don't know if many MUcommanders would like to "give up" the command over to some allianceleader...

eisenmutter2 Day 2,077, 15:09

to RW:
the problem is the RWside can move people and organize all stuff with enough time but the defender would only have 1hour to organize an amount of fighters equal to the number of dwellers in the region... not nice.

eisenmutter2 Day 2,077, 15:16

Comment deleted

eisenmutter2 Day 2,077, 15:18

Comment deleted

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,077, 15:35

"so now when the country sleeps it still can make a comback home run when it dominates the RW at the end - your RWfeature would kill that..."

Yes it would kill that kind of clockwork opportunism and replace it with strategy and predicate victory not on brute force or the luck that attaches to having primetime in European nighttime but -- on who has the most effective mobile units. Victory could just as easily go to the best organised, most disciplined alliance, with the best lines of communication, rather than that with the most damage.

"also don't know if many MUcommanders would like to "give up" the command over to some allianceleader..."

They wouldn't be giving up command per se, merely substituting a chain of command which has the national MoD at the pinnacle with one that has the alliance military commander.

Backoovan Day 2,078, 07:26

What if Kuka nad Motika is asigned to defend some region and I join that MU after they were sent there and the rw has already started'?
If individuals have to move than it doesnt matter what Mu you are in if you are not online at the time rw is starting you wont be able to fight at all in that rw.
If it goes for the netire MU(doesnt matter what region players are in) they will have to ban those MU from letting new members in during those rw's.. And lets say Serbia for an example always has a number of rw's and strongest units will be asigned all the time maybe leaving only 1-2h gap time for people to join in.
That would also kill baby booms because Kuka i Motika is the unit with most damage but its also government unit and its recomended for all new players to join in.
If they are sent to defend rw's all the time you cant expect babies to have patience and wait for several days to join in..
On the other hand if they join smaller units it weakens the strong units making defending those rw's a lot harder in the future..

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,078, 09:20

"What if Kuka nad Motika is asigned to defend some region and I join that MU after they were sent there and the rw has already started?"

If your not in the region you couldn't fight there anyway, whether you join the MU or not. Even if longtime members fail to make it to the specified region they won't be able to fight. The onus for all combatant MUs is getting as many of their members to the region as possible, which values mobility and good lines of communication over sheer power.

On the subject of the actual MUs like Kuka i motika eSrbije, I just used a broad selection of MUs from across the globe, so don't read anything into that.

eisenmutter2 Day 2,077, 15:18

but i like the idea how both parties have to organize the damage (fighters) and then when RW starts and region is closed they also have to think how they should use the damage. if they waste to much in the first battles they will run out of damage in the end fights and so on* - i think it will really be hard to manage that kind stuff...

if RWer come with 100k damage and defender just with 50k
but RWer waste 80k damage in the first 2battles and defender just 10k

then the RWer will just have 20k damage left but defender still 40k

eisenmutter2 Day 2,077, 15:22

btw admins could implement it so that when time is run out and region is closed for RW that then countries could buy additional seats for fighters in the RW (even when the RW has already started long ago)

like 10gold = send 100more fighters to the region after it was closed

(you have to mention stuff like this or admins will never implement your ideas)

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,077, 15:38

I know, but I've suggested ideas before that would have been money-spinners for them and they've taken no notice, so I reckon there's no point tbh. I'm aiming this more at the general playerbase as opposed to admins, though I'll ticket them to give it a read anyway.

Bosko_Lazic Day 2,078, 03:47

Comment deleted

eisenmutter2 Day 2,078, 03:50

it was just a joke because at that moment just 1 region ingame (yeah i forgot the "e" before Serbia, sorry about that)

eisenmutter2 Day 2,078, 03:54

+ i saw what you did there - it's not small anymore...

Bosko_Lazic Day 2,078, 04:07

Accidentaly deleted that old coment. I thought u meant for real Serbia. True that at the moment its teritory is small and occupated, but it always had a great people, heroes and thinkers, through all history. Thats why i reacted, sorry 😃 Will b better... 😃
E Serbia is just a game...

Tenshou Day 2,077, 14:58


OneJuan Day 2,077, 15:26

Votado OME!!

Belcebu38 Day 2,077, 15:28


BadMax Day 2,077, 15:29


NueveOcho Day 2,077, 16:13

Love your articles man 😛
Plato should hire you XD

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,077, 16:27

Thanks bro o/

Maitre Korda
Maitre Korda Day 2,077, 16:29

I will precise something, in Aquitaine, CoT did nothing! 😉

Stolch Day 2,077, 16:55

Bad idea all around, it will do exactly the opposite and give even more relevance to a single time zone.

Basically it will mean that no one will ever be able to hold a region unless they have predominant power in EU time zone (aka Poland or Serbia on their side currently). The admins have already given artificial predominance to those countries and TWO through the 24 hour wait timer for RWs (this on it's own is not a problem as long as their is a balance of forces) and the scam PvP module which has disbalanced horribly the game and made it impossible for younger countries or newer players to have any relevance on the battlefield.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,077, 17:54

Uuuuurgh, this fcktrd again!? I thought you quit after your debacle of a term as CoT head honcho!?

Anyway....Your criticisms are way off. I haven't stated a lot of things in the article itself hoping people just guessed on the kind of advantages the offensive/liberating country had. But I'll spell it out for you, even though I thought it was pretty obvious from what I wrote. Firstly, the defending country are necessarily on the backfoot: they have to commit as many MUs as possible in order to face off against whatever the offensive alliance may install against them -- without actually knowing what or how many MUs they may have to face off against, so this could be 2 MUs, or 10. However it works, this equates to a huge chunk of defensive power distributed against the *potential* of a successful RW. Conversely, those aiming to liberate the region are under no such restrictions and can bluff and simply allocate a single small MU in a RW. The point is, forcing the occupying force to defend their position (all their positions) and thus stretching them thin and completely hamstringing them in the process.

This gives advantage to the liberating force, not the defending force.

Stolch Day 2,077, 18:10

Like usual your strength is in the personal attacks and not in the brain activity, to everyone his own.

The same works the other way as well, however RWs started in the EU time zone will be impossible to defend, also it gives an advantage to those that have more MUs rather then fewer well organized MUs.

All in all it would amplify the advantages for countries in the EU time zone who have more players then other countries. When you add the divisions to the equation it becomes even worst.

The key here being that smaller countries tend to have 1-2 bigger MUs to try and maximize their ability for organized fighting, this would render this advantage useless.

When you're thinking of a change to the mechanics you have to think how it will effect everyone, not only a certain situation, this kind of moronic reasoning is why this game gets worst with every "addition" of the admins, they do not consider the repercussions on other parts of the game when addressing a single instance.

Though you're right in one thing, one should never argue with an idiot less he risks to fall to his level, I see my error and am going to correct it right now, have fun.

eisenmutter2 Day 2,077, 18:34

aren't there API-bots reading the citizencount of regions too. dunno what the lowest allowed time is but if you let them update every 5minutes you should get a good guess how many RWsoldiers are in position (old citizencount VS pre-RWcitizencount of the region)

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,078, 07:23

Yes, that's a handy feature for something like this. Here's the breakdown for Eastern Serbia for e.g.: -- 801 residents, 508 of which hold Serbian citizenship. So using this feature you could monitor buildup of foreign troops, more than likely though you could discover something was up elsewhere, via irc or shouts on the comment's feed. Discovering a RW was likely and being able to effectively mobilise to defend it are, I think, two different things.

Brokenlove Day 2,077, 16:55

Indeed no CoT in Aquitane

dDejan Day 2,077, 17:10

USA is not CoT ?

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,077, 18:02

Keep on writing these my friend, a lot of folk do read them! And love them. 😉

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,078, 05:11

Thanks man o/

CelarentE Day 2,077, 18:32

the only good thing is the "lock down" but if it is implemented without the countdown...
as in exemple:

If Aquitaine is occupied, let assume the Franch Army is deploying in Aquitaine, they support the RW, at the moment the RW starts the RW campaign is "locked down" in term of participants, only the forces who are in region Aquitaine at the moment of the RW start, are theose who are allowed to fight in the RW campaign.

this way a well organized weaker country can fight against it's occupier (lets' assume it is Poland)

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,078, 07:44

I get what your saying, there are definite advantages to having the RW start immediately. But it could become a bit of a lottery with serious repercussions like the bigger countries simply sitting on resources and doing nothing adventurous (which is what we pretty much have 8 months of the year anyway). The countdown is only an hour long, so that's not much time to moves huge units around, only the very best and most mobile are going to be able to do that, and only when the time is in their favour. So whether the RW is immediate or has a countdown, the advantage is always going to lie with the liberator.

CelarentE Day 2,078, 08:19

On the contrary, the countdown gives a huge advantage to the occupier (similarly like it is now)... thus eleminating any chances that resistance forces have...

Without a countdown... the occupier could be caught on surprise and thus making even a weak countries get their chance against a mighty ones.

The game would be more dinamic and interesting.

The occupiers/defenders would need to develop new strategies, like deploying a military units in "important regions" when they are vulnerable (e.g. when the RW support slots are open). - like you said it.

So if this gets implemented without a countdown, I like it and support it... but if they implement the aforementioned with a countdown timer... it would make no difference to as it is currently since the defenders would have a time to react and eleminate every advantage the attacker can have with the "closed Resistance wars"

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,078, 08:37

"Without a countdown... the occupier could be caught on surprise and thus making even a weak countries get their chance against a mighty ones."

The nation aiming to liberate the region still has to move its forces into position, and this will no doubt be a lengthy affair with orders disseminating to probably 3, 4 or 5 MUs and possibly as many languages. So, the likelihood of a surprise attack, whilst possible, is going to be slim on most occasions with all these orders going about. Plus don't forget that this site allows you to monitor the breakdown of citizens in a region between those who hold cs and foreigners, so any sneak RW would have to be lightning fast to evade this.

Ultimately with more regions to defend and not knowing where the liberator is going to stage a rebellion only gifts the advantage to the oppressed, timer or no timer. The true advantage the oppressed get with this feature is how it locks in however many MUs you'd like to commit to the battleground with whatever your opponent commits. In this situation the oppressed always stand a chance as its places onus on disciplined mobile MUs and not just on raw power and numbers.

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 2,077, 20:37

VC 525

Evoh Day 2,077, 23:48

Aquitaine ? CoT ???? Wrong .
French people !!

pIR33 Day 2,078, 03:10


Esklavo Day 2,078, 05:20

hail spain

Lorcema Day 2,078, 05:21

Nice one, really nice. It could be a good change!

eisenmutter2 Day 2,078, 07:08

i am not the big military-module fanboy but wouldn't it be nice for Commanders to
1. be able to easily sort the MUmembers in different regiments by their division
2.a set different DOs for each division
2.b set DO by default to campaign of the day (campaign of the country)
3. see paid orders (combat orders) which apply not just to his division but also have the ability to "switch the view" to other divisions

that way he could see all paid orders that are available for his CS and members of his MU and he just switches the view (looking at wars and into battles to see details of the paid order) to look for orders for each division

eisenmutter2 Day 2,078, 07:10

sorry for not on topic (but it's still MUstuff)

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,078, 07:47

Check this out: A lot of your suggestions were implemented with the last update o/

Linzx Day 2,078, 08:52

← This is how I looked like when I read the first sentence

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,078, 09:11


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,078, 09:11

A vote for this damn serb....


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,078, 10:25

хвала! 😛

Goonie GooGoo
Goonie GooGoo Day 2,078, 10:10

but why now? things are going well, aren't they?

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