Closed and opened doors! (english version only)

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Closed and opened doors!

Political scene! For the moment, the most controversial scene from eRomania and Erepublik, generally! Let's see! What can we say about ePolitic? For me, ePolitic meant at the beginning of my entry in the game, an inactive president... DexterXP, a character known by me from a famous cartoon.All nice and good, only that I didn't have the honor to make acquaintance with the user behind this character. In this
moment, the page with his profile is no longer active... With this occasion, I want to pretty ask those who know more, to provide me some more detalis... curiousity always emerge to light, in my case!

The first party I was a member of a respectable period of time, was called by that time The Party of Young Terorists! (PTT - Partidul Tinerilor Teroristi), in present Liberal National Youth (TNL - Tineretul National Liberal). Why that party? Because almost everybody takes the start into this game with a joke, a banter, something made in the spirit just having fun! The name have had a great contribution in my pick! A party with few members, more or less actives, but what was I about to know about Erepublik in my first days.Not even the meaning of the game was clear enough to me! Simulator... what a sinister word for those who have never played this type of game.

In The Party of Young Terorists, my activity was not an extraordinary one, just participating to party elections, and getting some votes.... even if not enough.

Because the game started to become boring, I felt the need of a switch, synchronized moment with Silviu's suggestion about eRDP fusion.

By default, I took all my toys and left the PYT, joined by a few colleagues, with thoughts about a future in eRDP (eRomanian Democratic Party) having Cristesco as a leader.

My arrival in eRDP did not generate sparks, and my contribution was insignificant enough... My departure from eRDP was due, in some measure, to the poorly involvement and proper communication with party's members, but I couldn't say that
there was a conflict that gnerated this issue.

The most important aspect of my involvement in eRomania's ePolitic is reprezented by the generous gesture of Ostara of "donating" me her party (along with the weappons company).

Although I didn't wish to be a party president, just in a later time, it was like an offer you cannot refuse... I respected and I still respect Ostara for having the honor to receive her generosity.

And because I am a person with strong personality, I have decided to change some aspects of the formal Gerula Party. The first modification was for the name of the party. The present eRomanian Brainstorming Party was brought to light as a personal ideea, suported by some eRBP members, arrived in the same time with me in the formal Gerula Party. Among them I can mention Belea2008, the man I trust in and beside I take decisions, in Erepublik and also in personnal life. Belea2008 is more active, and his level of implication in Erepublik is visible higher than mine. I thank Belea2008 for being beside me, helping me when I get blocked.

Ohter modifications are about the party's description - Belea2008, logo - my design, and members order, active or inactive members - Belea2008, and if there is more I can't remember right now!

Politic, in Real Life, was never a great chalange to me! Erepublik is, I could say, the only place "I make politics". Although, my real passion is journalism. Still, according to the limited subjects of Erepublik's media, Politic is the most accesible subject.Although I have a strong personnality, I consider myself to be a kind of person who likes to stay in shadow when action's arrownd. This may be the main reason I didn't stand for presidential elections. It was my idea that Belea2008 stand for these elections. I am really pleased for this and I am aware I made the right choice proposing to him. Cristesco renouncing to politicallife, it was more then clear to me that Belea2008 is an excellent candidate to be our president.

I don't see myself as eRomania's President, therefore, I'm more than sure that Belea2008 will be proposed by me to presidential elections, as long he will desire.

Discutions on this theme are like an endless river. They will never stop!

In the end of this article, which I don't believe it have had a purpose, but the one of communicating to you thing from my own experience, I want to congratulate all candidates and wish to the new eRomanian President, Titu Maiorescu, a lucid mind and oriented to people, a well stuck chair in its foundation and many relevant achievements.

I also want to specify, cause I feel it is the case, that I don't support votes obtaining manipulations, don't agree fraude of any kind, no matter the more or less elegant shape. I am against fake users and encourage no form of illicit win.

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With respect, Elena Coman.

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