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This is an amazing interview with amazing player who play at many more games he is very known to the community here and most of the players here play at his amazing games, this is an interview with - Clopoyaur! He didnt had alot of time but he accept to let me make this interview with him so i hope u guys will enjoy!

1. Hello to one of the famous eWorld account - Clopoyaur, thank you so much for agree to make this interview with me, but before we start would you agree to introduce yourself first?

I am very happy to be your guest for the interview, thank you granting me this honor. I am 26 year old (but I celebrated this already 14 times) guy from Romania, from the beautiful land of Maramures, where everybody wears a clop (the traditional hat). I am joyfull, always smiling with a great passion for streaming and making people feeling good in Erepublik. I play this game for almost 11 years now. Other than that I am normal person, with a normal life, like any other.

2. What you love the most about eRep?

The community and the spirit of it, the capacity to unite in times of great deeds for a common purpose. And I also like the camaraderie spirit, the way people start helping each other even if enemies on the battlefields of Erepublik. About the game itself: immortality 🙂 So many people have burried this game years ago but as we can see is still running.

3. Can you tell us about your games you make at your stream?

Erepublik players are very competitive and they strive for interesting things. Unfortunately Erep offers this very rarely and in small dosage. Therefore along the years of streaming I invented all kind of competitions for Erep players from Guerrilla Challenges (guerilla competitions) to haxball tournaments, from Quests and Treasure Chests to the infamous Pyramids that everybody knows about! Lately I also invented a special challenge called "PP Challenge" where people are able to win a Power Pack without spending a single Euro just by doing different tasks on the stream (like watching, spending sparks, sending loots or witnessing the top of Pyramid). And, of course, how can I forget the Clopo$$$, a currency sometimes more valable than the Erep gold 🙂

Other than Erepublik I play other adventure games where I am really bad, but failing hard and hilarious is funny in a way, especially in strategy games like Hearthstone or in racing in Forza Horizon.

4. You give at many of your games/competitions at the stream alot of money what is the highest reward you ever gave?

Last month we had a 5.000.000 (FIVE MILLION) cc Pyramid that reached the top, so basically that is the highest prize ever given. It was taken by a Greek player name Smolikas. The previous record was 10.000 Gold given in another Pyramid 2 years ago for the 10th Erepublik anniversary. Back then, a Ukranian guy took it, Genralissmo Meow. Other than that there were more crazy prizes revolving around 1 million cc or 1000 Gold, but the greatest prize than I am offering (in my opinion) is the entertainment for my viewers, making their evenings a bit more interesting and fun! And that is priceless... for everything else, there’s mastercard.

5. Tell us about those games what prizes do you offer and how it is works?

The Pyramid is the most popular game. Basically, we start with a very small prize (usually 100 cc) and the winner has 2 options, either to take the prize, which means pyramid is over, or to give it away (The popular MAI DEPARTE means give away). In this case, the pyramid continues with me doubling the prize but also drawing another winner. In this case the Pyramid climbs one step. Another winner and another decision at 200 cc... and like this we climb step after step until somebody decides to take the prize or until we hit the top. The top of the pyramid is usually 100.000 c, but with special ocasions goes to 200.000 cc, half a million or maybe even more. The Sky is the limit.

Treasure Chest, again a very simple game: a prize is hidden inside a treasure chest locked by a secret numbers combination (usually between 1-300). The first one to guess the secret combination it in allocated time, gest the content. Sometimes is taking 3 seconds, some other times minutes. The thing is that at the end the fingers hitting the numpad are burning 🙂

Bets – For each 3 minutes spent in the stream, my viewers get Clopo$$$, which they can use to place bets on different things happening on the stream (how will I do in a Guerrilla battle or if there will be any girl drawn in the pyramid). The Clopo$$$ can be multiplied but also lost, so this adds soemthing extra spicy for the competitions. When you gather a certain amount of Clopo$$$ you can exchange them for different rewards (like shown in this article ) but also used to complete the PP Challenge or to Spin clopo Wheel where again you can get crazy prizes.

And so many other games, It would take me too much space to fill them all, is better to experience them yourself on

The link to the PP Challenge:

6. Why did you decide to make those competitions?

Because is fun, because is interesting, because Erepublik is more than just press Fight, get Legend XX and racing for a BH medal. Because if Erepublik admins ares lazy, nobody stops me to use my imagination and my compettive spirit to make Erepublik a more funnier and interesting game than it is.
At the start of the stream, I never know what will I do. But I go with the flow, to where the viewers are carrying me and using my imagination... impossible become possible

7. How do you get money to fund those games?

Usually I get donations from my viewers and everything I receive goes back to my viewers as prizes. I am doing this for 7 years and people have seen that all the prizes are given, even if sometimes from my pocket. We are a very united community and nobody is affraid of being cheated or me running with the money
For special events or competitions sometimes Plato also helps by sending generous funds, like Gold or CC.

8. Do you have any connections to the eRepublik admins?

I am a regular player like you and like everybody else. I do know the admins, I have visited the Erepublik headquarter in Bucharest a few times (made two shows from there,if I rememeber correctly), I know a few people there but I am not in connection with them. I never worked for them or received any favors aside from a pack on the Erep 10th Anniversary almost 2 years ago.
Joke: I don’t need to, I am Plato (:evil)

9. You are here since 2008, how do you sum up this experience so far?

Thrilling, fascinating, overwhelming.
I started like a 2 clicker, then become a decent guy in economy in 2010, fierce warrior in 2011, army leader and country president in 2012, streamer since then. I can say I beat the game, from my point of view, doing everything I wanted to accomplish in the game. Still, every day I meet new people coming on the stream and each brings a story. That is what fascinates me the most about this game.

10. As the ambassador of the eRep, do you think new players can integrate into society like in the past of the game? Today is much more harder and almost impossible for new players to catch up older with many other things like strength

Game is not so appealing like it was in the past, because times have changed, the market for browser games has changed, even the gamer profile has changed. Erepublik is failing to keep up with the industry trends and doesn’t attract many new players trying to rely almost exclusively on the existing players.
From my opint of view, right now, a new player can experience the game for a few weeks with a new account and if he likes it, there a tousands of good accounts available for „grab”. Otherwise... making young players catching up woth the rest too fast, would make the older players feel disrespected. Is a "no exit" situation for Erep developers

11. Do you help to the young players who join the game and give them a hand at them first step at the game?

If they arrive on Clopoyaur TV, yes! Everybody is welcome and has the same chances in my competitons. Also, once they are embrassed by ClopoCrew community their chances of remaining in the game increase greatly.
I never was part of a welcoming comitee or something similar in the game, because I just lack free time to do it. Working a regular job 8 hours per day, streaming for another 3-4, taking care of the household, almost leaves no room for a social life. Therefore I prefer to spend the little free time I have enjoying the simple stuff in life.

12. Do you think Plato make a good job with supervise at the game and make sure no one is breaking the law or something?

I am not admin, moderator or „cheater”, therefore I cannot answer this question. Like you, I truly hope he does. Also, like you, sometimes I can doubt he does it perfectly.

13. What do you think is the biggest problem of eWorld those days and if the community can fix it?

The problem of eWorld right now is the lack of content Erepublik is offering to players. People have huge amounts of cc and gold, also huge piles of Euros willing to be invested in the pixels. Unfortunately Erepublik developers fail hard at adding new content and at making the game more interesting. Maybe because they dont know how to do it, maybe because they cant or maybe because they don’t care anymore. Still, in any of these situations community can help but cannot do the job of admins.

14. If you could change ANY THING in this game tell us 1 things you were pick to change and why?

I would not change things, I would add new ones to make the game more interesting. So many thing can be apllied to the existing core of the game to make it more interesting and more appealing. How about different rewards for weach Weekly Challenge? How about a Monthly Challenge? How about stupid but competitive missions? How about monthly competitions in damage or guerrila between countries, regions, players? Ok... you can continue from here, I have just woken up your imagination.

15. Do you have any message to our readers?

Is not about the destination, is all about the journey. Along this Erep journey we encoutner so many interesting people with such interesting stories. Play the game at your pace and find ways to make it interesting. When I stareted playing Erepublik, I never imagined that i would become a streamer or that I will run an eCountry. But eLife showed me that everything is possible if you give it a chance.

Give yourself the chance to experince new things, to enjoy what you like... and not only in Erepublik, but also IN REAL LIFE! Cause we only have ONE LIFE!

If you don’t know how to do it, come to Clopoyaur TV at I don’t know either but sometimes, it just happens 🙂

Thank you so much for ur cooperation Clopoyaur, thank you for accept this interview, i wish u the best of luck wherever you will go my friend.
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