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Clearing Up Some Misconceptions

Day 737, 20:15 Published in Venezuela Venezuela by Nautam

Clearing up some misconceptions

By DavidFailkipz

We must confront the privileged elite who have destroyed a large part of the world
- Hugo Chavez

There appears to be some concern about our intentions with this country. I'd like to assure you that we only have your best interests at heart. Although you may have your doubts, we do know what is good for this country better than any of the other parties.

Now that we control Congress, we have begun to implement some sweeping changes that will propel Venezuela to economic superpower status. This economic policy was written in part by me. I am a tenured work study specialized in macroeconomics in the USA, so I am better qualified to run the economy than anyone else in this country.

Let me explain how our proposals will benefit you, the citizens of Venezuela.

One of the more controversial changes will be the new minimum wage. Some have questioned how companies will be able to afford to pay their workers that much. Any healthy economy however depends on money being spent. With a 999 VEB minimum wage, citizens will be able to spend more money and support more companies. In addition, they will be able to buy more and higher quality goods, and the result will be everyone becoming richer. This is a change that should have been made a long long time ago. Thankfully, we have arrived to correct the mistakes past governments hve made. As Bob Saget once said, "Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon of our party," and we intend to print as much money as we possibly can.

We have also taken steps to protect domestic companies. By creating a large import tax on all goods, we will be able to stop foreign companies from undermining our businesses. The new taxes are something that ALL patriotic Venezuelan citizens should fully support. I would have to question the motives and intelligence of anyone who argues against these new taxes. They are for your benefit.

Josef Stalin once said that "Mankind is divided into rich and poor, into property owners and exploited." We will do our absolute best to close this gap. We have taken steps to raise taxes on all goods, which will allow us to more fairly distribute the wealth of this country. Why should some be rich and some poor? We will make all citizens rich. As the great leader Hugo Chavez once said, "I am convinced that the way to build a new and better world is not capitalism. Capitalism leads us straight to hell."

Some of you have been very discontent. This is not acceptable. We are the most qualified to run this country, as shown by our sweeping, God given victory in the Congressional elections. We are working hard for your benefit, and we require your cooperation. You may not understand how our policies are superior to yours, but you do not need to, you must simply trust us, and we shall lead this country into greatness. Some of you may not believe that our proposals will benefit the country, but I would remind you that I am an economics professor and you are not. I have far more knowledge about these matters than any of my detractors. Stalin said "I believe in one thing only, the power of human will," and he was right. We believe in your patriotism, and we are certain that you will recognize that we are going to lead this country into a new era.

"This has been a great victory for the Venezuelan people"
- Hugo Chavez

Translated Version:
Many thanks to Olkera and The_NaCl



Ali Alberto
Ali Alberto Day 737, 20:18

Q locura ni se toman la molestia de escribirlo en español j

DavidFailkipz Day 737, 20:18

I hope that this will alleviate some of your concerns. We know what's best for this country better than anyone else. Trust in us please.

DavidFailkipz Day 737, 20:20

Hello. We have a translator working on a Spanish version for those who would prefer to be enlightened in that language. Please be patient.

Hola. Tenemos un traductor que trabaja en una versión en español para aquellos que prefieren ser iluminado en ese idioma. Por favor, sea paciente.

zioomm Day 738, 01:23

seems logical to me

Rangu Day 738, 04:25

its so ridiculous its funny

Garciz Day 738, 06:14

Hola David, si es cierto lo que usted dice referente a que tiene muchos conocimientos en el area de la macro economia tendria entonces ya muchos ejemplos para demostrar no le parece correcto?

Pero lo que han demostrado muy ejemplarmente es que buscan la forma de desvirtuar a la Nacion Venezuela. tambien observo david que su adtitud anarquica e incoherente no es castigada asumo entonces con todo mi derecho de considerar que tal ves sea algo asi un desfalcamiento espresando asi su rechazo a ver una nacion que no ha invertido ni un dolar y que puede llegar a ser mas poderosa que su nacion.

Algo si le digo como dicen en mi PAIS ESTO NI ME QUITA EL SUEÑO, NI ME VOY A MORIR DE HAMBRE. por ultimo considerare que esto es una manera de desvirtuar a erepublika como juego virtual que asemeja la economia y politica de los paises pero si los admin no hacen nada respeto claro por que, ustedes roban bajo derecho, es como un policia malandro, talves no entienda eso pero bueno espero que estes muy bien david y su gente felicidades

WeSseXplc Day 738, 12:57

no podemos hacer mucho actaulmente, solo tratar de retrazar el proceso a mi manera de ver... ya tienen el congreso! pork fuimos egoistas entre nosotros mismos y le permitos a grupos estrangeros TO tomar el congreso con facilidad

Hago un llamado para que los Evenezolanos nos unamos, señores si bien es un juego, tambien sabemos a ninguno de nosotros nos gusta perder... pero cada quien por su lado no llegaremos a ningun lado

todo esto podemos remediarlo en 30 días, son solo 28 días... COMENCEMOS A ORGANIZARNOS Y MAS NADA

Kain Callsion
Kain Callsion Day 738, 16:32

Well, I still don't know to much about this game, but it looks like your doing a very stupid thing, indeed.. How will anyone pay there workers?? If I am not mistaken, I belive you are just one of those kids who go "zOMG 999 MONEHS FOR3vERR!!1" but with some grammar and spelling thrown in.. I mean really, 999?

Sanayici Day 738, 17:26

is this article supposed to be funny?

Nautam Day 738, 18:09

This is completely serious. After hearing the public outcry of a few citizens, the members of congress decided that it would be a good idea to share the source of our laws and ideas and the expert reasoning behind them. If you read this article most if not all of your questions should be explained. We hope that the panic that we have noticed will now subside.

JMariani Day 738, 20:05

Maldito estúpido acabar la economía del país! y te burlas en nuestras caras publicando este articulo que ni siquiera, traduces, hijo de puta! yo si me tome la molestia de traducirlo para ti! y para mi gente! por que para ti es muy profundo hacerlo! de seguro y tu nivel de inteligencia no llega mas aya! Venezolanos unidos y ya saben quienes son los doble cara! como les quedo, para los que confiaban pues ahora se hiran a morir de hambre en este pais debastado por sus mismos ídolos.. los invito a todos los venezolanos que esten con ellos si es que quedan, que se salgan de su lado! unance a evenezuela.. ustedes tambien saldran perdiendo espero que lo entiendan! eVenezuela Unida! progresaremos y saldremos de esta!! Un saludo! hermanos Venezolanos! y

pod: Tu lo que eres es un IMBESIL!
demas pones fracesitas de hugo chaves como si con eso nos convencerias!¿ Estupido!

-Traduccion para este animal:

Damn stupid to end the country's economy! and you laugh in our faces publishing this article that not even translate the son of a bitch! I if I take the trouble to translate it for you! and my people! that is too deep for you to! insurance and your level of intelligence fail mas aya! Venezuelan together and you know who the double-sided! as they remain, for those who hoped for now is Hiran starve in this country by his own idols trimmers .. I invite all Venezuelans who are with them if they are, they get out of your hand! unance to evenezuela .. I hope you also will lose them to understand! United eVenezuela! and we will make progress this! A greeting! Venezuelan brothers! and

pod: Your what you are is a Imbesiled!
others put litle frac of Hugo Chaves as if that we be convinced! "Stupid!!!!

Nigel Read
Nigel Read Day 740, 01:21

You guys are complete morons. No company owner will pay the new minimum wage. They will simply sack everyone, sell their assets, and cut their losses. It will destroy the country.

On the other hand, maybe you aren't complete morons. Maybe destroying the country is what you intended...

Actually, no, either way you're morons.

Nigel Read
Nigel Read Day 740, 01:42

I am not particularly rich, but I will donate a moving ticket to the first five Venezualan citizens to PM me. I request that you consider moving to eAustralia, where the wages are good and the goods reasonably priced, but it is not a condition of the donation.

Ad astra per aspera
Ad astra per aspera Day 740, 05:26

Tiene sentido lo que dices. Aún así existen mejores formas de mejorar la economía de un país que este juego no admite.

Por otro lado, es una vergüenza que cites a Stalin. Un asesino de masas al estilo de George Bush, Hitler, Blair, Aznar.

Te lo dice un estudiante de Princeton.

Klange Day 740, 12:36

Either you are a complete moron, thinking that this will work (would love to see your study grades, if that is the case) or are a complete genius for shutting a country down entirely.

mmaluff Day 740, 21:06

What an asshole. If I wasn't a friend of the Venezuelan people, I would have been laughing my ass off at this joke. None of what you say makes any sense at all, it only takes freshman macroeconomics 101 to know that artificially raising minimum wages by that much creates huge deadweight loss. So do tariffs on imports and taxes of any kind, and specially on that scale. And printing a lot of money is just plain stupid and ALWAYS leads to hyperinflation. I can cite post WW1 Germany, Zimbabwe, pre-WW2 China, etc. Plus, are you honestly quoting Bob Saget on economics?

DavidFailkipz Day 740, 22:34

As a matter of fact, JMariani, we do indeed have a translated version of this article posted.

Como cuestión de hecho, JMariani, sin duda tenemos una versión traducida de este artículo publicado.

marquis.esoteric Day 741, 23:00

As an experienced member of this game, I myself have always wondered how this conclusion was never reached before.

May Venezuela reach new heights now under its greatly enlightened leadership

falkomagno Day 742, 13:52

this is a shameless lie to justify an outrageous steal of the eVenezuelan country

Azreal Day 745, 04:57

I feel sorry for the students learning macroeconomics from u 😉

nontas1 Day 746, 10:55

if they do not learn macroeconomics at least they learn about what J.Stalin was talking about.....In my opinion it ie wrong to raise that much the salary because
1. close up a lot of companies in that area
2. not many foreigners would invest there
3. If some companies can affort and remain open the citizens would gain that money to spend it on food?...maybe on weapons and then ?....they will stock up the money and look at them and be happy.....!!!!!

Tomazim Day 746, 17:06

Good job guys
I look forward to new great era of sevenezuela

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