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Claudio for CP!

Day 1,869, 06:18 Published in South Africa Bolivia by atrawall

Change is on the horizon. Being the bold person that I am, I've always been seen as a Wild Card. Passionate about everything I'm involved in I give it my all. I didn't sleep last night, I was up until 5am discussing politics and trying to actively engage in the eSA community. There was a lot going on. A lot that I couldn't miss out on simply because I was in a separate Time Zone.

I had made it known to many people that I had intentions of running for CP, but I didn't want to simply "Jump into it" this time as I have in the past. I wanted everything in order. I have some plans that I'd like to enact. Some things I'd like to keep the same.

Rico Suave saw something big coming and joined me in my campaign and will be my vice president,

The Dignity Brigade is "Proudly South African" though an actual "Few" of us are Real Life South Africans. Does this make us any less "Proudly South African?"
The Dignity Brigade is and always has been a Private Military Unit, that has taken our own view of what is best for South Africa. Does this make us any less "Proudly South African?"
The Leader of our MU has forfeited his Citizenship in order to provide more weapons, at a sacrifice to himself, to our MU, so that they can fight more. Does this make him any less "Proudly South African?"

"Proudly South African" is a term that's been thrown around a lot lately. A term I agree with, being seen in the appropriate context.
I believe anybody doing something beneficial to the country of South Africa is "Proudly South African"

The Desert Lions - running their entire commune in our country, with crueldestiny and Leon Reno sacrificing production for a cause they believe to be best for the country. They are Proudly South African. So are those that have forfeited Citizenship to give their MU's MORE weapons to fight with, however.

Had3z & Badger -Marines living in our country, keeping good relations with eUSA's top MU, a powerful one at that. They are serving their country. They are Proudly South African.

Willdeboer - Moving to Australia to try to learn things that he can bring back to South Africa and improve the Country. He is Proudly South African.

I believe that we are a COUNTRY that is "Proudly South African" and we need something to bring us together.
The recent competitions: The Pirate Ships fighting and the Mortal Kombat Unity(?) game are all great efforts to get people logging in for a fun community activity.

But I argue that we need more. We need to challenge the people in charge to give them more. I urge you to challenge me as CP to make this game better for YOU. I am Proudly South African, and want nothing more than for South Africa to thrive.

The Platform:
I won't stand here and promise better recruitment, or starting a baby boom. That is mostly up to the erepublik team themselves. What we can do however is make our country "Worth" visiting. Make people want to come here to join Assegei, like we go there to join the Marines!

I would also like to make South Africa relevant again. I would like to find a way to not free ourselves from Brazil, but to Challenge them to make eSA a better place to live. Help us make ourselves relevant again.
I'm not delusional however, I'm not looking for War with Brazil, but I would like to challenge them into looking out for our best interests as well as theirs.

From a financial standpoint, we've tried many economic stimulus plans, and hurried through them all. I would like to continue the "Proudly South African" program that Al Kazar has set in place along with trying something new. After talking with Willdeboer and irule777, we came to realize that Dignity Brigade is one of the few communes using the Marketplace to transfer goods. I would like to install a system that pairs citizens with their own WRM (weapon Raw Materials) factories, with a citizen with an active Q7 factory. That citizen works for them for cheap, sets their WRM at 1.00 on the market and then transfers the appropriate amount of money to that person so they can buy the WRM and transform it into Q7 weapons and then similarly sell it back to you. This would keep our products flowing through the marketplace and allow people more access to Q7 weapons.

Now that you see what I offer, I hope you will vote for me, however, no matter how you vote in this election, you will be voting for a CP who is "Proudly South African"

Vote Dignity!
Vote Claudio/Rico

Dignity First!
Dignity Forever!



Rexdeus Day 1,869, 07:32

Dignity First!
Dignity Forever!

Wilpanzer Day 1,869, 11:07

Straight Forward

I like it.

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,869, 11:22

Let's make January a Dignified month, vote Claudio!

Had3z Day 1,869, 12:14

Must say I like the article nice work!

Locutus Day 1,869, 14:13

Great article, great ticket!

Dignity first,Dignity forever!

AdUnit Day 1,869, 14:18

You've got me excited on a day where nothing matters anymore. Good luck in the elections sir.

Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz Day 1,869, 14:23

You've got me excited sexually.

kiwifire1 Day 1,869, 15:28

Voted!!! Dignity First.

Ejdatful Day 1,869, 15:47

Nice article. Good luck.

irule777 Day 1,869, 18:13

Voted, Good luck!

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,869, 18:58

Straight Forward

I like it.


Knight of Brutality
Knight of Brutality Day 1,869, 20:21

Love NRL 4 CP

Badger06 Day 1,869, 20:48

Good article, like this platform a lot

Wacky368 Day 1,869, 22:28

Claudio for CP!!!

SM333ZA Day 1,870, 23:10


kuckuck Day 1,870, 02:39


S.N.A.F.U Day 1,870, 03:28

Claudio for CP!

Jizzie McGuire
Jizzie McGuire Day 1,870, 05:48

Dignity First! Claudio Forever!

What an awesome ticket! A great young candidate and an experienced stud as his running mate. I'm excited about this!

Long live eSA!

Ari Lumumba
Ari Lumumba Day 1,870, 07:41

Absolutely the best.

Skquall Day 1,870, 09:39

Voted hard!

Merle Corey
Merle Corey Day 1,870, 10:40

good luck 🙂

atrawall Day 1,870, 11:48

Thanks for the support everyone!!!

prostokreten Day 1,870, 14:06


Alfredo The Sauce
Alfredo The Sauce Day 1,870, 14:31

Good luck yo

Nickerball Day 1,871, 01:55

Claudio for CP. Dignity First

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