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ClaireLouise(who?)4CP! Unlike Stephen Hawking, I am running!

Day 2,222, 15:37 Published in Canada Canada by Claire Louise

Ahreet Canada 😉

Today, I’d like to openly announce my intentions to run for Country President of eCanada, and I am very much hoping to receive the backing of my party – the Canadian Communist Party – to help me achieve this goal. I’ve already been informed that I have the backing of at least one other party, so either way my name will be up on the election ballot.

This particular article is directly aimed at the membership of the CCP and is the first of a good few articles that will outline my policies, cabinet and various other things that I hope will convince you to give me your vote.

So, why should you, the average CCP member, support me as your CP candidate?

Lets start with the basics – I’m a woman, and I’m a red head. Sorted.

No, lets be serious for a minute. I admit, my experience in eCanada is limited as I’m still pretty new here. The government experience that I have comes from eAus. When I arrived to eAus, I was asked to help Hugh rebuild Aus’ Centrelink scheme – a scheme designed to help, educate and retain new players. When we took it over, it truly was dead and buried – the scheme hadn’t been used in months, and in turn retention of players in eAus was very low. I helped run the scheme for four months. I was the holder of all the Gdocs concerned with the scheme (and because of my OCD, I had a silly amount of docs detailing everything from donations received and everything distributed, right down to how many players to come through the scheme had either been banned or had become dead citizens...even calculating what percentage of the money used was wasted because of banned accounts). I was also responsible for holding and transferring the cash. With us running it, we turned it into something extremely successful; without a doubt we helped retain more players and get them up and running within the game, and cemented within the community. We were also the most active government department within the country. We never used any government money for the scheme, instead donating our own money and gold, and by campaigning hard for donations. By the time we left eAus, we had over 49000cc left in the org.

Whilst still working on Centrelink (later renamed by us to the Joey Development Scheme, cos we figured it did what it said on the tin and sounded funky fresh), I also had the fortune of being appointed Marshal of the eAus’ government’s military unit – the Australian Defence Force. When I took over the MU there was literally about 5 active fighters, despite having above 50 members. The MU was also draining money due to over-supplying to those who didn’t really need it. I worked with the Department of Defence, and with theirs and the CP’s blessing, cut down supply levels and spending to those I felt really needed it – the new players. I began to only supply those in Divisions 1 & 2 and cut the deadwood. I also worked hard on making it an active community. By the time I left eAus, thanks to the changes I had made and the fact that the shoutbox was now flourishing, we had grown to 5 times the amount of active fighters we had when I was appointed Marshal. We were also firmly cemented within the Top 5 MU’s, and were regularly grabbing the #1 spot.

My experiences in eAus show that I am more than capable of handling numerous tasks of responsibility without issues and also showing I am a very active player.

Again, I will be very open and admit I am a former eUK’er. It was whilst in the eUK that I was Party President of a newly created party and played a key role in taking it from 2 members to over 70 at its peak (within two months I might add). And I’m quite proud in saying that that was done without even once offering money, gold or bribes for joining us; it was purely down to our epic recruitment skills. For anyone that remembers – it was the Independent Alliance.

I hope you offer me the chance to be your party candidate so we can take Canada forward to new opportunities and a month of activity. My next article will be focusing on my policies, and will be released before any party vote on who we will be backing.

Ta much for reading 😉

Claire Louise

Thanks for all the help, Hugh!

Ginger, 'nuff said.


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,222, 15:42

Voted, you have my sword m'lady...

...and I want it back before you get my vote you thieving ****er!

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 2,222, 15:51

I was hoping by sword you meant penis. Still, I shall go to bed tonight thinking about you piercing me with that 'sword' 😉

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,222, 17:15

there are children present!

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Day 2,222, 15:50

If you lose will you come back to eAus? >.>

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 2,222, 15:50

You missing us?!

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Day 2,222, 15:51

I never said that <.<

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 2,222, 15:54

Bizarrely a part of me does miss eAus! If only for the insane amount of work I did and the nutjobs over there

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Day 2,222, 15:57

Just because the majority of us are nutjobs doesn't mean you have the right to call ALL of us nutjobs.

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 2,222, 16:05

You weren't included in my nutjob pool 😛

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,222, 16:38

One day pat we will be united - husband and husband - once I finish here though 😛

klop123 Day 2,222, 20:49


Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Day 2,223, 16:55

Maybe I should move to eCanada >.> Especially if Claire's CP 😃

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,222, 16:15

Although you are new to Canada, your experience of the game and management is top class. I have known yourself and Hugh since I joined the game and I can't think of better people. I wish you the best of luck, you have my support, let's hope the rest of the party see it too.

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 2,222, 16:17


I gotta admit (and it's something I really should be pushing out in the next articles) - I see this as a joint run with me and Hugh. He's like my right hand man (and that right hand is often located in my knickers...).

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,222, 16:38

Terrible as always lol

Lordjas Day 2,222, 16:43

good luck!

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,223, 01:33

Sadly that attitude will always leave you weak especially when smaller countries like the eUK have elected ''Interlopers'' who have added something to their community and Influence.

Shere Richard Parker
Shere Richard Parker Day 2,222, 20:12

"Lets start with the basics – I’m a woman, and I’m a red head. Sorted."

You have my vote.

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,222, 20:54

She had your vote after she said, " I’m a woman."

Shere Richard Parker
Shere Richard Parker Day 2,223, 05:41

that helped her, but it didn't help Oinyo.

klop123 Day 2,222, 20:50

Indeed, good luck.

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,222, 21:04

"By the time we left eAus, we had over 49000cc left in the org"

If you did not take the money for yourself, I am not sure you are eCanadian CP material.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,222, 21:37

my PTO plans were foiled when i realised you couldn't take the money while wiped, I had to actually DO something in my term

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,222, 21:41

I never seen a CP fight harder to regain the keys to the treasur....I mean get the country back on the map.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,222, 21:41

Never seen a CP spend more money trying to steal the treasury than was in the treasury in the first place

Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,222, 21:12

Good luck missy

Keven Traide
Keven Traide Day 2,222, 21:18


Ashkera Day 2,223, 03:01

Question: are you willing to go to war with eUK?

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,223, 03:39

Who isn't???

I have talked about this with Claire in real life and if we had the choice we'd save the AS for Congress sake and then smash the granny out of the eUK. Sadly the AS will be used by the next election and it'll probably be a safe training war type scenario.

FightAndProduce Day 2,223, 03:52

Woo IA.

If you become CP I might just have to move over to Canada, UK has grown tiresome on me.

Dark Knight Kiril Kirilov
Dark Knight Kiril Kirilov Day 2,223, 04:05

Voted & good luck from me! 😁

Saradinus Day 2,223, 04:07

You have votes of House Lannister and, as far I know United Canada!

lord braddy
lord braddy Day 2,223, 04:31

🙁 don't vote for her, she needs to come back to aus!!!!

na she will be a great president. You guys are lucky to have hugh and claire.

just... look after them ok!

*Wipes away tear

WayneKerr Day 2,223, 07:18



Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,223, 08:42


James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 2,223, 08:54

Good luck! I know you will do a top-notch job, if you win.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 2,223, 10:45

You can't really take credit for IA's growth. Everyone knows we were all Hugh's multis anyway.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,223, 11:25

Took me weeks coming up with those names. One new player who died and I hoped they would stick around in eRep was 'Sausage Jockey'

Fecking loved that name 😃

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