Claire Littleton to Lib Party: "I'll Give Power Back to the People"

Day 845, 11:17 Published in USA USA by Claire Littleton
~Claire Littleton 4 Lib Party PP~

1. Introduction
2. What Happened to Average Party Member Power?! Steering Whatnow?! Seriously?!
3. A reasonable Conclusion

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1. Introduction

A brief rundown of who I am if you don't know: I'm Claire Littleton, 5 term Congresswoman from New Jersey (Back when it was important). I've served as the Deputy Speaker of the House for 3 terms in Congress as well as Acting Speaker of the House for a month in the absence of the elected Speaker. I have served as the White House Press Secretary for a term because of my beliefs in government transparency as well. Lastly, prior to my hiatus, I was the Libertarian Party President for 2.5 terms.

I have decided to come back to eRepublik and when I did, I was rather shocked to see the Libertarian Party had become more of a monarchy than a democratic national Party. All the work I, as well as other leaders of the party, have accomplished to get more players active and involved was flushed down the toilet! Below I will state why:

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2. The Steering Committee, seriously?!?!?!

If you are unsure what the "Steering Committee" is, it is a council of about 10 top level party members who basically choose and decide everything that happens to the party. They aren't even elected by the average Party Member. They are voted in by each other. Once voted in, they vote on who the next Party President will be. 10 people control the entirety of the party, more or less. Where does this leave you, average Libertarian? Read this article of the Constitution:

Article IV - Party President

B. The PP shall be solely responsible for the game powers granted to him/her by the in-game election, but agrees to follow the letter and spirit of this constitution in their execution, and to adhere to all binding votes by the LPSC.

1. If the outcome of an in-game PP election differs from the LPSC vote, the PP elected under this constitution shall serve 'in-exile' and have the full resources of the party and the LPSC.
2. The LPSC may remove a Party President's official endorsement with a 2/3 majority vote.
3. If the PP is found to be in violation of this constitution, or if he/she refuses to abide by binding votes of the LPSC, he/she is subject to a 30 Day ban by the admins and to pay a fine of up to 100 Gold to Liberty PAC .

Basically, what it says, is that even if the party wants to make a change of leadership, they can't because no matter who is elected into office, the Steering Committee won't recognize them or allow them to make any changes to how things are run. Does this make any sense to anyone?! This isn't communist Korea here, people... this is the motherducking LIBERTARIAN PARTY!!!!! Seriously?! Elect me, Claire Littleton, and this will all be changed!!!!!

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3. A Reasonable Conclusion

I don't want to waltz in and undo everything that has been done (which is what many people did after members like Daphne, DanielCD and myself strengthened the party) because really, a lot of it isn't completely bad. The structure is nice and the idea to get members more involved is nice, but the way to go about doing it isn't nice at all. How do you expect to make a party bigger and stronger when you don't offer the average player any kind of power and take away the importance of their vote? By terms of the Steering Committee, as is, if you aren't a top ranking member of the party you're vote is meaningless!

I plan, if elected, to make some changes to this, but of course, I have to make them with the Steering Committee or apparently I'd be charged 100g and banned for 30 days by eRep (or something redic like that).

I don't want to completely demolish the Constitution or the Steering Committee, but I want to reform them to make the party a place where every member, whether they are a level 6 or a level 23, have the same power of vote.You know, as a Party is intended to be. I want to make the Libertarian Party a Party again, not a place where 10 high level people rule from above. I want to make return the Party back to what it was originally founded to be!!!

Elect Me, Claire Littleton, tomorrow if you want to make a difference in the party (It's the only way you can actually make a difference because otherwise, you're vote doesn't count!)

~Claire Littleton
-Proud Lib

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