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Day 1,833, 07:22 Published in USA USA by Samoht Resyk

This week I have asked one of our newest Officers to write about his Experience with the United States Training Corps.

Meet Master Sergeant Infinite One,

My eBirthday is October 24th, 2012. When I discovered this game I had no direction on what I wanted to do. Fortunately, I did know I wanted to make a positive difference in eUSA. I take pride in working hard, and exploiting a positive direction, not only for myself but for other's as well. In addition, I enjoy meeting and working with new people that have the same priorities as me.

As I was searching for direction, I noticed a article from the Training Corps Times. The title read, "Interview with a Division 3 Officer". The article was written by 2nd Lieutenant Malovent, (Whom has been promoted to Captain since). He wrote a interview with the Operations Officer and Commanding Officer of the 3rd division, Stephen S.
Malovent went on to ask him why he became a Training Corps Officer. Stephens replied,

“I became an officer because I love to lead people and help in any way possible for my country. Being an officer in the eUSTC allows me to be part of a group of highly active members of this game and this military community.”.

After reading the article I knew what I wanted to do. I knew the United States Training Corpse was my first step towards my goal. I knew that if I wanted to protect the freedom and liberty of the eUSA I had to join eUSA Military. I immediately contacted Lt. Malovent and told him I wanted to join. It was not long after that I received a reply with the application, as he was eager to get me through graduation. The fast reply showed me that these people care, they are active, and enjoy what they do.

I went through the grind, with graduation requirements, roll call, and responding to orders. But I found the most important part of my time in the USTC is the time on IRC. There I have met many people who enjoy this game for the same reasons I do. I met soldiers with great pride in the eUSA military, and ambition to make the eUSA a great place to fight for. Many of these soldiers I have became good friends with.

Something very surprising happened when a couple of the members of the USTC had to take a leave of absence because of a death in the family, everyone stepped up and covered their duties while they were gone, even though they had already had work of their own. Officers, recruits, and trainees expressed compassion and concern of their well-being.
This is a example of what it is like in TC. People who get the job done, and look out for their fellow soldiers, whatever the case may be.

After fulfilling the graduation requirements, and witnessing the great job all of the TC officers do. I decided that I would get the most out of the eUS military by becoming a Training Corps officer. Although, I did have the option of joining one of the other branches, such as the, US Marine Corps, Airborne, US Army, US Mobile Infantry, and the National Guard. I knew that the being a US Training Corps officer was the best fit for me.

The USTC has taught me dedication, responsibility, patience, respect, honor, and discipline. These attributes don't just help me to further my ranks up in this game, but in life as well. Now, I want to continue to make friends, support our country, and do the best I can to reach the expectations of my commanding officers. I encourage anyone with the same goals and work ethic as me to Join the Training Corp an start their journey as eUSA soldier. You never know, you could be a General some day.

I would like give a warm thanks to: General Samoht Rysek, Lieutenant Colonel Snorunt30, Captain Malovent, Lieutenant General Blondeninja, 1st Lieutenant Stephens, and everyone else who has helped me along through TC.

-Master Sergeant Infinite One

If you would like to Join TC and have an experience like this simply Apply here:

Sam I am, Signing off



l Donkey Kong l
l Donkey Kong l Day 1,833, 08:51

Donkey Kong thank Inifinite One for share story. Says good luck advance in career.

Malovent Day 1,833, 15:59

v + s

jmurrib21 Day 1,834, 23:04

Good; Voted.

Verdugo22 Day 1,834, 15:40


darksrevan Day 1,835, 04:10


kitmen Day 1,836, 05:16

Little bugger is barely a month old! You TC fellas work quick as a whip.

Predil Day 1,839, 03:19


Barracuda1 Day 1,841, 14:32

Thanks for your work Infinite 🙂

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