Citizen Affairs Dept Serves You Even Better Now

Day 3,172, 12:05 Published in USA USA by USAF Media
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USAF Newsletter Day 3172 - We Stand Ready

Dateline: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 (Day 3172)
Location: United States Armed Forces HQ, Denver

In Today’s USAF Newsletter: 
: 1 : Citizen Affairs Dept Serves You Even Better Now
: 2 : War News: U.S. Invades U.K.
: 3 : Poster: History of the US Soldier
: Newsreel : America Prepares for WWII | America's Call to Arms (1941)

Editor’s Note:
Be aware that I will not be your SecMed under any President elected August 5th. As candidates announce, they may be looking for a good Minister of Propaganda. Is it you? Let them know you're up for the job.
~~SecMed George Armstrong Custer  

Citizen Affairs Dept Serves You Even Better Now
by SecCitAff Ilene Dover

Well folks, we’re over halfway through summer now. In the spirit of seasonal change, the Department of Citizens affairs will be changing some of our most loved and longest running programs. Don't panic, it's not going to happen overnight - over the next week or so.

What is changing?

Our training ground programs, Bank Up 2 Strength and Stack the Wall, are being amalgamated. The new program will be form based. Just like BU2S is now, in fact, although a slightly different form through a different URL.

The gold rewards are being simplified as well. If you're eligible, you will be sent a flat daily amount. No minimum weekly applications, or weird and strange things to do so as to maximise our rewards.

Why are we doing this?

Honestly, to make our lives easier and streamline processing. The formula for BU2S (the back office stuff you don't all get to see) is complicated, with the whole thing clearly designed by a committee who wanted to please everyone but ended up leaving everyone dissatisfied.

Streamlining the processing means we will be in a good position for when the new pilot school training grounds come out. Yes, that means that BU2S will cover “perception training”, or whatever it ends up being called. We're expecting to be buried in applications, so need to smooth the system out. [/left]
With Werewolves drawing to a close soon, watch the Citizens Affairs paper closely. A new forum game will be starting soon...

War News

OMFG, we are finally out of Ireland. Your SecDef, your President, and the entire population of Ireland thank you for getting the message, and fighting for Ireland in the recent RWs to return their regions.

Now let's see if we can manage to do the same in Spain. Fight for Spain in Castilla la Mancha, and be done with it! Allies Hungary and Portugal are right there to soak up the difference whenever they want it.

Latvia-Lithuania is Latvia-Lithuania, same as ever. Fight for Latvia.

Argentina's is squared away. Our Airstrike two weeks ago into FYROM-occupied Pampas served to drain battle damage well enough to give Argentina (and many allies) the edge in RW'ing back the entire country.

So what's new? This is new..

The US campaign to wipe the United Kingdom started a couple days ago, and so far we're two-for-two and going for a third region. Maybe by the time you read this we'll be going for a fourth.
If you run toward the sound of gunfire, as you grow nearer you'll hear Americans shouting the battle cry, "We stand ready to kill Redcoats!" Then you'll know you're in the right place.

Follow your DOs, check the DoD Orders, use your head and fight smart.

Interesting poster.. click on it to see it full size. 

Shout it out, “OOOh-rah!” 
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US Troops Roll Through the U.K.
Plus: Citizen Affairs Dept Serves You Even Better Now