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Day 2,085, 15:38 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by pop George

And I voted for him

The computer problem may work itself out sooner than later, though patience is a virtue so I have heard.

I have recentily moved and am in the process of moving my junk, if I haven't bother mentioning it, I come from a long line of junk dealers, when you are successful at it, you can use the name antique dealer. Honestily, really succesful ones buy junk and sell antiques.

To our game, I found a book at the library, not having a computer that works the way I would like it too, I have resorted to reading again, I know how primitive. The Road To Fashoda (no not fashion), it tells of many things, though notably about the persanality of Leopold II,

hopefully kaad is still around and can fill us in on some local color concerning the former king of the Belgians. So I wondered off again, about the game, sense no countries are being added, how about the Admins letting the existing countries carve up the world that isn't represented yet,

maybe some school kids in far off places (as in not on our map) get offended and start too spend RL money (being the only thing the Admins want), put important resources in the world that doesn't exist yet and let the existing world fight over them, maybe the Ajay's of the game will find something else to do ingame than be just butts...



Thedillpickl Day 2,085, 18:16

I have what others consider trash collection. So I suppose if I can sell you my trash as junk you could sell as antiques? 😃

In the name of the Swiss Patriots I claim Antarctica as our Swiss colony. No oil or rubber plantation but maybe we could export penguins. We already have one in captivity somewhere around here so the care and feeding would not be new.

pop George
pop George Day 2,086, 12:07

penguin poop would probably be good for crops...

Rican Day 2,087, 09:00

i know for a fact, that our Swiss penguin creates a great deal of poop.

sgtchewy Day 2,086, 19:48

All hail the supreme junk dealer!

Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Day 2,087, 12:16

Since this game isn't allowing me to see sunshine in RL I request Plato that you input a beautiful bright graphic image of the sun to one of the corners.

Sincerely your pale turning pal JC.

Thedillpickl Day 2,087, 13:32

But we have nuclear fallout from all those bombed out cities in the war mod. That should give a 'glow' day or night.

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