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Chugoku Crisis

Day 2,352, 14:38 Published in Japan Republic of China (Taiwan) by Natalia Poklonskaya

The resistance in Chugoku, like all previous in recent memory, is a farce.
We cannot win like this!
The Taiwanese are much too strong.

If we are to win we must not be so blunt about it.
Winning every division is near impossible, so why risk everything?
All we need to do is win in Division IV and any other division.
If we focus only on arming Division IV and another division we stand a much better chance.

Our plan must be as sharp and swift as a hidden tanto,
yet we must not enact divine wind, lest our newly-freed land be tread upon and salted.


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Moritsugu Katsumoto Day 2,352, 14:54

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Moritsugu Katsumoto
Moritsugu Katsumoto Day 2,352, 14:55


Darshu Day 2,353, 00:29

Could you introduce yourself ? Not because of xenophobia, rather curiosity. Who are you? What is driving you ? What are your goals ? Are you alone ? Something about your style in your newspaper...

Natalia Poklonskaya
Natalia Poklonskaya Day 2,355, 15:16

My name is Natalia Poklonskaya. I was born here in Japan but have since moved away. ( Now my Japanese isn't as good 🙁 )
I will continue to fight until japan is as it used to be, as it should be: free
I do not believe I am alone in that aspect, nor in my political ideals,
but japan is not a populous country so it is quite difficult.

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