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Day 1,997, 15:40 Published in Australia Australia by Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen

A recruitment article (repost)?
I know right.

One of the first steps in Erepublik is joining a political party, since this section seems to be neglected I though 'why not post a recruitment article?'. I did have one three times larger that possessed various tangents and rants detailing exactly why the Revolutionary Party is the best option for new players. Due to a rather heavy editing process I was left with the bottom three paragraphs and added this one just to fill out space.

Our aim, in the ARP, is to give new players a real change, not to be simply a number to boost the party but to have a voice, an opinion a say in the destiny of the nation. Something lacking from other parties.

The Australian Revolutionary Party has a lot to offer new players though we know the truth is in fact the opposite. It is the new players that have much to offer us and while each party in eAustralia will claim to offer the same, the new player needs to look with open eyes, select an active political party, one that will welcome the views and opinions of fresh eyes.

Is this article a blatant recruitment for the Australian Revolutionary Party? Of course it is, for too long political parties simply sit back, or harass new players as they join the game. This begins most relationships with new players with a lie, as is clearly evidenced in this "First Steps In New Republic" New Players are wildly ignored.

It is the ARP's aim to correct this issue. We will give you a platform to speak freely.
To become a part of the Revolution you need only sign up by following this link and joining:



Kooguy Day 1,997, 17:25

GL to our eSister party!

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