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Chickensguys Must Go

Day 1,711, 12:13 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Department of Abominations
Day 1,711 of the New World
27 July 2012

The eUSA is under attack at the moment from within.

The primary enemy leading the charge is Republican Liberty Caucus member Chickensguys.

And so that you understand that this is not hyperbole on my part, give me a few paragraphs to explain.

Perhaps the most damning evidence against Chickensguys is his recent behavior as a Congressman.

Background: eRepublik allows National Governments to withdraw up to 400,000 cc (in our case USD) from its national treasury. In the case of smaller countries, they do not make 400,000 cc per day, so they withdraw what they can. In the case of eUSA, we've worked very carefully to establish a tax code that allows us to withdraw the full $400,000 daily.

Congress has also established a budget, earmarking that $400,000 to (mostly) military expenditures, Department of Interior operations, and general operating expenses.

In other words, the daily withdraw of $400,000 is the fuel that keeps the engine of our government running, keeps our military in weapons, keeps our newbs in food, and all the other various sundries.

Lastly, only 1 donation may be proposed by congress per day. It is the most sacred duty of every month's congress to keep the daily flow of donations running like clockwork. Miss even one day and you've taken a $400,000 bite out of congress' ability to fund its budget.

Congressman Chickensguys has, over the past two days, single-handedly cost our Government $800,000 in available cash.

Rogue Donation, day 1710
Rogue Donation, day 1709

While it may seem charitable to write this off as a childish indiscretion, in light of additional evidence you will see that it is, instead, an intentional attack on the integrity of the eUSA Government.

NOTE: It is commonplace for trolling congressmen to submit trollish law proposals on the last day of congress. For instance:

A classic INCI troll proposal

These are generally harmless, since they do not actually COST the Government anything off it's budget. They simply get voted down and the troll enjoys his moment. Zaaaaaaaaa xD

The second piece of damning evidence to consider is Chickensguys' very considerable record of granting citizenship to immigrants without receiving (or even seeking) approvals from the IES, our official Immigration Service.

Background: I know that some of this may sound like borderline "role play silliness", but in this case it actually isn't. The IES is one of the most important divisions in Government for securing our borders. Many foreigners seek immigration to eUSA for honorable reasons, and IES is generous in granting access to those.

However, because every active citizen is a potentially active voter, it is imperative that Congressmen send all citizenship-seekers through IES. We do not want nor need any more active voters whose agenda is to destroy the eUSA. (Of course, those who seek to destroy it usually use the rhetoric of wanting to "fix", "remake", or otherwise "knock some sense into" the current establishment. But there is a vast ocean of difference between those who disagree about American foreign policy and those who wish to sell it out completely to our enemies.)

Chickensguys has not only granted citizenship to known enemies of the eUSA (Vojvoda Misic, for example,) but he continues to grant Citizenship without seeking IES approval.

This is not necessarily an indictment against any of the other individuals he has granted citizenship to, IES would have to weigh in on each case. My criticism is of Chickensguys subversive practice of granting Citizenship without following the safety protocols put into place - protocols which are regularly followed with ease by dozens of Congressmen monthly.

The third piece of damning evidence against Chickensguys is the reckless slate of candidates which he ran for Congress this past month. For starters, it was Ajay Bruno himself who was calling the shots in terms of who was given priority in the RLC Congressional ticket. This alone raises every sane eyebrow.

Without exhaustively going through the list, here are the first most obvious (successful) candidates which Chickensguys approved for a Congressional seat:

Steamroller91 who has already approved 8 (which I believe are all) Serbians for CS.

dllp who has done the same with Bulgarians.

cata055 who has also approved CS without IES approvals.

paawell who has also approved CS without IES approvals.

Just to name a few.

In fact, Chickensguys total ballot of potential Congressmen was rife with those who wish to use their US Citizenship for traitorous activities.

And we are only 2 days into the new term of office.

I was fairly clear in warning eUSA of this potential for disaster earlier this month when I published my plea for help in taking over leadership of the RLC. I am thankful for the help I received but it was not enough.

There are some who have proposed the "solution" of intentionally giving away our bonuses in hopes that many of our foreign guests will leave voluntarily. This discussion has had some legs.

A far better option would be to elect credible leadership to RLC.

In light of the successful Congressional elections wherein RLC is now growing via an influx of rogue citizens, the job will be even more difficult in August than it was in July. But it must be attempted and it must succeed.

Chickensguys has officially chased himself off the reservation. Discussion is under way in which he is being considered for the ultimate declaration of "Enemy of the State", an act Congress cannot complete quickly enough in my view.

Is some of this all so much "role play"? Sort of.

My way of looking at it is like this: we've developed a certain set of "roles" that get "played" to safeguard the trust that the ingame mechanics have allowed, that is to be the eUnited States of America. The extraneous b.s. role play is often a hilarious waste of time.

But our Constitution, our Congressional protocols, our IES... these things are there so that we don't end up losing our entire treasury to a Serbian PTO which siphons off every last USD into an enemy account.

Chickensguys must go.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,711, 12:15


Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 1,711, 12:20


Grand Master of Warfire
Grand Master of Warfire Day 1,711, 12:22

informative and true

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,711, 12:44

Fail propaganda is fail.
I believe CG is protesting the war against Canada with the donation proposals and trying to stop it.
Further, RLC does not need, nor want you. You would simply collapse the party.
As for "priorities".. the policy was clear, only people who got their own voters were given assistance. As for you, your continued disruptive activities makes you an ENEMY OF THE PARTY. I was willing to give you a 12th chance, and you blew it. You have no one to blame but yourself.


bigcdizzle Day 1,711, 12:44

sad and true.

MaestroAkel Day 1,711, 12:45


Jason Statham Jr
Jason Statham Jr Day 1,711, 12:45

Chickenguys i have 4 leters for you


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,711, 12:46

and no one wants to steal anything.

In America there is something called BURDEN OF PROOF. A PORTION of a party being expatriates of another country does NOT mean they are conspiring to do any of the crap you are claiming... so back it up with evidence or shut your libelous mouth.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,711, 12:46

Too true. This man is dead on.

Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,711, 12:48

Comment deleted

Simulare Day 1,711, 12:55

Course, there is another option that hasn't been stated. Maybe that's how they want to play the game. Who are we to decide what the RLC considers fun? People are free to leave the party if they disagree with leadership. Without members, a party has no influence. But that hasn't happened...

Maybe CG is the Guy Fawkes of eRep; speaking for the silent masses who don't care who wins or loses and are indifferent to the moaning and whining that has plagued erep as of late. Just a thought.

PappasXXV Day 1,711, 13:15

John Jay x1000

Its not propoganda if everything being said is the truth. A Congressman does not simply "protest" a war that is coming to a close by proposing two laws that threaten the integrity of our nation's fighting forces, whether they be USAF or otherwise. Protest should be done through words and not by abusing a place of power. To think otherwise classifies you as a political ignoramus.

Gnilraps Day 1,711, 13:18

mcvii - you are essentially right. The question I am raising, though, is how the rest of us ought to respond to it. We are as free to oppose CG and co. as they are to play as they will.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,711, 13:22

I did not consent to CG's actions, simply stating WHY he might of done it.

This is one action by one person....

The bottom line is Gnilraps does not share the interests of our members.... the vast majority of whom do not want him leading and do not appreciate his savage attacks on our party and those who have built it.

People like gnil are why feds are declining.

People like me are why RLC is rising.

TTi09 Day 1,711, 13:26


Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Day 1,711, 13:26

It's never good to have RGR defending you. It makes you look so bad.

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,711, 13:28

Your article has been featured

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,711, 13:30


Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,711, 13:31

That sure was a good read. Only problem is, good luck getting the rogue out. As you can see from the Congressional elections, as long as he gets that many votes for elections, he will stay in forever voting whatever he wants. Of course, its all MAN-MADE game mechanics.

Slade Cash
Slade Cash Day 1,711, 13:37

voted HARD

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,711, 14:04

John Jay Day 1,711, 12:48
1h 14m ago


^ You sir, win the game

DANl1640 Day 1,711, 14:34

get life.who cares for couple of cs...ot 10-20-50 guys can pto usa.hahaha

invaluable Day 1,711, 14:37

Yeah, me and 10 more people are gonna take over the eUS, bewareeeeeeee !!!!!!!1111111111

bigcdizzle Day 1,711, 14:51

ok I see there's some confusion here.

let's say it takes 20 votes for a congressman to win a seat.

so 5 congressmen let in 50 people that are simpathetic to their cause. then next time they can vote in 7 congress members. those 7 let in 70 people. all of a sudden, you have more than doubled the congess power in 2 months.

simple math people.

DANl1640 Day 1,711, 15:17

and what cause should be that?farming in the usa.all the ppl going to usa go for the bonuses.bigcdizzle,do the math:so after how much time will dllp have 40 congressmen and those 40 nutsacks will give cs to 400 new ppl and quadriple the congressmen seats to 160?

chickensguys Day 1,711, 15:36

So much free flowing hate, I guess when another party takes your congressional seats you have a right to be mad.

AlexJ1890 Day 1,711, 15:44

It's not about that cg. it's the fact that you're costing the country 400k everyday you propose to donate $69 to the CBO.

Leland Palmer
Leland Palmer Day 1,711, 15:47

Too bad for you Gnilraps there's no way to propose making someone enemy of the state in congress, so your term means absolutely nothing.

Jarhead335 Day 1,711, 16:00

No one else things it's funny CG asked for 69 dollars?

Ronald Reagan Reborn
Ronald Reagan Reborn Day 1,711, 16:04

Its funny how all this is just brandishing your fist in the air haha (aside from informing me). Sadly, he will continue on with his daily eLife and not give a sliver of a damn because he has much under the table political and financial support - as well as people's short memories. Tell me if im wrong on that account.

Leland Palmer
Leland Palmer Day 1,711, 16:08

If he does continue there's not a damn thing you can do about it because it's well within the rules.

eicdmon Day 1,711, 16:45

It's funny how RGR always touts "the entire party" "everyone in RLC" "The vast majority of RLC", but personally I don't know how he knows this, other than being an egomaniac, because I've certainly never been asked for my input, nor do I know anyone who has. From what I can tell, CG isn't the PP, RGR is, and his holier than thou ego is getting quite large. When congressional elections came around, people weren't allowed to go where they wanted, they went to where RGR sent them and votes.

Leland Palmer
Leland Palmer Day 1,711, 16:51

eicdmon, you're giving your input every time you vote.

Kishvier Day 1,711, 17:04

Voted for truth.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,711, 17:20

CG is a huge dildo

George Griffin
George Griffin Day 1,711, 18:03

I love it! Voted like a boss.

Gnilraps Day 1,711, 19:59

@Rahm - I've always enjoyed following you as a player. You play a very different style of game than we do here in the eUSA. I know you recognize this, but you continue to criticize it. What is so wrong when a majority agree in an offsite forum to abide by a set of rules which all pertain to some ingame mechanic or another?

I mean nobody in the congressional forum is requiring that all eUS Congressmen eat pizza in real life on the third Tuesday of every month...

Gnilraps Day 1,711, 20:01


Our constitution and bylaws are set up specifically as an attempt to establish some kind of protocols INGAME.

YES, people are free to ignore them completely.

And people are free also to rail against those who ignore them completely.

Anyway, I'm honored as always that you read my stuff and comment. I used to read your stuff when you published more and enjoyed your humor.

Lorenzo VonMatterhorn
Lorenzo VonMatterhorn Day 1,711, 20:27

HE didnt break any in game rules .. why your whine?

chickensguys Day 1,711, 20:28

Gnrils I love how you said my Leadership was sucky, The RLC got more congressmen then the Federalist will ever get.

Avruch Day 1,711, 20:38

Chickensguys: eUS' second most hated citizen.

Support mental illness, vote RLC.

Tenshibo Day 1,711, 21:22

I've very disappointed, I expected every-other word in the comments to be "pfeiffer puppet"

Relorian Day 1,711, 21:29

Wheres the press when INCI does this every month on end? I mean im all for CG being dashed upon the rocks but we should also put pressure on INCI to knock off the same practice that CG is using... though I doubt they would follow it even if we did pressure them. Month after month they filter in people who follow orders when it comes to voting. Orders coming from someone whos got some pretty evident strings.

In short... ALL CS passes with out approval = Bad

Andy Dufresne
Andy Dufresne Day 1,711, 22:36

CG for King of the World

portcolumbus Day 1,712, 11:56

@Ronald Gipper Reagan, CG has a right to protest the war, as do all citizens of this nation. What they do not have the right to do is actively interfere with government procedure by blocking the flow of money to the Congressional Budget Office.

Cubby Day 1,712, 12:18

There are some people that need to be ignored -- above.

Candor Day 1,712, 13:45

"everyone in the congressional forum is requiring that all eUS Congressmen eat pizza in real life on the third Tuesday of every month..."

Best (altered) quote ever?

Carry on. I'm voting for

all meat.

Clarissa Olson Bear
Clarissa Olson Bear Day 1,712, 16:45

The eUSA Constitution and Bylaws have as much validity if I were to make a similar forum, allow people access and ratify the same thing, wheyer in RL or eRepublik. A contract only pertains to those parties who freely enter into it. Congress doesn't have the power, nor the authority, to establish rules that subsequent members of Congress must follow. I can't remember who said this, but in essence, Plato is God and his is the only law people need follow. All other law is a violation of his law.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,712, 17:35

I wouldn't mind a new, unbiased, evenly moderated eUS forums. I reckon it would be better than the trash we have now.

Gnilraps Day 1,712, 20:36

@Clarissa - you are not entirely right. I mean, your point about the laws we create outside of the game itself being totally unenforceable... that is true.

However, if a large enough group of players all consistently agree to play by that set of external rules, that same group has every right to exert pressure on new players to also play by those rules. This is especially the case when those rules are established to preserve a certain kind of gaming experience, in this case "eUSA".

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