Chickensguys 4 President

Day 4,397, 19:09 Published in USA USA by chickensguys

I think we have had a pretty decent month. We have more training wars than we have ever had before. We beat back not one but two airstrikes, from the United Kingdom and Sweden. Thanks to some fantastic tanks and good allies, we have organized several epics. We froze out Portugal in North America and continue to work to contain Asteria in South America. I wrote more articles during my term than any other previous President, these articles sought to teach and inform about the setbacks, successes and events of the day.
And Today, I ask that you VOTE 4 CHICKENSGUYS for the Presidency of the eUnited States.

I intend to work even harder during my second month to bring more entertainment, gold, and currency to you guys. A vote for CG is a vote for more fun and more money for ordinary Americans.

President of the eUnited States of America