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Cheers, eJapan.

Day 1,907, 21:33 Published in Japan Brazil by bobbySAURON

Ein Prosit!

That's what lack of command, coordination and experience does.

Of course, smart players already knew that the RW was doomed to fail and didn't really waste resources on that failure battle that our stupid great Minister of serbian pto Defense put us into.

Better luck choosing a Country President next month, eJapan. 🙁
I could write a huge text wall about the battle and highlight the mistakes, like trying to buy damage a tad too late, when eRoc was already with 74 battle points and stuff, but lack of coordination, communication and leadership are words that really sum up the whole battle.

President Kitsune Usureki looking at all the dead soldiers on the battlefield.


Waruda Day 1,907, 21:40

It's still a live battle atm, yeah?

bobbySAURON Day 1,907, 21:44

Yes, for the next 45 minutes. But the result is already settled and I am going to bed soon, so I decided to pubblish it.

bobbySAURON Day 1,907, 21:57

And Usu deleted his comment:

Kitsune UsurekiDay 1,907, 21:52 Here's to fail - a perfect motto for your work in eJapan, bobby ^w^

These RWs are "doomed" already - eRoC has at least three times greater military power than eJapan, so these RWs are only for training. If an RW will have importance then it will be announced officaly, a humble giveaway from the MoD/MoF does not mean that an RW is offical.

bobbySAURON Day 1,907, 21:59

Give lame excuses all you want. You werent on IRC to watch the serbs desperate on #mercenaries trying to buy damage.

Usu, you are a newb, you know jack shit about this game and you have no clue what you are doing as president.

Have you guys ever heard of coordination?

Get a dictionary and search the word.

Ceda.mj Day 1,908, 23:31

bobbysauron u are an idiot!!!
We knew that RW would fail, but that does not mean that we should not help the allies!!!

One thing to remember
WE are not going into the batlle looking what force is threaten to US, but how is big SACRED that we defend!!!!!

ljubisavljev Day 1,908, 23:36

bobbysauron is traitor, fail to fight for Japan
shame on u, and your unit from brasil

Angelkovic Day 1,908, 00:51


kowalski_afc Day 1,908, 01:46

bobby, do you have any idea what happened yesterday? : )

Seems that you don't know anything. You just saw one little thing and you are trolling.

Let me tell you something, ex-PEACE whatever. Can you recall good old times when army was waiting on channels? The spam after the battle? Jokes during waiting? Receiving weps and golds from friends? Sending zillions of igms and having few douzens of channels opened where people are bliking you?

Well, you are ex-PEACE whatever. And the PEACE is dead horse long time ago. Like you, my dear friend.

Do you think that everything is in weps? Or gold? Or it's more important to have fun in this game?

Oh, yeah, i forget that you have only one way to have fun. To troll to someone even if you don't know one single thing how and what happened.

Sorry because i'm not a troll like you, man. Sorry because i have real friends here. Sorry because my friends helped us to have fun. Sorry because we listen to our allies. And sorry, really sorry because our new friends send us whole country to help us and they will always have my help. I'm really sorry because you are forever alone : )

Take a ss of this. When you delete your article, take a look on this comment sometimes. And recall, real man rather will die in the battle then cry after battle which he watched for few weps and gold.

Real samurai has courage and honor.

What about you, my pal? What you have?

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,908, 02:08

isn't MoD/MoF official enough? why do we have them if they don't are official? So we can ignore them?

Dante Luo
Dante Luo Day 1,908, 02:38

Lol, the eJapan army = the Serbian army

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,908, 03:11

I told you long time ago that Bobby is a traitor, here is your proof, eJapan.
Back in 2012, i told people on forum that they should chose theirs friends wisely.
Someone respond me: "a man who ask from people to chose his friends it's not a friend at all"
Well, now your know you where wrong. I feel sorry for you Bobby.
Considering the battle, it was glorious, even if it's virtual...
And i didn't see your's friends eturks on the battlefield...
This is US to blame, we start RW for drain from theirs battle, but they failed.
It's MOD order, soo it's oficial.

invaluable Day 1,908, 04:15

eff off, troll

MacBen Day 1,908, 04:30

ah, so witch hunt season has started

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,908, 04:34

bobby this is just useless trolling, you don't have to love the Serbs but at least give respect when they deserve it for helping eJapan.

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,908, 04:37

Hail Japan!
Hail Serbia!

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,908, 04:43

ITT: Kosovo is Kosovo.

kowalski_afc Day 1,908, 04:48

Veprina, i saw ex eTurks fighting for eJapan yesterday. You know me, i'll always tell the truth, and this is the truth.
I didn't watch all round, but i saw some of them on our side. They didn't tank, they make their ffs (or more, i'm not sure as i didn't take a look on statistics) and that's it.
Don't get me wrong, I don't thing they must to tank. They are playing their game, so far honestly and it's ok with me.

C. Guaicaipuro
C. Guaicaipuro Day 1,908, 04:51

This is just like bobby, a failed troll. xD

I'll call him bobby the cock sucker, that suits him the best. 🙂

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,908, 05:08

This article gave me cancer of how fail it is.

C. Guaicaipuro
C. Guaicaipuro Day 1,908, 05:26


Right on spot... xDDD

You've made my day with this comment. 🙂

bobbySAURON Day 1,908, 05:37

@jubisavljev: I am eJapanese, what the fuck your talking about? OOOOH right, when you went to brazilian channel trying desperatedly to buy some damage and you were ignored, I was there watching it.

@Principe Alessandro: How's opening and loosing an useless RW equals HELPING?

@Natsu Natsumee: I think the orders will be official when we win... O.o

bobbySAURON Day 1,908, 05:39

@Ceda: Any non-stupid player knew the RW would fail. Did it helped eUSA? I don't think so...

Hence this

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,908, 05:49

I know, Kowalski, but they are here just for military help, they said that,and when there is none of them in top5, i must consider there is something wrong.
I tought that you are just a jerk, bad trol... but after your comments, i see that you are complete imbecil.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,908, 05:50


Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,908, 06:41

bobbySAURON I know that you don't care about intelligent arguments and you want only to troll but at least try to make better points.

When you try to help somebody it can happen that the attempt won't lead to a success but at least you have done something!

What your are suggesting then? Sit and do nothing?

Koragi Day 1,908, 06:56

@Veprina You do know their are only like 12 people in eJapan from Jannisary's? You guys have like 40 to their 12. You always want to knit pick when it comes to them and its your damn fault separation is starting in this country. The "eturks" known as the jannisary's did fight yesterday, they turned their MU against their own country and came here and fought if you didn't notice. I am know that if your country was under attack you wouldn't be coming to eJapan to fight, but they did so they are already 10x better than you.

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,908, 07:36

@Koragi, if they wanted to fight for eSerbia they would stay there. Otherwise, why would they give up on the bonuses and spend their money for eJapan. Serbia had alot of wars and RWs recently, I haven't noticed any serb from Japan in those battles.

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,908, 07:39

@bobbySAURON, the funniest thing is that even the eJapanese citizens who also don't like Serbs, disagree with you.

That, my sir, is a major fail on your side.

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,908, 08:42

Did you heard for fun? : 3

bobbySAURON Day 1,908, 09:13

@Principe Alessandro: I suggest stop being stupid and coordinating attack with Aliies, instead of just hiring mercs and waste resources.

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,908, 09:27

Well the timing of the RW was perfect because in the same time eRoC was attacking eUS. Even if it was opened to drain the damage eRoC has put the battle as CotD and we have won quite a lot of rounds. Yes in the end we have lost but I think that it is better to lose doing something than doing nothing for fear of losing.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,908, 09:47

I did notice, but i didn't see any of theirs tank to fight to get into top 5, of single battle.
You just told something that i am glad to hear from you. They have ejapan CS, that means you consider them foreingers when they come to fight for eJapan.When they are fighting against our alies, then we are opresing them. Funny.
And by yours statemement, we are isolated(which is ridiculus, MOD, congres, active all the time), eJapanese. Thanks for your acceptance of us o7
Do you know that eSerbia have beatween 3-5 battles daily? I didnt see that some of us leave eJapan and go fight there. They are better because they are betraying theirs country? Where is your sense of honor man?

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,908, 10:01

>This is US to blame
>This is US to blame
>This is US to blame
>This is US to blame

No, it's not. This was a government sanctioned Resistance War, everybody naturally assumed that we were fighting to win. There was an official distribution channel precisely for this purpose. And, of course, the eSerbian controlled eThailand pitched in, it looked official enough.

Why this is now being called a "Training War" is simply hypocritical. We didn't have the strength to take Chubu, that's okay, let's move on and think of something else. Let's not make pointless excuses.

>Where is your sense of honor?

Honor is irrelevant in this situation. Humility is all that maters.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,908, 10:14

Isn't every battle for fight to win? If you don't think you can win, you don't go into battle. We wanted to help US, they lost to soon and to easy, if they last for two more hours we would have chance. Thai is our friend, allways will be. Honor matters very much, eturks betraying theirs country to fight for us. I tought that they are ejapanese now?

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,908, 10:20

MoD gave orders to fight for eJapan in Chubu, if that is not official for you, then you are disobeying orders. Ask for impeach if you dont like government, or you respect it like decent man.

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,908, 10:40

Every battle is not always a fight to win, especially if it is to divert strength away from another battle as the MoD stated. But in this case it was definitely a battle YOU and your friends wanted us to win. In this case it was claimed we started a RW to help the USA, but then you guys turn right around and blame them for our loss in the Chubu RW.
Exactly what kind of an ally does that?

eThailand has never been a close friend of eJapan, not for at least the past 2 years (learn2readhistory). Why are we suddenly such good friends now?

And please don't try to defend yourself by bringing up your illogical hatred towards the Turks again.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,908, 11:15

>Thai is our friend, allways will be.

Because they're PTO'd too, just like Malaysia and New Zealand?

Also, Turks has nothing to do with this. Get over your butthurt of 83%.

kowalski_afc Day 1,908, 11:46

Myung Kei
eThailand has never been a close friend of eJapan, not for at least the past 2 years (learn2readhistory). Why are we suddenly such good friends now?

Ever heard about friends? There are many of my friends there. And not only my. They wanted to help us. Simply like that. No one asked them, but they had the good will and do they best. Maybe, before you say something, first investigate a little? Maybe then you won't ask questions like that? : )

@ Minakami Souh

Ups, sorry... You choose wrong country to mention, my dear... Red card for you : )

Angelkovic Day 1,908, 11:56

Faith, hope, our charities
Greed, sloth, our enemies

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,908, 12:00

If you guys were so welcomed there, why are you here? Clearly, you're not wanted.

Also, I don't think you understand what a red card is, but that's to be expected from you third world Bosnian's.

kowalski_afc Day 1,908, 12:12

Minakami Suoh

OK, let me try to explain you. White Eagles, MU to which i belong for almost 3 years closed the NZ WE group. We all went back to eSerbia. No one from here (as i can see) wasn't on eNZ.
Who said that we are not wanted there? Seems to me that i can get eNZ passport whenever i want.

Btw, what can you tell me about the Military Order of Rhenus? I'm quite interesting to hear someting about it. Do you still exist?

And.... Yes... Third world Bosnian's... LOL
You don't have any idea what are you talking about : )

Oraizan Day 1,908, 12:17

This is what ejapan has come to right? You troll rl Japanese, you say you want ejapan to progress but support people who destroyed our military system, people who don't want transparency, our culture, etc. You bring your terrible Serbian politic and death threats to ejapan, And now all of you are just good at being trolls in the media and spreading hate. You are dividing and ruining our country with your pointless drama.

Thanks. You are making ejapan a great country, we would definitely be lost without you. /sarcasm.

And I'm not talking to bobby, I'm talking to everyone, especially all the Serbian trolls who decided to defend their MoD. Because I am pretty sure ceda and usu are capable of explaining themselves. Well not usu, he had no idea what was going on. 😛

So sick of this troll contest and idiocy from all sides. Grow up. I like the Jans, they don't participate in this bullshit.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,908, 12:34

Oraizan, have you been here in last two days, there was no trolling or arguments in newspapers? But Bobby just waited to battle be lost so he can become idiot again. Why would we defend Ceda? He is the best MoD since i remember, he actually doing something.
When this asshole stop using every single stupid reason against us, it will be peacefull.

kowalski_afc Day 1,908, 12:38

Oraizan, thank you for calling me troll : )
I wasn't so far, but hey, i can start to be : )

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,908, 12:38

>Who said that we are not wanted there? Seems to me that i can get eNZ passport whenever i want.

That explains why you decided to come to Japan instead of NZ. Clearly you can get it whenever you'd like without any issue, and majority of the citizens there don't think you're Serbian PTO just as everyone else in the world thinks. Clearly.

>Btw, what can you tell me about the Military Order of Rhenus? I'm quite interesting to hear someting about it. Do you still exist?

>Do you still exist?

Considering I'm speaking to you right now, I must exist. You should brush up on your English, slav.

Oraizan Day 1,908, 12:39

Bobby isn't the only person who starts drama, he also doesn't overreact. He is a troll, his newspaper is called trololololo news. Expecting more of him is just silly. Getting mad at him and posting here just means his mission is accomplished. The day's before the last two? Two days ago there was trolling on irc from your side. Before that there are many accounts from both sides.

Ceda is not the best in ejapan until he proves it. If he is the best he doesn't need anybody defending him.

Oraizan Day 1,908, 12:43

Kowal: I said Serbian trolls, if you weren't trolling my message isn't to you. Just because Serbian is in the sentence doesn't mean I'm talking to every one of them. But if you wish to prove me more right you are welcome too.

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,908, 12:44


Which brings me to my point. eThailand is essentially an eSerbian colony, it has been for over 2 years. Don't play your little "I know more about them than you do" game. I've eLived and worked in this region for 4 years, you guys have been here for at most 4 months. eThailand has never been a friend of eJapan, but ironically, we are suddenly friends after Constantine arrived.
Coincidence? Of course not.

@ Veprina

>The Best MoD since I remember
>The Best MoD
>The Best MoD

It's been what, 4 days? And a failed RW? You can hardly count that as a success story.

kowalski_afc Day 1,908, 12:55

Minakami Suoh or Nowe
You should read something. I put you the link in one of the comments. And for the language, let me learn you something:

YOU (like Military Order of Rhenus)

So, my dear friend, i don't know where are you from, but at least, i know that you are one big... Wait, you are german maybe? : ) I mean, when you are talking about rl... I'm not shame to tell who am i irl. What about you, Nowe?

@ Orazian, not my style. I'm trying to talk calm and without trolling anyone. Mostly i'm here talking, and i'm not even trying to defend Ceda. He can defend himself. That's why i was thinking that you are talking about me.

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