Charles B. DeBellevue Ace Initiative - Week 4

Day 3,918, 12:05 Published in USA USA by Carlos3652

The Charles B. DeBellevue Ace Initiative has now reached the end of Week 4. A full month of people getting incentives and gold to rank up and participate in our weekly hang out on discord. We have 46 players that participated the whole week, and 1 new player that signed up mid week. We are still accepting people into the program. Please take advantage of this!! Discord needs you and if you want to be a part of a team that gets extra incentive and education. This is for you.

Here is a quick snapshot of the progress of our players:

We welcome 2 new players into the Wing Commander Club.

DMJ and Carlos3652 (me)

Congrats! Hoping there will be more in the near future.

Every participant that signed up for this program before week 4 started, received 10g today for being a part of this initiative. Those that signed up during the week, or that sign up today, will be receiving your 10 gold at the end of week 5 and so on.

The 10g you receive weekly is to be able to purchase Q1, Q2 houses and 20k energy in food for the following week. Use this wisely.

The Plato Foundation (Gyantse is our Project Manager) has funded us the max 250g for this week once again, and this week we spent 460g and 30,000 cc! Thank you Plato Foundation for helping us!!

We have given out 1480g in 3 weeks - (1000g funded by Plato) and over 150k in cc for ranking up funded privately by myself and private donors.

Department of Air Education & Training Command

The department team's goal is to provide the eUS pilots with relevant information about the game mechanics and help them unlock their full potential.

Here are a couple snapshots from our discord channel of our players ranking up in the last week or so:

If you are new or living under a rock you can read about it HERE. And you can SIGN UP if you have not already done so.

Other Programs

- The American Air Rank Program (AARP)

The first eUS governmental program dedicated to the eUS pilots. It started more than a year ago during WDIB2's first cabinet and is still going strong and more popular than ever in these hard times.

We provide every participant with a daily pack of energy if they manage to score a particular air round kill count per day.

- The Warthog Refueling Program

During Gnilraps' last term we decided to give a bonus to the AARP for our active pilots and so the Warthog refueling program was created.

Supervised by me and coordinated by Captain Patrick the Warthog refueling program has been offering regular combat orders for our pilots.

- The Creighton Williams Abrams Jr Legends Initiative

Sign Up

An initiative brought to you by yours truly. No brainer for Strong tanks wanting to be Legends... Get a little incentive, maybe a discount on buying packs... You can read about it here. PM me for more! This has started and should have its own article soon!

Please let me know if you have any questions.