Chapter One Rude Awakenings Part Two

Day 783, 04:39 Published in Philippines Philippines by Josie Brooks

“Miss….” Came a soft voice out of the darkness. “Miss, it is past time to get up Miss” the voice continued. Her eyes fluttered open and she stretched lazily, looking at her maid, who stood beside her bed.

“Good morning, Emily.” She smiled and cuddled further under the soft feather down quilt.

“Good morning, Lady Astra” Emily smiled warmly at her and waited patiently for her mistress to fully wake.

Astra sat up and climbed out of bed, slipping her feet into her silk slippers to avoid the cold of the stone floor. Emily led her over to a chair and started brushing her long hair while Astra rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

“Wash your face Lady Astra, you are going to be late for class again. You know what your Father said. If you are late once more, no more magic.” Emily chastised her gently.

Astra’s eyes flew open in panic and she frantically dipped her hand in a bowl of rose water and splashed her face. Taking the brush from Emily’s hand she twisted her hair up into a braid and tied a ribbon around the end. Rushing over to the wardrobe, she pulled on one of her white apprentice robes and practically flew from the room.

Running down the hallway as fast as she was able, her hair and robe fluttering behind her, was quite a sight. As she got to the door of her Master, the gnome teaching her The Art, she was stopped from entering by Emily’s hand on her shoulder.

“What Emily? I am almost late!” Astra glared at her, irritated that she, the supposed “Lady” looked a mess and Emily herself managed to get here and still look well put together. Emily held up her supply belt, spell component pouches hanging from it, and her uniform shoes in one hand and pointed to her feet with the other. “I don’t think the Master would quite understand your pink bedroom slippers Milady.” Astra grabbed her shoes, switched them with her slippers and entered the room.

Sitting down at her desk, she opened her study book to yesterday’s page. Happily she immersed herself in her studies of The Art, her gnomish teacher, chuckling softly at her habitual tardiness, attempted to look stern at his most promising pupil in his entire 128 years of teaching.

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