Chapter One Rude Awakenings Part Four

Day 789, 06:51 Published in Philippines Philippines by Josie Brooks

Running through an alleyway, her braided hair flying behind her, Ines felt as exhilarated as she always did after a job. This one may have been small, but any job is better than no job. Stopping right before she would be exiting she pulled off her coat and, turning it inside out and slipping back into it, she exited the alley and calmly walked down the street. A black-jacketed rogue had entered the alley, a lady in a frock coat had exited.

Whistling lightly as she headed back to headquarters, she smiled to herself at how easy the job had been. Then she frowned a little, aching for a challenge. All the jobs nearby were so very…..well…..easy. Shaking her head, she wished someone would find a real adventure, like a tomb raiding or an evil army to be stopped, or maybe even a dragon.
“What’s a girl gotta do to get a little dragon hoard around here?” she muttered to herself as she entered the building that served as headquarters for their company of adventurers.

“What was that?” CruelBear asked from a corner of the room.

Practically jumping out of her skin, she shook her head at how darn quiet he was. “Stinkin’ monks” she muttered to herself, then put a smile on her face as she looked up at him. “Oh nothing, just aching for an adventure already” she put on her most sincere smile. Considering he could probably bite her in half, she needed him to have not heard that particular comment, not that he would, but still.

Rising from padnasana, or the lotus pose, CruelBear smiled down at Ines, way down. She looked up from her 5’8’’ up at his face over 4’ above her and again tried to look sincere.

“Don’t worry. I am sure we will have something to occupy your time soon enough. Why can you never be still?” he asked, bemused at her need to always be doing something.
“Why can’t you ever be interesting?” she muttered but said aloud “Of course we will, I have no doubt. Dragons and necromancers can’t behave forever right?” she went to the table to sit.
At his silent smile she got a little worried. “Right? You don’t know something I don’t do you?” Silence from him as he returned to his meditation. “Right? We didn’t do something stupid and actually kill ALL of the bad guys, did we?”
Waving a hand in front of his face did no good. Making faces at a monk was never a good idea.
Sighing, she went to the office to turn in the minor magic item she had been contracted to steal, err “liberate”, from the city guard and hoped they hadn’t done something stupid like that.

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The Cast of Today’s Episode
Ines Schumacher as Ines the Rogue
CruelBear as CruelBear the Monk