Changes in the Economy Module

Day 1,018, 09:46 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

After a long analysis we've decided that adding new features won't solve necessarily old problems. Furthermore, in order to improve the experience of new citizens, decrease the unemployment rate and increase the work presence, we'll make some "minor" adjustments to the Economy module. These improvements will basically try to make the experience in eRepublik more linear and rewarding.

First thing on our list: eliminating Professions and their levels. This change will make it easier for any citizen to find a job and to improve his living. More than that, from now on it will be easier for citizens to move, at any time, to an industry where the request for labor is higher. In the process of moving to one single Work skill, all the skills in different professions will be summed up in that single Work skill.

The second thing we will do very soon is to improve the productivity formula. Right now, new citizens find a job very hard because their productivity is close to zero compared to more experienced citizens.

There will be 2 adjustments here:
1. New players will produce more; thus hiring them will be more profitable.
2. Every increase in Work skill will bring less abrupt productivity changes; thus almost every citizen will see slight changes in their daily work results.

These 2 small projects are following the Food Consumption Project and they are part of a bigger plan to improve the eRepublik economy. Stay tuned for more news in the following Insiders.

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As you may know, last night we had some serious issues regarding military module. We tried to solve it while keeping it live but, unfortunately, there were high risk involved. So we decided to put down the military module and work on it immediately. This way, the final results were not influenced too much due to battles "freeze". Happily, after 12 hours of hard work, we have managed to get the battles back on their track.

We want to apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused and we want to concentrate our attention in preventing these types of situations.

Your eRepublik team