Change the game

Day 4,847, 06:38 Published in Portugal Portugal by Justino Figueiredo


I'm going to keep this short and simple.

Bring back work skill.

Different skill level, different salaries, different production outcome.

Merge all bonuses into one for each different industry.

Resources should be set to "Normal" or "High" and there should only be one resource per region.

Default production should be 100%. A region with a "High" resource should yield an extra 20% ( 120% ). This works for both raw and final products.

Regions shouldn't have to be connected to provide their production bonuses. There shouldn't be any nerfs because of that.

Reset the map and shuffle resources.

Remove work as manager.

Add more regions to certain countries.

Do you have any ideas you think could be here? Comment or PM me.

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