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Change the economic module!!!

Day 1,852, 17:02 Published in Republic of Moldova Republic of Moldova by Alexandru Barbarosie

You know what, there is no use working any more in your wep companies that are Q4 or lower and it stays like this no matter how many bonuses your country has!!!

That what's become of us:

So wep raw is 0.06-0.07
I'll assume that it is possible to buy it for 0.06 everywhe

100*0.06=6||| bonuses: 200*0.06=12
6/10=0.6||| 12/20=0.6
so 0.6+VAT should be the lowest price for q1 wep so that you could get back at least the money spent for it's construction! Now look Q1 price at your market!

200*0.06=12||| bonuses: 400*0.06=24
12/10=1.2||| 24/20=1.2
so 1.2+VAT should be the lowest price for q1 wep so that you could get back at least the money spent for it's construction! Now look Q2 price at your market!

300*0.06=18||| bonuses: 600*0.06=36
18/10=1.8||| 36/20=1.8
so 1.8+VAT should be the lowest price for q1 wep so that you could get back at least the money spent for it's construction! Now look Q3 price at your market!

400*0.06=24||| bonuses: 800*0.06=48
24/10=2.4||| 48/20=2.4
so 2.4+VAT should be the lowest price for q1 wep so that you could get back at least the money spent for it's construction! Now look Q4 price at your market!

It is cheaper to buy wep Q1-Q4 from market then to make it your self!!!

We need changes!!!

Please Voute and Shout
Make it international.

For Shout:
Change the economic module!!!



Rastko1991 Day 1,852, 21:36

zmeuNY Day 1,853, 23:50

This has a lot to do with overproduction.

A lot of people can afford to build inferior quality (Q1-Q4) weapons and they are putting them up for sale. Even if the RAW materials pricing affects the market to some extent, the availability of the weapons has it's own influence on the price.

Admins would have a difficult time regulating the economic module at those levels.
There is only one chance, but very slim. If they find an effective way of getting rid of multies.

zmeuNY Day 1,853, 23:54

But, as a general rule, as long as most players will continue to afford to build those weapons and put them up for sale on the market, the pricing and profitability will be low.

Snaper Day 1,853, 00:47

Mi-a plăcut și mie episodul cu economia SUA 😁))

Alexandru Barbarosie
Alexandru Barbarosie Day 1,853, 02:15

zmeuNY, the point is thta now there is NO profit! If it would be low I would say nothing... but there isn't any!

direct x
direct x Day 1,853, 02:39

voted hard!

Makemor Day 1,853, 03:06

Yeah thanks a lot, now the iron could be found for 0,05....

Alexandru Barbarosie
Alexandru Barbarosie Day 1,853, 03:11

where? China? SUA? Poland? They all have 0.06!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,853, 03:13

We need a complete overhaul of the econ module.


gabila Day 1,853, 03:34


Tell them not to sell those arms anymore. Otherways, the market will go down.

Capitan Segundo Redondo
Capitan Segundo Redondo Day 1,853, 04:22

I agree with you totally.

I made an economic article some months ago about this:
It is in spanish 😛:P

Alexandru Barbarosie
Alexandru Barbarosie Day 1,853, 04:26

Unfortenatly I don't know spanish...

Alexandros Pegasus
Alexandros Pegasus Day 1,853, 04:48

voted and shoute

Lupusorul tainic
Lupusorul tainic Day 1,853, 05:38

V !

fedora dlc
fedora dlc Day 1,853, 07:39


perihelio Day 1,853, 07:52

We must solve climate crises not administrators.
Bannkruptcy and divergent evolution is a reality, we must face it.

perihelio Day 1,853, 08:13

Example: it may be cheaper to just buy a new microwave instead of repairing the one u have already?
Why? Because is antique now. Same for q1-q4 weps. Q7 is most wanted - this means everybody buy it because is good and efficient. If u want to produce also, u must invest money to upgrade. This money u collect it in a long time or use the credit card. If admins do something, they will lost the source to finance the game.

perihelio Day 1,853, 08:19

In my opinion, economic boring is the problem. We need alternatives where to spend our CC, gold,real money. We do not need a relaxed climate but alternatives. I say again: some of us will experience bankruptcy, some more fun and more value.

Technician Day 1,853, 12:31

You know why it is cheaper buying than building ...... because

Too many people are building ( Supply exceeds demand )
Many people just self supply, never buy from the market

There are no meaningful reasons to attack anything and why use anything less than Q7

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,853, 15:09

To much black market, kill relisting by making it so you can only sell on the market stuff you produced. You know, like before when the economy worked.

Also, make 'self work' cost 20 health, and let us create Energy Bars with Food.

Syz2 Day 1,853, 18:21

Food has no value in producing, gold is much better spent for weapons. Weapons have higher value increase for higher qualities unlike food, and food is produced much more than it is used. We definitely need to be able to manufacture energy bars, as the "rocket" of food. Food needs a use because its practically pointless to produce instead of weapons right now.

Turn the buying bot back on too, game was designed for people to produce more than they use, so overproduction is ridiculous right now

Stev4o Day 1,854, 04:50



MrBromley Day 1,854, 06:27

disband all the buildings and give people there full worth in gold. then make somthing better or maby just something that works!! (yeah lazy today i know but this economy stuff sucks and i need to sleep.)

Soldat necunoscut
Soldat necunoscut Day 1,854, 06:29


Demonaire Day 1,856, 14:16

The funniest thing is to read these articles complaining about the economical module, but nobody use or propose to use the import taxes or the commercial embargoes, both a very effective measures to blockage the overproduction in the national market.

Then, No vote, No subs.

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