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CFN SPECIAL ISSUE: Political game on!

Day 1,903, 22:32 Published in Finland Finland by nutty fox

As a new player have tried my best to get a hang on the eRepublik political side of the game. To be totally honest I am some what confuse still but learning more all the time.

Day 1903 early morning and its still pitch black outside and only noises you hear in the distance are the soldiers digging out defensive fox holes and preparing for battle against Polish invaders.

Been around for 1 month and today is the day of Presidential elections for those who still have their countries left. For me personally this day will be very exiting since my first steps into the eRepublik political scene is official.

Very proud to been chosen as an advisory member in a Presidential candidates team abroad! Now I am sure many are thinking what the ???? This game is social and personally very interested in the political side of the game even I know already that the day you enter this scene you will be targeted by other players no matter what you do. Well I am ready for the challenge and going to try my best not to lower my self into the tactics of my enemies (just watch they will appear). My mission at start is to learn the art of diplomacy and fight against bullies and other pink monsters out there.
Of course have activated my self in local politics as well and seeking a position as undersecretary for MoFA . Since its only logical I need the experience even in my own soil.
Its nice to see new players stepping up into politics all around the eWorld and some of them have had a rough ride out here. The political side in my opinion is the hardest and most challenging path this game has to offer. If you are sensitive and cant handle backstabbing or personal attacks I strongly suggest you re think this career option since it comes with a 100% guarantee of things mentioned above.
On the bright side you will get new friends home and abroad with an expanded social net of players who want to participate in future happenings in here.
In my short time out here seen the ugly side of politics and the clowns getting in and making a joke out of it by behaving badly or just tried their best to create chaos and spoil the game of others for their own amusement values. Well in my mind the only way to prevent this is to step into the game your self. Its so easy to shout and comment from the side lines and judge everyone else no matter what they do. The other main reason why I wanted personally get involved was the actions of few individuals who get elected and just making deliberately choice of screwing things up and acting childish. Yes it’s a game but this annoys me slightly 😃 .
Tomorrow might be a day of change or perhaps not. Atleast the first steps into politics are made. Wish me luck or bad riddance it’s the democratic choice you make personally!

Yours Truly
nutty fox

All comments in Finnish, Swedish and English welcomed.



Ruben           Lagus
Ruben Lagus Day 1,904, 23:03

Great! I know very few Finns a that have been in foreign government and doing it in the first month of playing is spectacular. Hopefully that team will get elected.

Citizen Mu
Citizen Mu Day 1,904, 23:11

Good luck!

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,904, 00:17

Nutty Fox, you'll have a great career - no doubt!

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,904, 00:25

I can only try my best and my own actions will decide my path on this journey! It sure will be an interesting and wild ride.

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,904, 01:40

as a diplomatic gesture i present "pink dream" as evidence not all pink is bad. ! warning: includes eye candy for both men and females!

TheJuliusCaesar Day 1,904, 03:58


Be sure to post article after that term : )

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,904, 04:03

@TheJuliusCaesar absolutely will do that.

hailuotolainen Day 1,904, 04:31

good luck! ; )

Haude Day 1,904, 11:16

Good luck and keep up the good work !!

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