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CFN issue 2 / 2013

Day 1,886, 14:19 Published in Finland Finland by nutty fox

As I mentioned in my first issue this is also a social experience not just dull clicking. Made a few new friends and trying my best to check up on their doings time to time.
This 2nd issue is about my game experience and later on I might sort out some more specific

The Estonian front is still going on and due to that I earned my first True Patriot statue. Cant do any serious damage but as a soldier its important to do what you can. The positive suprice was that I received 5 gold of it. Some how I totally missed this information.
(age 5 days 1885 new world day)

If you wonder where I get my battle stimulation so heres where my command post is. For security reason I cant relieve the address so don’t ask!

Besides this award im trying to figure out where my Estonian “war bride” is hiding since that should be an automatical bonus 😃 .

Oh found the latest issue of war brides in my e mail. This reminds me of reading them more often.

I read a lot of news papers since that gives information to a new player like me. It also can be very amusing in the meantime you wait your energies to go up. Below few links to papers I read at the moment. No particular reason why I chose these in this issue.
[url=] [/url]

Keeping it short again since I know many has a short attention span here so ending with thanks this 2nd issue of City Fox News.

I cant thank enough Wanhat Parrat for all the support and guidance in my first steps in here. First weeks been a blast.

Hope you enjoy reading and all comments are welcome.



JeguljaM Day 1,886, 14:28

No particular reason why you chose my awesome newspaper? : D

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,886, 14:42

reason as i read it 😃 .

Werde1 Day 1,887, 00:26


nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,888, 12:24

command post hired the pretty dancer ! told them if the other 2 appears im outta here!!!!!

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