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Censorship and a lack of humour

Day 1,824, 11:31 Published in Ireland Ireland by Dr. Pierre Chang

Yesterday I wrote an agony aunt article concerning our beloved Wilma and his issues with his manhood (I wont say anymore out of fear that this article will too get taken down). The article was clearly in jest yet some Philistine went ahead and reported it to the mods.

Look people, why do we play this game? It's clearly not for the clever and engaging gameplay, the lackluster interfaces, the incompetent bunch of yobs we call citizens. We play this game for fun. We have to learn to laugh at ourselves and our male shortcomings!

Oh I could sit down at my desk in Dharma Labratories and churn out piece after piece about how GREAT everything is and how WONDERFUL we all are and how DARING AND UNIQUE each one of you beautiful snowflakes is, but wouldn't you agree that would just be horribly boring?

I remember a different eIreland folks. I recall times of great banter where people weren't afraid to have the piss taken out of them because they realised it was all just a bit of fun. It's the Irish way, the amount of insults one gets it directly preportional to how liked one is.

Regardless, next weeks agony aunt letter will go ahead as scheduled. I'll hope that whomever reported me will have the insight now to accept that I everything I write is humour

Loves and Kisses,
Dr Pierre Chang



The Death of Rats
The Death of Rats Day 1,824, 12:41

I enjoyed the last article. Not that I agree with all that was in it. But yes. It was lack of a sense of humor of whoever reported it. They also demonstrated a severe lack of sportsmanship.
Everyone should be roasted once in a while. It keeps us down to earth.

Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Day 1,824, 15:18

Maybe you need to find a new humour, that is enjoyed by all, not everyone that plays the game is as old as you think and use credit cards, the last article certainly wasn't suitable for some of the younger players, and i applaud the admins for taking it down - if they were only as quick answering tickets the game might get back to how it was in the good old days.

druidsland Day 1,824, 15:42

hope u go ahead as scheduled

MrConway Day 1,824, 15:56


John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,824, 16:59

We have to go back Kate! We have to go back!

T1nk3r Day 1,824, 17:01

I hope you kept a copy of that article; It was hilarious.

As to whoever reported it, there was no foul language and it was obvious jest. We've got a new comedian on the block, and the welcome is a reported article. It is well-known reported articles barely get a look-in from the mods, they just delete.

And Nogin, for you:

orangejuicemmm Day 1,824, 17:42

welcome to my life..

The Death of Rats
The Death of Rats Day 1,824, 18:15

@Nogin Just like I tell people complaining about the programs on the telly: change the channel if you don't like the show; I'm sure u can find something u like. No offence.

Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Day 1,825, 06:22

The thing is why you & I might find it funny, the truth is there are much younger players in the game who may be offended, thats why people should show a bit of common sense and post suitable content, then the admins would not delete it.

T1nk3r Day 1,825, 07:43

^ tripe.

1) Moderators barely read reported articles, if its reported, it tends to be deleted regardless of content - or at best, scan for keywords regardless of context.
2) Never met an offended young person, I've met old timers who get offended on behalf of young people, but show me a "young person" who accidentally saw a tit on TV and then complained about it - and we'll revolutionise teen reality/MTV.

Whoever reported, just another selfrighteous arse killing the fun on the internet.

beanbag Day 1,825, 12:51

Comment deleted

New Zertaxia
New Zertaxia Day 1,826, 09:52

I think I'm in love...

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