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Candor For eUSA President

Day 1,869, 19:24 Published in USA USA by Jmaj

Candor would obviously be the best choice for the eUSA president This citizen is in the belief in the socialist system. I believe he will also be able to strike compromises with the more right-wing and moderate politicians. Whenever I read the articles on his press director I know they are not just benefited of the welfare of the party but also the country and other countries. I know that this citizen will be fit for the job. They will hopefully bring the word me and hopefully this party has been looking for.



Syz2 Day 1,869, 19:49

Candor is very moderate. While he would make an excellent CP, we need a more aggressive one than a neutral one right now.

Candor Day 1,869, 19:58

Thank you Jmaj! You're a bro.

Now at least four people will vote for me, it shall be a very close race...

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,870, 00:01

Voted, with pride.

rasisti seppo ei anna muonaa
rasisti seppo ei anna muonaa Day 1,870, 02:34

snibeti snab XD + 1 vote

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,870, 02:47


Obama.Putin Day 1,870, 07:45

Comment deleted

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