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Candidacy for Congress

Day 2,311, 11:14 Published in USA Turkey by BIHkontinent

Hello USA people,

The congres elections are coming in few days and therefore every party must choose candidtes for congres.
I am member of We The People Party and I want to candidate my self for congres on this elections.

Being a congresmen is very responsible function and it demands trustful and proven players which have expirience in this game.
I have worked on many funcitions:1x CP of eBIH (february 2014),3x congresmen of eBIH, 8x minister of education, 10x PP of largest party in eBIH.

I want to be congresmen according to USA rules.
Also I will to take part in ATO operations.
I will only approve citizenship if that citizen is on IES list and after dicusion with other congres members.

I hope you will recognise me as hard worker, and person who will do good things for USA.

I want to thank all american people who have helped me to feel better in this country.

Hail USA
Hail WTP



Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,311, 11:21


Disco Musolini
Disco Musolini Day 2,311, 11:45


Mr. Mirage
Mr. Mirage Day 2,311, 13:35

I'm assuming you don't speak English very well.

BIHkontinent Day 2,311, 14:24

dont worry whatever you say i can understand

MazzyCat Day 2,311, 14:29


Meow! ♥

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,312, 08:31

Voted. Welcome to 'Murica.

Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock Day 2,313, 02:23

sub. o/

YutuKaron Day 2,313, 03:20

Good Luck!

Mr.Dino Day 2,313, 10:04


PEDROMHB Day 2,313, 10:24


BNK Murat
BNK Murat Day 2,313, 11:03

Vote o/

Sonagi Day 2,313, 13:53

di ti utece ?! haha

mcmoox Day 2,313, 13:55

MCMOOX je bio ovde !!!

klanfa Day 2,313, 16:04

pobeze bre za bonuse 😃

klanfa Day 2,313, 16:02

a zaklinjao se u eBiH bez obzire na njih 😃

BIHkontinent Day 2,314, 03:04

Bonuse kojim hranim Legiju

BIHkontinent Day 2,314, 03:04

Bonuse kojim hranim Legiju

s1haya Day 2,314, 12:39

lol, ovi prostori su suviše mali za veličinu njegovog lika i djela, Amerika je za njega, konačno je to shvatio i odletio... God bless america, coca cola i mickey mouse 😃

eronet Day 2,315, 06:31

Trebao bi onda i nick promijeniti USAkontinent hh

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