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Canadian Armed Forces Mentorship Program

Day 1,764, 17:41 Published in Canada Poland by TheSmoke
Canadian Armed Forces Mentorship Program

Hello and welcome to the Canadian Armed Forces training program! In this training module we start to get you involved in the fundamentals of battles, wars, and long-term campaigns. Here you will be able to track your progress as a soldier, gain important knowledge and be rewarded for completing goals. By the end of your training, we guarantee you will be well adapted to the battlefield.

The program will require you to fill out a quick application online. Once completed you will be enrolled in the 15-day program. The program is broken down in two parts, the first being the basics and fundamentals of fighting, and the second half being the proving grounds. After the 15 days, the mentors will evaluate your performance, and if a passing grade is given, you will become a successful graduate and reap the rewards.

Soldier Fundamentals
1) Application and contact details
2) Strength training
3) Daily Orders
4) Supplies
5) Choosing a good fight
6) Timed Strikes

1) Application and Contact Details
To sign up for the program we will require you to fill out this document in order for us to record your starting stats, and eventual ending stats. Once we have you in the system, you will begin your training. If and when you have question, feel free to PM the contacts below:

TheSmoke -
Both Sm1tty and Ender100 have volunteered to assist in answering questions if TheSmoke is unavailable.

Only applicants who we deem qualified will be approved, based on your level, age and experience.
It is required that all CAF members fight a minimum of 3 times a week to qualify for supplies and to maintain your position in the Military Unit. Failing to do so can result in your removal from the unit.

2) Strength Training
One of the first things a soldier should do is work on strength. By upgrading your training centre sooner, you will begin to hit harder, earn Battle Hero medals easier and get your Super Soldier medals quicker too. For beginning players, it is highly suggested not to use the other training centre’s as it will cost gold. Training and working everyday will give you that nice bonus on the 5th day, so aim to be active!

3) Supplies
Supplies are government issued funds to Military Units that meet legal requirements. In the CAF, supplies are issued to soldiers who have a certified CAF border or symbol in their avatar, and fight a minimum of 3 days a week. Once these requirements are met, you will receive a supply drop of several hundred dollars a week, which is usually dispensed on the weekend.
You can contact Mordakai8 or Kitter and have either make you a custom avatar with border or symbol for free. Border + Symbol found here:
You can also sign up to the Ministry of Healths Energy Program here:

4) Daily Orders
Every regiment within the CAF is given a daily order to fight in a battle that either involves Canada directly, or indirectly through our allies. To complete this task serves several useful purposes. When you have completed the task of killing 25 enemies, you will earn an energy bar and 5 different bazooka parts, which can be assembled in your inventory. One bazooka can be used 3 times, doing 10,000 damage each use, for a total of 30,000 damage or 3,000 military rank points. The second purpose is to support important battles. The D.O. is set by the regiment Captain, who decides where best our soldiers should be, and by doing so we help our country, or our allies in key battles. The third purpose is by fighting a minimum of 3 times a week, you will qualify (requires CAF avatar as well) for the weekly supply drops, consisting of several hundred dollars a week.

5) Pick Your Fight
Choosing a good fight will take several factors, and all come down to personal choices. If you want to make an impact on the battlefield, choose a campaign that is neck and neck (campaign win is at 83 points) now in your division check the current top 5 players on your side. Judging by the amount of damage already inflicted by them, will you move the % drastically by doing 25,000 damage, 100,000 or 500,000 damage? Also, with your reserve of bazookas, weapons, candy and energy, will you be able to take Battle Hero spot, and ward of anyone trying to take it from you? As stated above, it comes down to personal choices, will you spend your energy and weapons on a battle to help advance your country and country allies, or fight for your own purpose? You choose your path.

6) Timed Strikes
With great numbers we can achieve greater success, and with tactical precision we can become unstoppable. Timed strikes are days in which we try to gather large numbers of soldiers to all fight at once, turning a battle in the direction the CAF wants it to go. Communication is a key part, so organization will occur on our Mibbit channel found here:
1) In the middle blue window, click on the “connect” tab, press “r” and then scroll down and click on “rizon [webirc]”
2) Type in your eRep name under “nickname”
3) In the “channel” box type “#eCanCAF” then hit connect.

Goals and Achievements

Now that we have gone over the basics of fighting in eRep and for the CAF, we want to see you showcase your knowledge on the battlefield. We have created many different missions for you to complete, each mission you complete will earn you a reward, and at the end of your mentorship, help determine your graduation badge.

· Earn a Battle Hero Medal (350$)
· Participate in a timed strike (400$)
· Top damage in a campaign of 150,000+ (200$)
· Top damage in a campaign of 300,000+ (400$)
· Earn a Resistance Hero medal (200$)
· Kill 50 or more soldiers in one day (300$)
· Make a post in the CAF section at (100$)
· Chat in the #eCanCAF room (200$)
· Earn 25,000 military rank points (50$)
· Earn 50,000 military rank points (100$)
· Earn 100,000 military rank points (200$)

Total potential earnings = 2500$ If all tasks are completed and you are under level 30, we will double your earnings to 5000$


Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Day 1,764, 18:17

Great Start Smoke!

As he mentioned I am available to answer any questions. If i dont have an answer I will find one for you.

That 2500CAD goes a long way.. so make sure you get as much of it as possible

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,764, 19:51


Oinyo Day 1,764, 20:09

the google doc is still erroring out 😕
I will keep trying

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,764, 21:22

You need to tinyurl it. eRep screws up links to gdoc forms

Ender100 Day 1,764, 21:31

Good job Smoke. I look forward to helping out where ever I can.

As Smoke said Me or Sm1tty up above there would be happy to help you with any questions, concerns, that type of stuff. And if you need a bit of extra funding well getting started you may contact me and I should be able to provide a bit more funds.

MCMXCIlI Day 1,764, 23:48

nicee, i'll have an article up round Saturday with a list of examples of avatars I can make...

They will come in different styles, colours, etc...

I always like to be unique... can't you tell by my avatar? 😛

TheSmoke Day 1,765, 03:52

Thanks for the help and support guys, I have updated the link, hopefully working now.

Doctor of Souls
Doctor of Souls Day 1,765, 05:11

WOW, this is a huge and good article. Nice idea too! Thanks for link to my Ministry of Health, i'm glad to help you guys (and girls of course too).

Doctor of Souls
Doctor of Souls Day 1,765, 05:12

....voted and subscribed.

Jsboutin Day 1,765, 09:15

I'll top that 2500 CAD with 2500 more for every rookie under level 30 who completes that. I'll also send some food and goodies to any new soldier applying to join the program. Just send me the names.

Vrykolaus Drauvik
Vrykolaus Drauvik Day 1,765, 13:02

This is a great program. Good job TheSmoke.

TheSmoke Day 1,765, 13:43

Thanks guys, if you see anybody starting out and needing help send them my way! Jsboutin I will add your offer to the article, thanks!

Corona Day 1,765, 22:05

Am I considered a rookie or veteran? My eRep age probably is higher than most people, but I have a lower level as well.

P.S.: Can I join? ;P

Abyzou Day 1,766, 11:54

great, can I join too?
I really liked your program.
P.S: I need CS 🙁

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