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Canadian Armed Forces and Funding

Day 1,748, 16:38 Published in Canada Poland by TheSmoke

The Canadian Armed Forces

Canada's biggest military unit, with great friends and people, has her arms open to all. This has been my one and only MU home during my young eRep life, and it has been a great time here. I have made many friends, and seen the hard work of many. This article in no means is a shot at anybody, just simply an idea of what I would like to see come out of the CAF, and would appreciate honest feedback so WE can make it the best it can be!

The first and most pressing issue these days is Military Unit funding, obviously because everybody wants free money right? (chyea baby!) But how do we go about giving money to people, and getting some actual meaning from it? Not an easy question, and I don't claim to have an answer, just a suggestion.

Moving to a more earnings based supply system, will hopefully stir up and increase some activity within the CAF, making us a stronger force, and hopefully a little smarter of a force too. Currently we are supplying our soldiers with 600 CAD a week, and as a supply officer for 60+ members, I find it unfair for those who fight 50+ consistently, to get the same as those who fight 25 and under. Now I understand that we cannot all afford to go bat $h!t crazy, and we won't, that is why all active members will still receive a CAD supply, but just not as much.

As current systems go, we the CAF supply officers get our supplies usually Thursday or Friday of every week, and then start supplying from either Thursday if we are fast, till Sunday if we are slow. Now it is obvious that people may increase their activity during the end of the week to try and receive more funding, not necessarily a bad thing right, but it is how we currently operate. Ideally down the road, if we could have a few CAF members to count each and all members kill count per day, and make a tally for the end of the week, we could have a way better idea of who has earned more funding. Same general idea as the breakdown below, just with higher brackets to account for 7 days of fighting.

For our current system when supplying for the previous days kill count:
0 - 10 Kills = 200$
11 - 25 Kills = 400$
26 - 50 Kills = 600$
51+ Kills = 800$

I think a funding system along the lines of this would be a benefit to our MU to increase our effectiveness, and to decrease our overall funding waste. As the biggest MU, we receive the most amount of Canadian money, so we should make damn sure the tax payers money is being used effectively.

The numbers provided for my funding idea are rough, and would have to be worked out further for efficiency and sustainability.

Ideas or comments?



Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,748, 16:53


I don't like the idea of a previous kill count since it harms the newbs more than it helps them. Most players that are starting out won't have enough CC for food or weapons to get more funding. The players that can achieve the most amount of kills are usually wealthy enough that have the food and weapons to do so and don't necessarily need the funding.

Nonetheless, it's good to see some ideas getting out in the media.

TheSmoke Day 1,748, 17:23

Yes I very much understand your point Mary, I believe that the CAF is a great place for beginners to go, such as I did. We certainly cannot turn your back on them, I agree with you there. But I think if we improved on some of the current programs or ideas at least of beginner mentoring, then we could be much more effective.

I would be fully behind a program within the CAF for getting members help through education and funding, sign up, receive the help, and report back with progress updates.

TheSmoke Day 1,748, 17:25

But we are a Military Unit, and I believe that the supplies should be used or given with the notion that it will be applied directly for important battles.

Jsboutin Day 1,748, 17:28

The problem with your logic is that it gives more money to those who don't give much thought to a few hundred CAD a week, while it cuts what others who do care need to get by.

If anything, supplies should be inversely proportional to your level.

kwest78 Day 1,748, 17:52

I joined CAF shortly after I started playing. Went for about four days without anyone messaging me or anyone telling me anything about supply so I left it.

I certainly hope communication is better for your noob players.

TheSmoke Day 1,748, 17:58

If a level 35 soldier throws down 5 kills, we give him/her 600 bucks, which by that level he/she should not need, and a level 20 soldier throws down 50 kills, we give him/her 600 bucks. To me the level 20 soldier proved the he/she deserves more funding, and with a proportional level, they will receive it. It is by no means perfect in the sense I have explained, but I hope we can build on it.

TheSmoke Day 1,748, 18:01

I am sorry to hear that Kwest, when I first joined I didn't understand the supply situation either really. Thanks for that though, will try and keep that in mind when I see new soldiers and recruits, friendly PM is always helpful.

Hope you are happy with where you are now, good luck on the Battlefield!

Jsboutin Day 1,748, 18:37

Truth is, many systems of this type were explored, and, unless they included massive calculations that we really don't want to go through (And by we, I mean you), they always advantage the richer players or those who buy gold. The main objective of supplies isn't making damage, it's give soldiers an opportunity to get a bit of extra health.

TheSmoke Day 1,748, 19:26

Well I respect your knowledge on the subject Js, I just would like to see a system where we ensure that all are given help, but those that display an active role within the CAF, are rewarded accordingly. I understand it would involve a lot of headaches, those of which I am ready to take part in (already do when supplying 30+ soldiers on satellite internet in northern Quebec 😛)

I will continue tinkering with ideas, hope I don't bother you with too many of them 😛

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Day 1,749, 00:24

I sorta skipped through the comments, but maybe you could consider supplying different amounts to different levels? For example, those who are 5-15 are still new and might not stay for long. So, to encourage them, while not spoiling them to take supply for granted, perhaps a hefty 100 cad would do. Meanwhile, lvls 16-20 could receive 200, lvls 21-23 get 300 cad, 24-26 get 400 cad, 27-29 get 500, 30-35 get 600 cad, and 36-46 get 300, and 47+ get 100. And they only get supplied if they have...

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Day 1,749, 00:30

Have... A certain (small amount for low levels, higher amount for high levels) amount of kills that they kill a week. This way, the people who need it the most (level 20something to 30something) get the most, while those vets who don't need the money as much get a fair bonus, and the news just starting off learn to control their budget and you won't hafta risk giving lots of free money to low-level multies.

Obviously the level ranges and supply amouts are just as an example, but this...

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Day 1,749, 00:30

This... Is a way that I think is reasonable and a good system to control supply

Guagature Day 1,749, 03:11

at 600CAD a week it's not really worth it. I am a supply officer for TCO and that 600 covers one person for one day and I supply 3 times a week.

Let's not beat around the bush. TCO is where it's at, PM me for links to join.

TheSmoke Day 1,749, 04:34

Yes very good points Genyng, I think one of the things I am struggling with is understanding exactly what the CAF sees our supplies as. The ideology of them, are they simply for being a war machine, helping out new players, helping all players, the opportunity to get a bit extra health?

I do like your suggestions of a system there, and may incorporate them into some ideas if possible. Thanks for that feedback.

Guagature; nah thanks

Chochi Day 1,750, 06:14

Great article, TheSmoke and good comments, too. With the funding crisis, the question of supplies has certainly come up. It's tough to find the right balance. You want to help out those who need it the most while also making sure you're not giving away too much money to players who are going to quit after a week. You want to reward those who fight more than others but at the same time you don't want to be giving money to those who really don't need it. Thanks for raising these questions.

Moehabd Day 1,750, 18:31

I personally believe it shouldn't be about level. It doesn't truly show the ability of someone and I can exemplify this perfectly. I'm level 33 however I'm only 6k strength and there are people who are 10k strength and somehow have a level less than mine. It shows they've played longer then I have and therefore I'd probably need the money more.

I think we need to implement a system based on a formula that will count for all the variables of the people. Strength, level and amount of kills.

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