Can anyone side with the admins?

Day 752, 12:04 Published in USA USA by BTuck20

Well I can see that everyone is hating this new training guide because it is so UNFAIR! REALLY? So why do I have to pay 5g for 200% when others have to pay only 1.8g for 200%? so UNFAIR? REALLY?

Get the Facts Straight:
There is a reason for everyone having different kinds of training guides and amount and percents. The reason behind this whole this is that is just a trial period for the admins to figure out which way will best benefit them and the erep community. The numbers aren't going to stay the same for everyone for as long as this game is being played.

Please read this link about the admins newspaper with all the details of why they have certain things in certain ways.

Quoted directly from the Admins Newspaper:
"Now we are entering a 7 days split-test. What is this? It's a test period that we will use to analyze several variables of the concept, so that we come up with the final version that offers you the best experience. During this period some of you will only see Lana and one personal trainer, while others will see Lana and more personal trainers, as well as some other differences."

This game is a "PRODUCT", not a free community:
The admins are trying to find new ways to advance the game and help new and old players and they are also trying to make more money themselves because if it weren't for people paying to play this game to get ahead then there would be no admins and no game to play. This game is 100% a product and people need to realize that. This game is considered a free community but there can't be a free community if the admins aren't making any money.

How many people would really work hard on making an online game that takes hours and hours of work if you won't make a dime off of it? Honestly, no one would. Yes this will benefit the countries that have money and are willing to spend hundreds of dollars but the admins see that if they can give more benefits to those players than maybe they will spend more money to make themselves stronger which in return, make the admins more money.

I can't afford 200% a day. NO FAIR!!:
For all of you who are saying, I can't afford 200% training everyday because I don't have the money, this is so UNFAIR. Admins need to make it cheaper so everyone can get. Really people? There would be absolutely no reason to have an extra bonus of 50%, 100%, or even 200% if EVERYONE could buy it EVERY DAY. They would have completely wasted their whole time and effort for this module if getting 200% is as easy for a poor citizen as it is for a CEO of the most profitable Organization.

Now for all you older players:
Well sorry to say but this module, which will be implemented, will screw over some older players that have been playing this game for a long time if they don't pay to get higher training. This module helps the rich and especially helps them because the admins want money and the older players that don't pay, don't really help them in any way but keeping the game going with more intelligent old players. The countries that can't pay will probably go down on the food chain but the admins don't care that you will lose if they are making more money than they were before.

Calm down:
If any of you even read the admins newspaper, the thing said it was a trial period and that people would have different things in the training grounds. They aren't even done with this new module so people just need to take a chill pill and relax and let them do their job like they have been doing for a long time now.

Does it suck for me too?
Yes it does suck for me because I don't and won't pay to get my strength up. I'm not complaining though because I realize the realization behind this whole module and being a business major, I can see that sometimes you have to do stuff against the general public if you are able to make money and that it is possible to be a good idea in the future after everything passes. This sounds like a dick move but they HAVE to make money like anyone else and making more money might help them our in real life. I know some of you may think that the admins are robots and they don't need to pay for bills and food and a house but they are real life people and they need money just as much as anyone else.

Most of you will disagree with everything I wrote but take consideration into what I have said and just relax for a couple day and let things pan out. There is no reason to get so built up about this module when it's just a game.